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Muriel H. Parry map collection

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Series I: World (continued)
The Ingredients, circa 1930 (continued)
14.5 x 22 cm
Wilmington: The Mentholatum Co.
Pictoral map of the world shows the origin of mentholatum ingredients.
FOLDER 44 Music Map of the World, circa 1958
71 x 102.5 cm
California Research Corporation
Map shows the topography of the world. The map is intended for educational use. The border of the map shows musical instruments from around the world.
FOLDER 45 Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica Tabula
35.5 x 48.5 cm
Hodius, Henry
[From Jansson 1657 Vol I Pl I.] Map shows New Old world hemishpheres. Many ports in the New World are labelled. California is still considered an island, Australia is labelled "Hollandie Nova."
FOLDER 46 An Illustrated Map of the World from 'The Golden Geography', circa 1952
61 x 69.5 cm
USA: Simon and Schuster, and Artists and Writers Guild
DeWit, Cornelius
Pictorial map of the world showing the people, animals, products, and resources of the different countries.
FOLDER 47 International Truck Service World Wide
Chicago: J. Roland Kay, Inc.
Article, "International Harvester Pictorializes its Foreign Business." with a small photograph of the large pictorial map.
FOLDER 48 Mapa Kelito
51.3 x 82.8 cm
1000 km to the inch.
Buenos Aires: Aymara Publishers
Map shows the world with numbered cartoons depicting the native flora, fauna, and cultures of various regions. Two copies.
FOLDER 49 People of the World
68 x 100 cm
Amsterdam: Luii and Co.
Shows the natives of various places in the world along with the animals, productives, and resources of the areas they come from.
FOLDER 50 Politukeus Billedkort over Hele Verden
67 x 114.5 cm
141 km to one cm.
Bergen: Muller and Keipenheuer Verlag
Map of the world showing vegitation, animal life, and industry.
FOLDER 51 The People. The Productivity.
33 x 51 cm
Harrison, Richard Edes
The countries of the world are represented as circles, size is equated with area and populations. "The Productivity" is the steel productivity in 1937.
FOLDER 52 Ptolemy's Map of the World, circa 1949
22.5 x 28 cm
Rand McNally and Company
Greeting card
Reproduction of Ptolemy's Map of the World.
FOLDER 53 Air France Understands
27.5 x 43 cm
Paris: Dorland and Grey
Magazine advertisment for a new Air France Tokyo-Tahiti-Lime route. Shows the world as a large puzzle and this route as the final piece in place.
FOLDER 54 Quam Hic Vides Orbis … me Lector Cadide ea ut Posteriore, ita et ein[xxx]orem usque hactenus circuserebantur esse America Sarmatiaz[?] ac India Testantur…, [1538]
38.5 x 55 cm
Map of the North and South hemispheres showing Asia, Europe, and most of America, Africa, and a south pole land mass. The two hemispheres are skewed because they are not split in half but skewed. Dated 1538.
FOLDER 55 Santa Checking His List Twice, 1939
35 x 27.5 cm
Saturday Evening Post, vol.212, no. 25
Rockwell, Norman
Cover, Saturday Evening Post. Shows Santa on a stepladder in front of a map of the world.
FOLDER 56 World of Lindblad
36.5 x 50.5 cm
Map of the world as an advertisement and locator guide for Lindblad Tours. The map locates areas where special guided tours and safaris take place.
FOLDER 57 Air-age Map of the World Looking Down on the World From the Top of the North Pole.
33.4 x 52.5 cm
Kaufman, Joe
Map of the world with air and land-sea routes marked on it as a game.
FOLDER 58 Peace Map of the World United a Pictorial History of Transit and Communications from Jonah to the Jet Plane as Paths to Permanent Peace
39.5 x 91 cm
New York: Oliver K. Whiting
Chase, Ernest Dudley
FOLDER 59 United States Steel Corporation Annual Report 1963, circa 1963
26.5 x 21 cm
New York: US Steel Corporation
Cover photograph for the annual report taken from within the "Unisphere" symbol of the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. The Unisphere was built and donated by US Steel.
FOLDER 60 Vacation Travel Club
37 x 54.5 cm
American Map Co., Inc.
Map of the world with different continents shaded different colors. Borders composed of flags of the world.
FOLDER 61 Mapa Kelito, circa 1963
51.5 x 85.5 cm
1000 km to the inch
Buenos Aires: Aymara
Map of the world, items are not labelled but there are lots of pictures relating to the climate, culture, resources, vegitation, animals, etc.
FOLDER 62 [Pan American World Map Menu]
16 x 22 cm
Pan American Airways, Inc.
Liozu, Jacques
Map shows the world by region (Europe, Asia, N. America, etc.). Shows some of the animals and dress of the people in each area.
FOLDER 63 Zooreograficaia Nagliaonaia Uchebnaia karta Vsekh Castei Svieta or [Zoogeographical Visual Study of All Parts of the World], circa 1929
120 x 180 cm
1:22,5000 or 225 km. to one cm.
Map of the world with native wildlife drawn in the appropriate land areas. Inset maps of "India and South East Asia.
FOLDER 64 Panorama of Physiographic Types, circa 1926
29.5 x 58 cm
New York: The Geographical Press, Columbia University
Lobeck, A.K.
"Chart A" and "Chart B" have vertical vantage points. Beneath these lie panoramic views of the same region. The map shows geomorphological landforms and a legend is provided to identify landforms and their relative ages to one another.
FOLDER 65 Map Showing Isle of Pleasure, circa 1935
53 x 45 cm
2 fingers to the drink thus liquid measure, 8 drinks make 1 pint, 2 pints make one happy.
Lawrence, H.J. (Heine)
Fantasy map of an alcohol island in the shape of a human skull.
FOLDER 66 [Le Kathay]
46 x 35 cm
Map shows mountains, strange animals, and some halfman-halfbeast characters. There is some text. One figure appears to be a ruler of some sort drawn next to the words "Le Kathay".
FOLDER 67 Peace…Good Will…The Ideal that Cannot Be Destroyed., circa 1941
32 x 25.5 cm
New York Times Company
Bird's-eye view of a small village snow-covered on a stary night. An angel stands in front of this view head bowed and eyes closed.
FOLDER 68 Children at Play, circa 1930
27 x 23.5 cm
March, Lucille Patterson
Map of an imaginary park showing the path names and landmarks. Various scenes of children playing are included.
FOLDER 69 [Spices and Coffee Napkin]
43 x 43 cm
Oechsli, Kelly
Napkin map. Map shows a grid pattern superimposed over an island with a pirate ship sailing nearby. An "x" marks the spot on the island.
FOLDER 70 [Adventure Map]
28.5 x 41.5 cm
Valdy: Sunya Gershenson
For Hotel Posada. Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Map shows a harbor "Bahia Banderas" and the land area is labelled with scenes of everyday life and recreation.
FOLDER 71 A Map for Young and Old Picturing a Few of the Many Accidents that Might be Prevented by the Use of Cauton, circa 1929
16.5 x 24 cm
"Scale of accidents -- more than are necessary per half inch"
Chicago: National Safety Council
Map of the U.S. outline and within the borders are drawings of unsafe situations to be avoided. Second copy 36 x 52 cm.
FOLDER 72 Map of the United States as Californians See It, circa 1947
42.5 x 51.5 cm
Litho-Long Beach Printery
Arnold, Oren
Californian's very skewed look at the U.S.
FOLDER 73 A New Yorker's Idea of the United States of America, circa 1936
17.5 x 24.5 cm
New York
Wallingford, Daniel K.
Very skewed map of the U.S. concentrating on the boroughs of NYC. 2 copies.
FOLDER 74 A New Yorker's Idea of the United States of America, circa 1936-1941
17 x 23.5 cm
New York
Walllingford, Daniel K.
On reverse, an oblique aerial photo of NYC-Manhattan
FOLDER 75 How the U.S. Looks to Politicians
27 x 31 cm
Thompson, Kenneth D.
From an article "You Don't Elect the President." by George T. Renner. Map shows the U.S. with each state sized according to the number of electoral votes it has. A correctly proportioned map as an inset.
FOLDER 76 This Map Presents A Bostonian's Idea of the United States of America, circa 1939
17.5 x 24 cm
New York
Wallingford, D.K.
Map shows a very skewed map of the U.S. from the Bostonian's viewpoint.
FOLDER 77 Official Texas Brags Maps of North America, circa 1948
44 x 57 cm
One inch = 6 Texas Grapefruit
Randolph, John
Pictorial map celebrates the Pride of Texas showing famous landmarks and historical sites.
FOLDER 78 Tonto's Map of Southwest Texas. Explained by Cactus Pete.
33 x 44 cm
Detroit: Gorden Baking Company
Imaginary map of Soutwest Texas. Part of a consumer product advertising 'tie-in with the Lone Ranger Program Radio Show.
FOLDER 79 Texan's View of the USA.
20.5 x 27 cm
1:1,000,000 varas to the inch
Map shows a highly distorted USA. Advertisement for "Jack Amman World's Largest and Best Photogrammic Engineers."
FOLDER 80 Georgia's Colonial Coast
27.5 x 13.5 cm
Magazine advertisement
Map shows the coast of Georgia, the main road routes, and the major landmarks and recreation areas available.
FOLDER 81 Air France Cartes Itinerares Dunlop France -- Afrique. 3rd Edition, circa 1956
65.5 x 54 cm
Map of Europe and Africa with airline routes marked upon it. On the reverse are the individual airline routes, ie., Paris-Algiers.
FOLDER 82 Eastern Hemisphere -- Map of Discovery, circa 1928
42.5 x 47.5 cm
National Geographic Society
Wyeth, N.C.
Reproduction of a painting of the Eastern Hemisphere drawn by N.C.Wyeth. The painting simulates the illuminated mariners' chartes of the 16th century, although it contains the modern (1928) political boundaries, with the routes taken by early explorers.
FOLDER 83 Map of the Old World
37 x 49 cm
Shows the Eastern Hemisphere and routes of various exploration routes. On the map Africa has yet to be divided up into various colonies, and most of Antartica is unkown. On the border are the flags of various sailing countries and pictures of different.
FOLDER 84 [Map of the Old World]
35.5 x 49.5 cm
Old map shows Europe, N. Africa, The Mid-East, India, and Asia. The Winds blow onto the map from the border, and the Zodiac figures cluster to the far right-hand edge of the map.
Series II: Africa
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