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Muriel H. Parry map collection

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Series VI: Europe (continued)
FOLDER 354 A Map of the Ancient Borough of Southwark
London: Strand Magazine
Sayer, J.P.
Pictorial map of the area of Greater London.
FOLDER 355 Pictorial Map of London
48 x 72 cm
1 inch=1/4 mile
Amsterdam: L. Van Leer and Co.
Map of London highlighting places of interest. Inset maps of "Cinemaland" and "Theatreland." On the verso, of the map cover is a map of the London Underground.
FOLDER 356 Norfolk, circa 1945
45 x 56.5 cm
4.5 miles to the inch
Leeds: John Waddington, Limited.
Clegg, Ernest
Map shows the towns of Norfolk and the agricultural products of the region. Map shows pictures of local landmarks and an excerpt of Churchill's 4 June 1940 speech, "We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be . . ." 2 copies.
FOLDER 357 Northumberland, circa 1946
57.5 x 44 cm
Leeds: John Waddington, Limited. for the Countryman, Ltd.
Clegg, Ernest
The map shows the products, town, and topography of the area of Northumberland. 2 copies.
FOLDER 358 Oxfordshire, circa 1947
57.5 x 44 cm
4.5 miles to the inch
Leeds: John Waddington, Limited. for the Countryman
Clegg, Ernest
Map shows the towns in Oxfordshire and the products of the region. The map is surrounded by information about WWII and the drawings of local landmarks. 2 copies.
FOLDER 359 Somerset, circa 1946
44.5 x 56.5 cm
4.5 miles to the inch
Leeds: John Waddington Limited
Clegg, Ernest
Map shows the towns of Somerset County and labels the major products of the area. The map is surrounded by pictures of castles, historical information, and quotes from famous men. 2 copies.
FOLDER 360 Sussex, circa 1945
44.5 x 56.5 cm
4.5 miles to the inch
Leeds: John Waddington Limited
Clegg, Ernest
Map shows the towns of the country of Sussex and the products of the region. The map is surrounded by drawings of local castles and cathedrals. 2 copies.
FOLDER 361 Swansea, circa 1941
59.5 x 59.5 cm
Map made of some kind of plastic. Most railroads, towns, rivers, are marked and labelled. The maps center on the main town almost as if it is the target for bombing runs. Degree markings ring the map along the border.
FOLDER 362 Wiltshire, circa 1946
57 x 44 cm
4.5 miles to the inch
Leeds: John Waddington, Limited. for the Countryman.
Clegg, Ernest
Shows the products of Wiltshire and the towns of the region. 2 copies.
FOLDER 363 Yorkshire East Riding, circa 1946
44.5 x 57 cm
4.5 miles to the inch
Leeds: John Waddington, Limided. for the Countryman.
Clegg, Ernest
Shows the products made in this region and the towns and roadways of the area.
FOLDER 364 Yorkshire West Riding, circa 1946
45 x 56.5 cm
4.5 miles to the inch
Leeds: John Waddington, Limited. for the Countryman, Ltd.
Clegg, Ernest
The map shows the towns and resources of Yorkshire West Riding and the goods they produced for the war effort.
FOLDER 365 Northern Ireland, circa 1947
44.5 x 56.5 cm
8 miles to the inch
Leeds: John Waddington, Limited for the Countryman, Ltd.
Clegg, Ernest
Map shows the towns of Northern Ireland and labels the major products of the area. The map is surrounded with information regarding WWII and Ireland's role in victory.
FOLDER 366 Scottish Omnibuses Coach Tours Cover All Scotland, circa 1953
55.5 x 84.5 cm
Scotland: Allen Litho
For Scottish Omnibuses Limited. Pictorial map of Scotland showing the towns and places of interest. On verso, coach tours and prices.
FOLDER 367 [Tartans of Scotland]
66 x 66 cm
Scarf of silk material. Map of Scotland dividing each Clan region and distinguishing them with different tartans. Inset map of the major towns of Scotland.
FOLDER 368 Wales
46 x 30.5 cm
Woodblock or textile print on a thin, but tough cloth. Shows the outline of Wales, some castles drawn in, and the flag of Wales.
FOLDER 369 Caenarvo Comitatus pars Olim Ordovium, circa 1700s
25 x 30.5 cm
Saxton, Christopher
Map shows the west coast of Wales, the Irish Sea "Mare Hiberne . . ." Detail of the topography, rivers, towns of the country of Caernavo[n], Wales. Map appears to have been removed from a book.
FOLDER 370 Wales
44 x 56 cm
8.5 miles to the inch
"To be sold by Richard Chiswell in St. Paul's Churchyard and by Thomas Basset of Fleet Street." Shows many of the small towns and rivers of Wales, small diagrams of the major towns on the border.
FOLDER 371 URSS Carte Politique et Economique, circa 1927
88 x 119 cm
Paris: Library du Travail
Identifies the major ecomomic resources. Explanitory notes at the bottom of page detailing the information from the map. Note at bottom of map in pencil ["bought for 5 fr[ancs] July 1939 on the banks of the Seine."]
FOLDER 372 Slovenija, circa 1954
42 x 64 cm
Ljubljana: Tiskarna Ljudske
A pictorial map identifying major towns, rivers, and rail linkages. Animals, recreation activities, and building feature prominently. On the verso, there is a road map with route numbers listed s well as a time-distance chart between major cities.
FOLDER 373 Exportna Karta F.N.R. Jugoslavije
100 x 63.5 cm
Belgrade: Chamber of Commerce of Yugoslavia
Map is of western Yugoslavia, the other half of the map is missing. Map shows the products exported out of Yugoslavia from its various regions.
FOLDER 374 Yugoslavia, circa 1961
42.5 x 50 cm
Ljubljana: Ljudska Pravica
For the Tourist Association of Yugoslavia. Map of Yugoslavia showing the towns, roadways, mileages, and recreation areas of the country. On the verso, more general tourist information.
Series VII: Western Hemisphere
33 items
FOLDER 375 PAA The Routes of the Flying Clipper Ships, circa 1935
32 x 25 cm
Pictorial map shows the major cities and the routes of the Pan American Clipper Ships connection them. The map labells the products, resources, way of life, and topography of much of North, Central, and South America.
FOLDER 376 [Prudential Cruises]
20.5 x 10 cm
Map shows North and South America and the cruise line routes around the coasts.
FOLDER 377 Historical Maps First News of America Was Brought To Europe in Crude Charts
35.5 x 52.5 cm
Includes a number of maps that were on display at the Exhibit "Three Centuries of America History, 1493-1793." at the Free Library of Philadelphia. 2 copies [?]. 8 pages.
FOLDER 378 Mapa Economico de America, circa 1941
162 x 118.5 cm
Buenos Aires: Estableto Grafico Pomonio and CIA
Velazquez, Alberto Jose
Map shows the products both industrial and agricultural from the Americas. Shows major cities of the Americas and the distances between them. Production statistics are listed in the space surrounding the map.
FOLDER 379 A Chart of the West Indies or the Isands of Americas in the North Sea [etc.]. Being the Present Seat of War.
28.5 x 35 cm
60 Leagues of Great Britain to one inch
Moll, Herman
Map shows the Gulf states, Central and part of South America, and the Caribbean islands, and the ownership of land areas.
FOLDER 380 Pictorial Map of the American Continet Featuring the Pan American Highway
60 x 43.4 cm
350 miles to the inch
New York: General Drafting, Inc.
Map features the scenic, cultural, historical, and agricultural products and places of the Americas. 2 copies.
FOLDER 381 The New World, 1540
31.5 x 40 cm
Map shows the continents of North and South America. There is text upon the map marking "canibals" in present-day Brazil, "Cuba," "Hispania," and "Cartagara" where Peru is today.
FOLDER 382 The Western Hemisphere, circa 1850
25 x 34 cm
London: J. and F. Tallis
Rapkin, J.
Map shows a globe with the continents of North and South America and the islands of the Pacific drawn. Some color used to delineate countries. The illustrations surrounding the map are of animals and people native to their hemisphere.
FOLDER 383 Captains Silver's Sea Chart, circa 1943
67 x 50 cm
375 miles to the inch
New York: Captain Silver's Syndicate
Map of North and South America shows the resources of the countries and their products. The major ports are shown. Short sentences of fact and trivia pepper the map. The border shows founders or important leaders of each country.
FOLDER 384 A Map of the Americas, circa 1940
73 x 57 cm
New York: R.R. Bowker
Pictorial map of North and South America showing resources and historical events. In the margin are flags of each country with short textual descriptions of each country.
FOLDER 385 Resources of the Americas for War and Peace -- Products of 20 Republics Help to Defeat the Axis
66 x 50 cm
Washington: Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs
Shows the location of resources used in WWII produced in the Americas. On the verso, a political, rainfall, population, and topography maps of Latin America.
FOLDER 386 The World Agrees on 'Gilbey's Please'
25.5 x 18 cm
Advertisement for Gilbey's shows the Western Hemisphere and a bottle of Gilby's Scotch Whiskey
FOLDER 387 The American Republics . . . The Goods They Exchange
28 x 22 cm
U.S. Government Printing Office
Map shows North and South America and the resources each country exports.
FOLDER 388 Pakistan, Ceylon, India
48 x 48 cm
Map of the Indian subcontinent showing the political boundaries of the land.
Out of sequence. Belongs to Asia series.
FOLDER 389 Centennial in Central America
22 x 14.5 cm
125 miles to the inch
AP News Features
Map shows "the five Republics above the Canal" their major cities, resources, and roads.
FOLDER 390 [Father Neptune Presenteth Ye Grace Line Fleet to Ye Olde Spanish Main], circa 1933
81 x 61 cm
Grace Line
Mora, Jo
Map shows the U.S. and Central America. Major ports and resources of each country are marked. Bordering the map are drawings of historical sites and legends of Central America. Inset maps of "Panama Canal," "Cartagena," "Guatemala," and "El Salvador."
FOLDER 391 Carte du Golfe du Mexique et des Isles de l'Amerique, circa 1754
28 x 37.5 cm
45 xxx to the inch
From "l'Histoire Generale des Voyages Par M. Bellin, 1754." Map shows the Gulf states region, Central America, and the Caribbean islands. The routes of Cortez and Ponce de Leon are marked.
FOLDER 392 [April, 1945. Central America], circa 1945
54.5 x 36.5 cm
Pan American Airways
From a PAA calendar, 1945. Map shows the outline of the Central American nations their borders, resources, and products. Some everyday scenes in photographs.
FOLDER 393 The Islands of the Bahamas
51 x 61 cm
USA: K.N. Inc.
Map shows the Bermuda Islands and the fish that can be found in these waters. Inset map of "the Island of New Providence" and "The City of Nassau."
FOLDER 394 Map of Nassau on the Island of New Providence Bahamas, 1941
46 x 58 cm
1 1/6 miles to the inch
England: ed. W.S. Cowell, Ltd.
West, Nan
Map shows some of the tourist sights on the island and the roads that connect them. Surrounding the map are people common to the island today and are important historically.
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