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Thomas R. Yanosky collection, 1928-1996

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Materials Related to Thomas Yanosky (continued)
BOX1 B5.05 Plate 27: Difficult Drainage, Key #209746
Army Map Service
BOX1 B5.06 Plate 28: Planimetry, Grid, Key #209747
Army Map Service
BOX1 B5.07 Plate 29: Difficult Contours, Plaimetry, Key #209748
Army Map Service
BOX1 B5.08 Plate 30: Difficult Planimetry, Key #209749
Army Map Service
BOX1 B5.09 Plate 31: Topographic Map, Key #209750
Army Map Service
BOX1 B5.10 Plate 32: Contours, Drainage (Freehand), Key #209751
Army Map Service
BOX1 B5.11 Plate 33: Drafting Test, Key #209752
Army Map Service
BOX1 B5.12 Plate 8B: Draw 20 foot Contours [no key #'s]
Army Map Service
BOX1 B5.13 Exercise D: Logical Contouring [no key #'s]
Army Map Service
BOX1 B5.14 Exercise E: Logical Contouring [no Key#]
Army Map Service
FOLDER6 B6 Topographic Symbols, Plate 23. Kkey #209742, 1954
This is the only blueline exercise with authorship specifically attributed to Yanosky. The folder is separate from the other plates, and contains the original sheet as well as two copies.
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 C1 DOD Product Specifications for the Map of the World, Series 1142.
This document was prepared under the direction of the Department of Defense by the Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army Topographic Command. Yanosky was aided by Henry Kibler, part of the U. S. Naval Hydrographic Office.
Yanosky, T. R. and Kibler, Henry
BOX1 C2 Supplemental Type Instructions for the Map of the World Series 1142, 1969
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 C3 Time Faces for Faces for DOD Map of the World, Series 1142, [Diagram], July 1969
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 C4 Appendix 2: Joint NAVOCEANO/TOPOCOM World Wall Chart 1:11,000,000, July 1969
Yanosky's written description of this map states, "Design Layout of 9 Sheet Map of the World, Series 1142.
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 C5 Appendix 3: Master Title Block Layout, May 1969
There is no scale associated with this because it is not a map.
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 C6 Appendix 4: [n.t.], 1969
Illustration of the side of the map, with title block layout.
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 C7 Clocks for DOD Wall Map,Series 1142, 1968-1969
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 C8 Appendix 6: Polar Area Inset (Series 1142), July 1969
Yanosky, T. R.
FOLDER7 D01 Second Symposium on Relief Reprsentations,Shaded Relief Representations, Continuous Tone print and Llithographic reproduction.
Large blue booklet
BOX1 D02 Photo (copy): Participants at the Second Symposium on Shaded Relief. U. S. TOPOCOM (Army Map Service), May 1970
BOX1 D03 List of, Organizations Represented at the Second Symposium for Relief Representation, May 21-22 1970
One page
BOX1 D04 List of Second Symposium for Relief Representation, Roster of Particiipants, May 21-22 1970
Nine pages
BOX1 D05 [Disposition forms and memo routing slops for Second Symposium], May 21-22 1970
BOX1 D06 Correspondence, from Milton S. Venezky to Yanosky, October 28, 1968
Attachments of Minutes from the First Symposium on Relief Representation. Minutes prepared by Yanosky.
BOX1 D07 List of Participants to [First] Symposium on Relief Representation
Three pages
BOX1 D08 Miscellaneous documents relating to Second Symposium
Material includes a memo (Subject: Second Symposium for Relief Representation), agenda for the symposium, a list of organizations attending, and correspondence from E. Imhof to Mr. Venezky concerning Imhof's inability to attend.
BOX1 D09 Shaded Relief Technical Manual Part 1., May 1958
Instructional text material; Produced by the Air Photographic and Charting Services, U. S. Air Force
Aeronautical Chart and Inforamtion Center
BOX1 D10 Comments on Process Printing of Stasndard Map and JOC Prototypes, 1967
Attached is a chart detailing Map Features
Yanosky, Thomas R.
BOX1 D11 Comments on the Analytical Hill Shading System by P. Yoeli, 1967
Includes a page of Yanosky's explanatory diagrams.
Yanosky, Thomas R.
BOX1 D12 [memo] Reprints by Process Printing, October 18, 1965
Sewell, H. E.
BOX1 D13 [memo] Printing of Maps by Four Color Process, September 22, 1965
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 D14 Comments on Process Printing of Standard Map and JOC Prototypes, 1968
On front "Comments on D/GAD Printing test for JOG's, April 15, 1968"
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 D15 Miscellaneous notes from meeting 13 Sept. 1965 concerning Four Color Process and Implications.
Four sheets
BOX1 D15.1 Shaded Relief Procedures-Pencil Abstract Technique, July 6, 1967
FOLDER8 D16 Folder of Shaded Relief diagrams, Drawn by Yanosky. JOG Specifications, Appendix X, April 1970
Two copies and one published index with attached shading page.
Yanosky, T. R.
FOLDER8 D17 An Improved Design for Medium-Scale Joint Operations Graphics, presented to XIII Pan American Consultation on Cartography, 1977
Includes map on Beograd, Yugoslavia: Romania, Joint Operations Graphic. Series 1501 AirSheet NL 34-11, Edition 3. 1:250,00 1976; Pan American Institute of Geography and History
Kelly, Joseph W.
BOX1 D18 TDY Report D/Mil Survey, England
Maps associated with this are in Merriam Collection
BOX1 D18.1 Experimental Map-Zurich, 1:250,000 [notes only], December 1966
No map, but detailed characteristics on five pages
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 D18.2 Conference At Denver CO, regarding design improvement programs for 1:250,000 scale maps conducted by the AMS and US Geological Survey
BOX1 D18.3 Miscellaneous documents concerning trips made by T. R. Yanosky
BOX1 D19 TDY report from travel to U. S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO, August 24-27, 1960
Miscellaneous documents concerning the trip; Includes green disposition form. TDY report discusses color selection and shaded relief representation.
BOX1 D20 DIAMC Digest Contributions
BOX1 E01 Correspondence from Yanosky to Dr. James McGrath, January 9, 1967
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 E02 "Design and Color in Cartography" presented at the Military Symposium on Aeronautical Charts and Map Displays, Sept. 12, 1966
First draft and final draft included
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 E02.1 Rembrandt Etching. "Christ Healing the Sick" #1, Sept. 12, 1966
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 E02.2 Cassini Map #2, Sept. 12, 1966
Map on acetate
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 E02.3 The Musell System #3, Sept. 12, 1966
Color drawing
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 E02.4 Psycho Primaries #4., Sept. 12, 1966
Color drawing
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 E02.5 Variable Mixtures of Two Complimentary Colors #5, Sept. 12, 1966
Color drawing
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 E02.6 Additive and Subtractive Colors #6, Sept. 12, 1966
Color drawing
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 E02.7 Black White Color Mixing #7, Sept. 12, 1966
Pencil drawing
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 E02.8 Map Symbol Categories #9, Sept. 12, 1966
Pencil drawing, four copies
Yanosky, T. R.
BOX1 E03 Aeronautical Charts and Map Displays, November 8-10, 1966
239 pages
This report includes the published version of T. R. Yanosky's report entitled, "Design and Color in Cartography."Page 63.
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