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Muriel H. Parry map collection

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Series X: Canada (continued)
FOLDER 465 Recreational Attractions at a Glance of Scenic Historic New Brunswick Nature's Playground by the Sea. Cool Pine Forests Sandy Beaches.
31 x 40 cm
20 miles to the inch
Canada: New Brunswick Government Publications
Map shows the towns and the routes connecting them. Recreational attractions highlighted.
FOLDER 466 [Nova Scotia]
23 x 30 cm
Halifax: Nova Scotia Industrial and Tourist Promotion
Pictorial map of Nova Scotia showing the recreational facilities of the area. Inset map showing the relative location of Nova Scotia to the major U.S. and Canadian cities.
FOLDER 467 Sable Island Graveyard of the Atlantic Known Wrecks Since 1800 AD, circa 1938
56 x 29 cm
1 2/5 miles to the inch
Johnson, D.
Map shows Sable Island and the wrecks off her coast both plane and ship. The different types of ships are labelled and titled with the year they sank.
FOLDER 468 Brading's Vacation Map Published to Show the Tourist Attractions of the Ottowa Valley and Eastern Ontario, circa 1946
65.5 x 49.5 cm
8 miles to 1 inch
Ottawa: Brading's Capital Brewery Ltd.
Map highlights areas of historical and other points of interest, indicates fish and game areas, and resort locations. Highways, road, ferries, and rivers are indicated.
FOLDER 469 Province of Quebec, circa 1967
12 x 17.5 cm
Map shows the St. Lawrence River area and divides the region into different areas. Shows recreational activities.
FOLDER 470 Map of Yukon Territory
24 x 19 cm
Map accompanies the adventures of "Sgt. Preston of the Yukon." on CBS-TV.
Series XI: United States of America
293 items
FOLDER 471 Connecticut and Parts Adjacent
35 x 40.5 cm
10 miles to the inch
Covens, Mortier, and Covens, Jr.
Map centers on Connecticut and Long Island. Hand colored with wax crayon.
FOLDER 472 Whirlaway on Your Vacation
12 x 12.5 cm
Holiday [Magazine]
Advertisement for oldsmobile Whirlaway [sedan?]. Map shows scenic route to recreation areas from Boston to Rockland, Maine.
FOLDER 473 A Parade of the States, circa 1932
Garden City, New York: Double Day, Doran and Company, Inc.
Barton, Bruce
This book is a history of each state in the U.S. with facts about each state and events and people associated with it. A map of each state is included.
FOLDER 474 Good Earth, circa 1930
15.5 x 26 cm
Corvinus, Bernard
Map of the U.S. showing the agricultural resources of each area. On the verso, a small article "River Source is Lost" a re-defining of the headwaters of the Mississippi River. Hand colored.
FOLDER 475 Air Maps of United Air Lines Main Line Airway
Denver: Jeppesen and Co. and W.H. Kistler Stationary Co.
Shelton, Hal
Booklet of maps produced at various scales covering different air routes over America to Hawaii.
FOLDER 476 America Airlines System Map Route of the Flagships
59 x 79 cm
1 inch=100 miles
New York: General Drafting Co., Inc.
The map shows the resources, products, and places of interest of the United States. Overlain on top of this is the mark of the air routes by American Airlines and other airlines. On the verso, a number of individual route maps, i.e. "Chicago-Washington."
FOLDER 477 Go North Go South by Eastern Route of the Great Silver Fleet
33 x 35 cm
Map shows cities of the East and Mid-West where Eastern Airlines flies. Historical and recreational sites are highlighted.
FOLDER 478 TWA Trans World Airline Air Routes, circa 1948
40 x 60 cm
Map shows TWA air routes in the United States as well as routes across the U.S. that connect to TWA hubs. On the verso, the TWA routes in Europe and Asia.
FOLDER 479 Map of Home Arts of the United States of America, 1938
34 x 26 cm
Home Arts Needlecraft
Jones, Mary Sherwood Wright
Map shows the U.S. and the various arts and crafts native to different regions of the country.
FOLDER 480 Land of Our Fathers
56.5 x 83.5 cm
New York: Associated American Artists
Davis, Lottie, Moskie
Biblical names from the Old Testament as American place names.
FOLDER 481 Birds of the States, circa 1946
36 x 52.5 cm
Stores Publishing Co., Inc.
Reprinted from the "Women's Day -- the A + P Magazine." Shaded map of the U.S. with the state birds drawn overlying it.
FOLDER 482 State Bird and Flower Map of the United States
38 x 58.5 cm
Baltimore: Barton-Cotton, Inc.
Hilton, Fritz
Map of the U.S. with each state containing the official state bird and flower.
FOLDER 483 A Birthday Map Filled With Good Wishes
30 x 49 cm
New York: Norcross, Inc.
Outline of the U.S. with various flowers.
FOLDER 484 Symbols of Summer, 1946
35 x 53 cm
Harrison: "Holiday"
Williams, Roswel
"A cartograph of seventy species of butterflies characteristic of the various regions of the U.S." An outline map of the U.S. with various butterflies placed on top. Map in two halves.
FOLDER 485 Civil War Centennial, circa 1960
71 x 104.5 cm
Creative Merchandizers, Inc.
Map shows the location of battles and places of Civil War interest. Inset map of the Virginias and Maryland shows in greater detail the location of events. Accompanying "Chronological History" of the Civil War with sketches of Confederate leaders.
FOLDER 486 A Pictorial Map Showing Historic Shrines and Battlefields of the Civil War 1861-1865, circa 1961
64 x 95.5 cm
New Jersey: General Drafting Co., Inc.
FOLDER 787 A New Map of the English Plantations in America Both Continent and Islands Showing Their True Situations and Distance from England or With One Another
27 x 32.5 cm
225 miles to the inch
London: Robert Mordeu and William Berry
2 copies. See attached note.
FOLDER 488 Map of the American Colonies and Adjacent Country as Known in 1776, circa 1875
40.4 x 58 cm
110 miles to 1 inch
New York: Asher and Adams
Map shows the various states and principal towns, mountains, rivers, etc. A heavy black line on the map indicates "in part the Post Routes and the National Road constructed by the United States Government."
FOLDER 489 Conservation Map of the United States of America, 1936
17 x 26 cm
M.R.: Scholastic
Map shows the regions of the U.S. that are in danger due to the lack of conservation measures.
FOLDER 490 300 Years of Secondary Education in America 1635-1935, circa 1935
46 c 61.5 cm
Watson, Ernest W
Map shows important events in the movement of secondary education from East to West.
FOLDER 491 Life in Colonial America and the Westward Expansion of the United States, circa 1957
85 x 61 cm
60 miles to the inch
New York: General Drafting Co., Inc.
Map shows areas of historic interest and the dates areas were settled. On the verso, "The Westward Expansion of the United States." showing the dates of admittance to the Union, as well as major expansion routes and trails.
FOLDER 492 Conquest of a Continent, circa 1933
53.5 x 68.5 cm
Minneapolis: Bureau of Engraving, Inc.
Kaiser, August, Painter, Clara Smith
Map depicts the major road, trails, and railroads across the country. The border surrounding the map highlights important events in America history.
FOLDER 493 Everyfamilies [sic] Vacation Guide Summer 1956, circa 1956
29 x 42 cm
Everywoman's Way
Vestal, H.B.
Map of the U.S. with the various festivals in each state marked. Map in halves.
FOLDER 494 Collier's Game Fish Map of the United States
35 x 79 cm
Williams, Ben Ames
Map to accompany the article, "Fishing Can Be Fun." Map the U.S. divided into various regions, overlain with the outlines of various types of fish caught in these regions.
FOLDER 495 The Wild Flowers of Spring
35 x 53 cm
Holiday [Magazine]
Whitehill, Clayton
"A cartograph of 102 early-blooming native plants characteristic of the various regions of the U.S." Outline of U.S. filled in with flowers. Map in two halves.
FOLDER 496 America -- Its Folklore A Pictorial Map
18 x 11 cm
New York: Associated American Artists
Gropper, William
Small pamphlet to accompany a pictorial map. Explains the small drawings on the map.
FOLDER 497 Folklore and Legends of Our Country, circa 1960
21.2 x 31.8 cm
New York: Esso Standard
Map shows pictures illustrating famous folktales and legends. Descriptions accompanying illustrations on map.
FOLDER 498 Folklore and Legends of Our Country, circa 1960
60.7 x 89.8 cm
New York: Esso Standard
Map of U.S. showing cartoons depicting famous folktales or legends of the 50 states. On the verso, is more information about folktales including a map of the Atlantic and Gulf States highlighting historic points of interest. Map intended for classroom use.
FOLDER 499 Storyteller's Map of American Myths
35 x 77 cm
Map of the U.S. shows small cartoons/drawings of folk legends and heros and heroines scattered across the country.
FOLDER 500 William Gropper's America Its Folklore, 1946
56.5 x 83 cm
Gropper, William
Map depicts figures from America folklore and history.
FOLDER 501 Folklore Music Map of the United States
59.5 x 79 cm
New York: Hagstrom Company, Inc.
Lawrence, Dorthea Dix
From "The Primer of American Music." Map shows the 48 states and songs that identify specific places or events in America. The border is made of drawings of various musical instruments commonly used in folk music.
FOLDER 502 [Libby's Famous Foods Are Packed In These Fine Producing Areas]
28 x 59.5 cm
Magazine advertisement for Libby's food products. The outline of states are shown along with the drawings of the foods they grow for Libby's.
FOLDER 503 Albert Richard Football Map, circa 1938
48.5 x 66 cm
Milwaukee: Albert Richard Co.
The map shows the location of many U.S. colleges and universities with a flag and identifies which conference each school is in. At the bottom is a "Key to Official College Nickname." On the verso, an advertisement for coats/menswear.
FOLDER 504 Historic Houses A Cartograph of Thirty-One Famous American Homes, 1947
35 x 53 cm
Holiday [Magazine]
Saalberg, Allen
Map shows the U.S. with 'north' to the right of the map and the location of famous American homes. Cut in half.
FOLDER 505 An Historic Map of the United States, circa 1940
54.5 x 85.5 cm
Scholastic Corporation
Map depicts the states and capitals, dates admitted into the Union, and important events that took place. Inset maps of the New England colonies and Mid-Atlantic states expand the amount of detail shown.
FOLDER 506 Patriotic Panorama of the United States, circa 1942
43.5 x 54.5 cm
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