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Muriel H. Parry map collection

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Series VIII: Mexico
18 items
FOLDER 408 Mexico and Guatemala, circa 1948
23 x 20.5 cm
Pan American Airways, Inc.
Pictorial map of the 2 countries showing major cities and recreational activities. Part of a PAA tourist brochure.
FOLDER 409 Carreteras de Mexico Highway Map, circa 1958
46 x 65.5 cm
Goodyear-Oxo Industria Mexicana
Covarrubias, Miguel
A large pictorial map with various resources, products, and industries of the country marked. On verso, 12 small detailed road maps of regions of Mexico.
FOLDER 410 Carreteras De Mexico Highway Map, circa 1958
53 x 80 cm
Pictorial/Road map of Mexico showing its people, cities, resources, and topography. On verso, more detailed road maps.
FOLDER 411 Make Friends With Mexico
28.5 x 34.5 cm
Pictorial map shows the states of Mexico, the major towns, the landmarks, resources, and products of these areas. Also shows an airline route to Mexico City. On verso, "Major Topography of Mexico" with a legend.
FOLDER 412 Mapa Fisiografico-Vial y Economico de Santander, circa 1943
66 x 46.5 cm
Lito. Ramos - Cali.
Hineshosa, R.
Map of Mexico on the Rio Magdalena. Shows major towns, rivers, and wildlife of the region.
FOLDER 413 Mexico Pictorial Map [Pictorial]
44.3 x 66 cm
Mexico: Eugenio Fischgrund
Medina, Miguel Gomez. Orozolo,
Map shows Mexico and the various plants, animals, traditional costumes and such native to Mexico.
FOLDER 414 Miguel Covarrubias' Mexico, 1947
35 x 53 cm
Holiday [Magazine]
Map cut into halves. Pictorial map shows the products and resources of Mexico as well as the recreational and historic areas.
FOLDER 415 Tourist Map of Mexico
69.5 x 94 cm
Pictorial map shows the resources, vegitation, animal life, and recreation areas of Mexico. Shows air routes.
FOLDER 416 Picture Map of Mexico, circa 1935
86.5 x 115 cm
New York: Friendship Press
LeSourd, G.Q.
Map of Mexico to be colored in. Surrounding the map are figures in native dress at work or playing.
FOLDER 417 [February, 1945. Mexico], 1945
54.5 x 36.5 cm
Pan American Airlines, Inc.
From a PAA calendar, 1945. Map shows Mexico marked with its resources and products. Some photographs of daily life in Mexico.
FOLDER 418 Pictorial Map of Mexico
34.5 x 53 cm
Mexico: Fischgrund Publishing Co.
Shows the people and tourist sights of Mexico, border inserts shows scenes of Mexican history and culture.
FOLDER 419 Touring Mexico, circa 1939
Mexico: Publicaciones Fischgrund
This is a 32 page spiral bound book of tourist sights and maps of Mexico.
FOLDER 420 The Highway Map of Mexico
59.5 x 43.5 cm
General Motors
Lists the major autoroutes in Mexico. Street signs are shown. The map shows drawings of animals, plants, and industry.
FOLDER 421 Felices Dias en Baja California or Happy Days in Lower California, circa 1940
91 x 38 cm
Tourist map of Baja California in the shape of a pennant, it is permanently affixed onto a larger piece of paper.
FOLDER 422 Mexico Morelia Patzcuaro 325 Kims 200 Millas
22 x 38.5 cm
Mexico: CIA. Lit. Cuauhtemoc, S.A.
Map shows the road route from Mexico City to Patzucuaro. Drawings of native Mexican life. Inset map of the city center of "Morelia 'Michoacan' and "Lago de Patzcuaro."
FOLDER 423 A Cartograph of Mexico City
20.5 x 31.5 cm
Map shows the streets of Mexico City and identifies the major landmarks of the town. On the verso, a pictorial map of Mexico.
FOLDER 424 Pictorial Map of Mexico City and Environs, circa 1947
22.5 x 20 cm
For the Hotel del Prado. Map shows the major landmarks of Mexico City and some of the main streets.
Series IX: North America
28 items
FOLDER 425 Nicaragua Touristical Map, circa 1959
45 x 45 cm
Managua: Lit-Fotofabados Perez
Map shows the rivers, vegetation, animals, and recreational areas of the country.
FOLDER 426 Pictorial Map of the Republic of Panama and the Canal Zone, circa 1951
40.6 x 60 cm
Engineer Reproduction Plant
Carter, B.J.
Colorful map indicating various routes of explorers, towns, roads, animals, and historical sites. On the verso is a map drawn by Charles Owens showing the mountainous regions of Panama and the Canal Zone. Brief history of the Canal included.
FOLDER 427 Meeting of the Atlantic and Pacific 'the Kiss of the Oceans'.
14 x 90 cm
Map shows the western hemisphere and the stylized drawings of the two oceans 'kissing' at the Panama Canal.
FOLDER 428 Pascaerte Van't Eyland St. Juan de Puerto Rico En de Andere Resterende Cariber Eylanden van Anguilla tot Spangnola
45 x 60 cm
3 Scales, Dutch, French and English, and Spanish. Duytsch mylen 15 in een Graatt, Spaensche Mylen 17.5 im een Graatt, Eng. En Fr. Mylen 20 in een Graat
Map of the island of Puerto Rico with ports marked, and shoals/reefs identified.
FOLDER 429 Puerto Rico Where the Americas Meet
32 x 48.5 cm
Ganco, J.
May be a copy of a color original. Pictorial historical map shows the towns, roads, and recreational areas of the island.
FOLDER 430 Tilforladelig Kort Over Eylandet St. Croix udi America Saaledes som det ued en Acurat Udmaaling et Befunden Med Quarterernes Navne og Enhver Plantagies Nummer Efter Huilke de udi Matriculen Findes Indforte og Til Enhuer Kiober Cederet Beliggende . . ., circa 1754
49.5 x 75 cm
deLode, O.H.
Map of St. Croix.
FOLDER 431 Carte de L'Isle de Sainte Lucie Pour Servir a Histoire General des Voyages, Par M.B. Ing de la Marine, 1758
20 x 30 cm
1.5 lieues de France to the inch
Map shows the topography, road, and some vegetation of the island. Most ports are marked. Engraved, out of a book[?]. Written on map in pencil, "$1.00"
FOLDER 432 The Virgin Islands From English and Danish Surveys, circa 1775
37.5 x 49 cm
20 Sea Leagues in a degree, 69.5 statute miles in a degree
London: Robt. Sayer Map and Printseller
Jefferys, Thomas
Map shows the Caribbean Islands and their cross-sections.
FOLDER 433 Carte Particuliere Des Isler des Vierges
32 x 46 cm
2 2/3 six lieves Marine to the inch
Map shows the Virgin Islands and includes the magnetic variation in the area.
FOLDER 434 The Story of the West Indies, circa 1936
34.5 x 43.5 cm
Chicago: Colortext Publications, Inc.
Pictorial map shows many landmarks, historic sites, products, resources, native peoples, animals, and plants of this region. Some historical text on the map.
FOLDER 435 [Delta Line Cruises]
20.5 x 10 cm
Map shows the North and South American continents and the cruise line routes around the coasts.
FOLDER 436 Gastronomic Map of Switzerland
48.5 x 69.5 cm
Switzerland: Roth and Sauter
Map shows the major towns in Switzerland and the foods and wine that each area is noted for. On the verso, a detailed description of each type of food.
Out of sequence. Belongs to Europe series.
FOLDER 437 Insulae Americanae In Oceano Septentrionali cum Terris Adiacentibus
38 x 52 cm
33 Milliaria Germanica to the inch, 40 milliaria Hispanica to the inch
Blaeu, Guiljelmus
Map of the area from the Chesapeake to Northern South America
FOLDER 438 Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septentionali ac Regiones Adiacentes a c. de May Usque ad Lineam Aequinoctialem
40.5 x 51.5 cm
40 Germanic milliaria to the inch, 45 Hispanic milliaria to the inch, and 50 gallica milliaria to the inch
Visscher [?], Nicolam. [Holland?]
Map shows the area from Cape May, DE to Los Quizimies in present day Peru.
FOLDER 439 [North America], circa 1556
35.5 x 49.5 cm
Map of North America showing the whole of the continent, the mountains run east-west and the Bering Straights are visible as being just north of Japan ("Giapan"). 3 copies. See attached note.
FOLDER 440 The Desceliers Planisphere 1550
33 x 44.5 cm
Map of the east coast of North America and the St. Lawrence River, eastern Great Lakes area.
FOLDER 441 North America, circa 1931
25.5 cm in diameter cm
New York: J.W. Rossig
"Rossig Educational Charts." similar to a "star-gazer." Shows information on the topography, products, industries, population, etc. of countries in North and Central America.
FOLDER 442 North America According to the latest Observations
15.5 x 17.5 cm
From a book published in 1741. Map shows California as an island, the Mississippi River and some tributaries, the Appalachians, and a number of islands in the north east of Canada. Central and part of South America are shown.
FOLDER 443 Nautilis Seafood Restaurant, circa 1939
33 x 36 cm
[New York?]: E.C. Lillys
Restaurant menu on reverse. Map shows the Eastern Seaboard and locations where various types of fish are caught.
FOLDER 444 The North Part of America, circa 1626
35 x 44 cm
Elstracke, R.
Maps of North America from the Yucatan Peninsula to Hudson's Bay. Text on the map explaining the geography and history of certains areas.
FOLDER 445 Map of the Continental Can Company, circa 1963
28 x 42.5 cm
Continental Can Company
From the "Continental Can Company, Inc. 1962 Annual Report. Map of the U.S. and Southern Canada divided into regions. Within each region the sites of CCC, Inc. factories are located and identified according to their product.
FOLDER 446 Carte Nouvelle de d'Amerique Anglais Par le Sieur a Amsterdam Chez Pierre Monita Librarie, circa 1696
35 x 46 cm
Map from the Hudson Bay to Chincotique Island. East to Cape Breton, west to the Mississippi [?].
FOLDER 447 America Septentrionalis, circa 1653
35.5 x 48 cm
Amsterdam: Joannes Janssonius
Hand colored. Map shows North America and Central American rivers, coastal features, and some mountains. Some brief text concerning the landscape and its history.
FOLDER 448 A New Map of America Septentrionale, 1680
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