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Series II: Historic, transportation, and tourist maps of Japan (continued)
Folder 6 (continued)
Tourist Map of Japan, 1984 (continued)
116 Tourist Map of Japan, 1984
Japan National Tourist Organization
FOLDER 7 Folder 7
Primarily Tokyo tourist maps.
117 Compact Map of Tokyo
118 Detailed Map of Central Tokyo for sightseeing and business
Nihon Kenkyusha
119 Kyoto
120 Kyoto Nara, Osaka, Kobe
121 Map of Kyoto guide to Kyoto Handicraft Center
Kyoto Handicraft Center.
122 Map of Tokyo and Vicinity 5745
Japan National Tourist Organization.
123 Map pf Kyoto
Japan Travel Bureau.
Pictorial map.
124 New Map of Tokyo
Falk plan.
125 Suburban Areas and Tokyo, 1958
Road and railroad map.
126 Tokyo, 1985
Shonbunsha Co.
127 Tokyo
Nippon Kokuseisha Co. Ltd.
128 Tokyo city map with underground and map of surroundings
129 Tokyo Red Series 1
130 Tokyo, Yokohama and Vicinity, 1963
Nippon Kokuseisha Co. Ltd.
131 Tourist Map of Kyoto-Nara
Japan National Tourist Organization.
132 Tourist Map of Tokyo
Japan National Tourist Organization.
133 Yokohama City Map, 1954
FOLDER 8 Folder 8
Primarily Tokyo subway maps
134 Color-coded guide map of Tokyo subway system, 1982
135 J.G.M. mini map of Tokyo city map and subway map
Japan Guide Map.
136 New railway map of Tokyo and vicinity
Japan Guide Map.
137 Pocket Map of Tokyo
Map and Guide.
138 Railway map of Tokyo and vicinity, 1954
Charles E. Tuttle Co.
139 Subways in Tokyo, 1992
140 Subways in Tokyo
141 The Indexed Train Map of the Greater Tokyo-Yokohama Area, 1986
FOLDER 9 Folder 9
Historic and tourist maps of various areas in Japan. Several maps are in Japanese.
142 Complete Map of Japan, Land and Sea, 1864
Approximately 1:1,600,000.
Japan, Fiefs.
See: gm 71005209 (coloration is different )
143 Guide map of Tokyo Metro, 1993
Subways - Japan – Tokyo.
144 I love Hakodate, tourist map, 1998
I love Hakodate 観光案内図
I love Hakodate kankō annaizu
Hakodate-shi (Japan)
Scales differ
145 Kamikochi pocket guide (Kamikochi guide), 1987?
Kamikochi pocket guide (上高地案内)
Kamikochi pocket guide (Kamikochi annai)
Kamikōchi Region (Japan)
Scales differ
146 Map of sea, mountain, tide and land of Japan, 1691
Approximately 1:500,000.
Japan castle, table of tide, tourist spots, name of feudal lord (Daimyo).
See: gm 71005210 (coloration is different)
147 Map of Suginami Ward, 1987
Suginami-ku .
148 Map of Suginami Ward, 1987
149 Matsu tourist guide, 1982?
Matsue kankō annai
Matsue-shi (Japan)
150 Matsue : International sightseeing and cultural city, 1995?
Scales differ.
151 Network of Tokyo Metro, 1993?
Subways - Japan – Tokyo.
152 Norikura, Takayama, Kamikōchi, 1985?
Japanese Alps (Japan), Kamikōchi Region (Japan)
series title: Yama to kōgen chizu, Earia mappu.
153 Norikura, Takayama, Kamikōchi
乗鞍・高山・上高地, 北アルプス
Verso of no. 7?
154 Shinshū, Kisoji Road, 1987?
Shinshū, Kisoji
Nakasendō (Japan)
155 Trip to Shinshū, Matsumoto, place to see, shop, and eat, 1980?
Shinshū, Matsumoto no tabi, midokoro, kaidokoro, tabedokoro
Matsumoto-shi (Japan)
Series III: Maps of North America and Europe
Various maps of places within the United States and Europe.
FOLDER 10 Folder 10
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