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FOLDER 1 Gary North Arrow collection
FOLDER 1b Large envelope Illustrations of Satellite Technology and Imagery
Ilustrations used by Gary North for an exhibition. Materials covered in Mylar and many have text on the reverse. Items published by NASA and U.S.G.S.
1 ERTS Satellite
Illustration with description of satellite.
2 Satellite sensing is key to Earth's Potential
"Space data . . . Major input to land use decisions."
3 Earth Resources Technology Satellite-A
"This is the flight model of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Earth Resources Technology Satellite-A to be launched into a polar orbit about 560 statute miles above the earth from the Western Test Range in California . . . "
4 Simulated Multispectral Satellite Images
5 ERTS Television Images - Spectral Range - Salton Sea, Imperial Valley, California
6 ERTS-1 Around the World
"Every 18 days, 37 foreign countries are conducting data-use experiments."
7? KidsPost - Pretty as a Picture, 2002
Clipped from Washington Post
8 [Undetermined Satellite image]
9 First Image from ERTS-1 Dallas, Texas Area
10 A new view of the conterminous United States
The ERTS-1 Satellite.
"The mosaic was prepared from 595 selected ERTS-1 satellite images . . ."
11 Earth Resources Technology Satellite - Southern New England, 1972
"This false color-composite was made from multispectral imagery . . . From an altitude of approximately 900 kilometers, orbit 68m on July 28, 1972 . . ."
12 First ERTS Multispectral Scanner Image of Los Angeles, California
13 First ERTS Multispectral Scanner Image of San Francisco, California
14 NASA (ERTS-1) St. Louis Missouri and Southern Illinois
"This 'false color' composite was made from multispectral imagery taken by NASA's Earth Resources Satellite (ERTS-1) from an altitude of 915 kilometers (370 miles) on October 2, 1972 . . ."
15 Early ERTS View of the Washington, D.C. Area
"U.S. Geological Survy Eros Program MSS 1080 - 15192"
16A Mount St. Helens "Before" September 11, 1979
16B Mount St. Helens "After" August 19, 1980
17 First ERTS-1 Record of a Major Flood - Mississippi River, 1973
"Helps BLM and BIA achieve efficient public rangeland management . . ."
18 Rapid Assessment of Vegetation Vigor with ERTS imagery, 1973
19 First ERTS view of the Amazon River Basin (1972) with related map (1948), 1972
20 ERTS view of Washington, D.C. with custom electronic processing
"Shows significant improvements in data processing and printing."
21 Exhibit banner
VOLUME 1 A Description of the Ordnance Survey Large Scale Maps, 1821 circa
VOLUME 2 Stereograms Prepared by The University of Illinois Committee on Aerial Photography - donated June 2002, 1930s-1950s

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