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Series II: Arctic Ocean (continued)
Group 21 - Arctic Ocean Published Maps (continued)
0023 [Contour Map of the Bering Sea] Scale bar. (continued)
a. Ozalid.
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706796 0024 [Polar Projection] Scale not given.
a. Film negative.
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706796 0025 Bathymetry of the Arctic Region Scale not given.
a. Paper. b. Note: "Figure 132, depth in fathoms."
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706796 0026 Geological World Atlas - Sheet 19
a. Paper. b. Polar projection. Published for UNESCO by International Geological Mapping Bureau, Paris. 1:16,000,000
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706796 0027 Bathymetric Chart of Arctic Ocean
a. Positive print. b. Polar projection. Compiled from Soviet sources, 1956. Contains inset of a 1954 Soviet bathymetric chart.
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706796 0028 Drifts of Research Expeditions in the central part of the Arctic Basin
a. Positive print. b. Polar projection. Shows drift of North Pole II ice field from 1950-51. “No one there at this time, so no soundings…”
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706796 0029 Black and White version of the Arctic Ocean Floor Map
a. Positive print. b. Published by the National Geographic society.
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706796 0030 Arctic Ocean Floor
a. Blue/Black plate print. b. Covers the Arctic Ocean, completed by the National Geographic society, Oct. 1971. Includes Heezen, Tharp, and Berann data.
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706796 0031 Seismicity of Arctic and Adjoining Regions, 1960-63
a. Paper. b. Twelve maps, prepared by A.F. Espinosa and J.A. Michael of the USGS, 1984.
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706796 0032 The Bering Sea
a. Negative transparency. b. ˚ East to 160˚ North and 150˚ to 66˚ From 50 West. Russian map.
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706796 0033 The Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska
a. Negative transparency. b. ˚ to 75˚ East and 50˚ West to 130˚ From 155 North. Russian map.
Holding: 17761018 Group 22 - Arctic Ocean Miscellaneous
3 items
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706802 0001 [Sketch for Arctic Ocean Basin]
a. Frosted acetate.
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706802 0002 [Sketch of Arctic Ocean Basin]
a. Frosted acetate. b. Polar projection.
FOLDER Barcode: 00275706802 0003 [Contour Map]
a. Paper. b. 53˚ to 60˚ North and 30˚ to 20 ˚ West.
Holding: 18458148 Group 23 - Arctic Ocean Miscellaneous Boxed Data
2 boxes ; estimated 100 items
BOX Barcode: 00212681386 Box 1
BOX Barcode: 00212681398 Box 2

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