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Thomas R. Yanosky collection, 1928-1996

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Materials Assembled by Mylon Merriam (continued)
Cube on Parabola, January 31, 1938 (continued)
Merriam, Mylon
BOX3 mC14 Two colored pencil drawings, To Tommy from Mylon, March 21, 1964
English translation by Nadia Georgevitch, 1959
Leont'yev, N.F., Martynova,Z.I.,Serebryannyy,L. R.
BOX3 mC15 Geographical Evaluation of Topographic Maps of the United States, 1958
From Bulletin: Academy of Sciences of U.S.S.R. Geographical Series No. 6, 1958
Imhof, Eduard
BOX3 mC16 A New Map of the Alpine Regions, February 1963
From Swiss Geography V. XIV, pp 65-76. 1959. English translation, Army Map Service 1963; Translation by Ernst Spiess
Imhof, Eduard
BOX3 mC17 Tasks and Methods of Theoretical Cartography, 1956
Appeared in "Petermanns Geographischen Mitteilungen"
Imhof, Eduard
BOX3 mC18 Landkartenkunst Gestern, Heute, Morgen, 1968
English translation included, "The Art of Cartography Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" from New Year's Journal; Army Map Service Translation, 1964
Imhof, Eduard
BOX3 mC19 Map-like Representations of the Earth's Surface, A Systematic Survey, 1964
From the International Yearbook of Cartography - III 1963, pp 54-95
Merriam, Mylon
BOX3 mD01 Merriam's typed resume, Mid-1970's
Merriam, Mylon
BOX3 mD02 Who's Who - Southwest 1950-1952, Pg. 565, entry on Mylon Merriam
Merriam, Mylon
BOX3 mD03 Handwritten "List of M.M. Patents"
Merriam, Mylon
BOX3 mD04 "Accomplishments" from Mylon Merriams's Fellowship Application, October 1934
Also a References Note that accompanied the application
Merriam, Mylon
BOX3 mD05 Announcing Plans for a Society of Photographic Engineers
Merriam, Mylon
BOX3 mD06 Addressed to Ralph Ingersoll, Editor P.M. {possibly writer for Vogue?], December 1940[?]
Merriam, Mylon
BOX3 mD07 Army Announces 15 Selections for R and D Achievements Awards, June 1966
From Army Research and Development Newsmagazine June, 1966 pg. 35
Talbot, E. J.
BOX3 mD08 Memo from the Chief, Evaluation and Design Division, to Chairman, Incentive Awards Committee, March 24, 1966
Pudufaly, Edward T., Brigadier General, USA
BOX3 mD09 Certificate of Achievement to Mylon Merriam, 1966
Dept. of the Army
BOX3 mD10 Merriam's Notification of Personnel Action: Job Reassignment from Technologist (Photography) to Cartographer, February 2, 1959
Dept. of the Army
BOX3 mD11 Job Description, Cartographer [U. S. Army], 1959
BOX3 mD12 Form 58, U.S.Army [resume] for Mylon Merriam, Feburary 14, 1959
Hand written top sheet followed by typewritten sheets
BOX3 mD13 Merriam's receipt for photographs given to Hans Rohr, Zuricch, Switzerland with explanation, November 22, 1958
BOX3 mD14 Written in Russian [no translation]
BOX3 mD15.00 Memorial Service for Mylon Merriam, May 6, 1984 [see individual items below]
BOX3 mD15.01 Order of Speakers at the Memorial, May 6, 1984
BOX3 mD15.02 Memories of Mylon Merriam by Tom Yanosky, May 6, 1984
BOX3 mD15.03 The Washington Post. Obituary for Mylon Merriam. Tuesday, March 27, 1984, March 27, 1984
BOX3 mD15.04 Surf' n' Turf. Obituary for Mylan Merriam, May 11, 1984, May 11, 1984
Kahne, Merton
BOX3 mD15.05 Speaker at Mylon Merriam Service, May 6, 1984
New York Public Library
BOX3 mD15.06 Request for contributions to the New York Public Librart "In memory of Mylon Merriam"
Yanosky, Tom
BOX3 mD15.07 Speaker at Memorial Services "Memories of Mylon Merriam", May 6, 1984
Yanosky, Tom and Betty
BOX3 mD15.08 Memorial Service for Mylon Merriam, May 7, 1984
Kahne, Hilda
BOX3 mD15.09 Speaker at Memorial Services "For Mylon", May 6, 1984
BOX3 mD15.10 Speaker at Memorial Services, May 6, 1984
BOX3 mD16.00 Correspondence with Eduard Imhof [see individual items below]
Imhof, Eduard
BOX3 mD16.01 Letter from Eduard Imhof to Dr. Lukas Burckhardt, forwarded to Ida Merriam from Agi Burckhardt, with translation, April 17, 1984
[Merriam, Ida]
BOX3 mD16.02 Letter to Prof. Imhof from [Ida Merriam}, October 23, 1984
Merriam, Ida
BOX3 mD16.03 Written on Hotel Schweizerhof, Zurich stationery, September 14, 1984
[Merriam, Ida]
BOX3 mD16.04 Letter to Prof. and Mrs. Imhof from [Ida Merriam], September 28, 1984
[Merriam, Ida]
BOX3 mD16.05 Letter to Professor Imhop from [Ida Merriam], July 4, 1984
[Merriam, Ida]
BOX3 mD16.06 Letter to Viola Imhof-May from [Ida Merriam], May 15, 1986
Burckhardt, Lukas and Agi
BOX3 mD16.07 Letter to Ida Merriam from Lukas and Agi Burckhardt, February 10, 1985
Imhof, Eduard
BOX3 mD16.08 Christmas card [to Ida Merriam?]
BOX3 mD16.09 Eduard Imhof Obituary note, April 27, 1986

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