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Series XI: United States of America (continued)
FOLDER 537 Songs of America, circa 1938
18 x 27 cm
Map of the "Continental 48" showing songs associated with certain areas or events in U.S. history.
FOLDER 538 3,500 Acres of Diversified Crops Tagus Ranch General Location Map of Crops, Camps, Warehouses, Offices, Grocery Store, Highway Market, Gas Station, and Barbeque Pit and Restaurant Where Food is Served at its Best.
24 x 37.5 cm
[near Tulare California, roadside attraction]
FOLDER 539 A Historical Map of the Northwest Territory Established by the Ordinance of 1789, 1938
23.5 x 17.5 cm
Rentschler, F.
Map of the area indicating the location of forts, rivers, history, and dates of admittance into the Union.
FOLDER 540 How We Bought the United States, 1946
Last page of a magazine article. It may accompany the map and rest of article.
FOLDER 541 How We Bought the United States
xxxxxx Purchase:
Petruccelli, Antonia
From a magazine. Map shows the US and the territories governed by the various tribes, the dates of territories governed by the various tribes, the dates of control and purchase.
FOLDER 542 Firestone USA, circa 1962
19 x 27 cm
The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
Map shows the U.S. and all across the country Firestone Tire dealerships. Map in two halves.
FOLDER 543 [Dollars Go Farther], 1950s
26 x 25.5 cm
Kaufman, Joe
Magazine/newspaper map to accompany an article on vacation travel. Pictorial map shows famous tourist sites in the US.
FOLDER 544 Greyhound's Picture Map of 'This Amazing America'
46 x 60.5 cm
Map shows scenic places of the U.S. The accompanying text gives more detail. Inset map of the U.S with Greyhound routes highlighted. On the verso, more information on how to ride Greyhound.
FOLDER 545 Guide to America
43.5 x 68 cm
125 miles to the inch
New York: General Drafting Co.
The map is part of a supplement to the book "Guide to America," published by the Public Affairs Press, Washington, D.C.
FOLDER 546 Pleasure Map of America, circa 1953
46 x 71 cm
Greyhound Highways Tours, Inc.
Lists some major sights to see across the U.S. On the verso, a listing of various tours across the U.S. sponsored by Greyhound.
FOLDER 547 Walgreen Menu
25 x 33 cm
Menu cover shows the outline of the U.S. and within this area are drawn tourist and other scenic stops, as well as daily scenes familiar in certain regions of the U.S. On the verso, the menu items and prices.
FOLDER 548 Vacationland USA, 1956
32.5 X 54.5 cm
"The American Weekly"
Arno, Enrico
Map of U.S. with 8 different driving tours of the U.S. Each tour has small pictures that highlight scenic, historical, or tourist sights along the state.
FOLDER 549 America's Products and the Trucks That Carry Them, circa 1958
55.5 x 93.5 cm
New Jersey: General Drafting Co., Inc.
For the Automobile Manufacterers Association. Map shows the products generated in various areas of the U.S. The border area gives picture examples of the trucks that transport them.
FOLDER 550 Help Produce With War Bonds
55 x 70 cm
Rojankovsky, F.
Map of the U.S. used to promote war bond sales among school children. Map has the products of the U.S. as well as the location of war supplies marked on the map. On the verso, how to get more information on the bond drive program.
FOLDER 551 Pictorial Wildlife and Game Map of the United States, circa 1956
48 x 68 cm
A.R. Gellman and Co.
Moss, Ira
Shows the various game available in different regions. Surrounding the map are smaller maps denoting the wintering and nesting areas of different animals.
FOLDER 552 Our United States, circa 1943
80 x 88 cm
1 inch= 110 miles
New York: Washington Square Book Shop
Henry, Everett
The main map shows the natural resources, minerals, and products of various regions of the U.S. through pictures and symbols. Surrounding inserts show "Railway Systems," "Motor Highways," and "Air Routes."
FOLDER 553 Aaron Bohrod's America Its History, 1946
56.5 x 83 cm
Bohrod, Aaron
Map depicts famous events in American history.
FOLDER 554 Medicinal Plant Map of the United States of America, circa 1932
84 x 138 cm
New York: Einson-Freeman Co., Inc.
Map shows pictures of plants that are grown in the U.S. and are important to pharmacology. Border surrounding map shows medicinal plants.
FOLDER 555 Scenic map of Alabama
28.5 x 21.5 cm
Mobile: The Powers Co.
Way, Geo. B.
Pictorial map of the U.S. Covered sheets containing the various states can be cut out and pasted to the blank map.
FOLDER 556 Jimmy's Tops the World for Good Food
26 x 36 cm
Map of Alaska showing the major towns, animals, and scenes from Alaskan way of life. Shows the location of Jimmy's in Fairbanks. Letter on back of map dated 5 August 1961.
FOLDER 557 Alaska Early History - Modern Growth America's Last Great Frontier, circa 1958
43.5 x 54 cm
California: G.P. Dicus
Map of major towns and the history and trivia relating to various places. The wildlife and Indians are discussed.
FOLDER 558 The Last Frontier
35.5 x 40.5 cm
Chicago: Abbolt Laboriatories
Chase, J. Frances
Map shows the main cities in Alaska as well as the wildlife and boats of the area.
FOLDER 559 Alaska
30 x 30 cm
Embroidered map shows the state, major towns, landmarks, and the Alaskan highway.
FOLDER 560 Purchase of Alaska 1867
20.5 x 30.5 cm
Map shows Alaska shaded and superimposed over the "Lower 48." Pictures of Seward, President Johnson, and Alexander II, the Czar of Russia are shown.
FOLDER 561 Alaska Land of Adventure, circa 1953
26.5 x 29.5 cm
Seattle: Alaska Steamship Co.
Map shows the main rail, river, and road routes to the cities of Alaska. Also marks the cruise ship route to these major cities.
FOLDER 562 The March of Progress in Phoenix and Arizona, circa 1932
59 x 43.5 cm
Phoenix Republic and Gazette
Photograph/poster of a cowboy by a cactus looking up at the dream that is Modern Phoenix. On the verso, a cartoon time line of the history of Phoenix, "Arizona Land of Romance."
FOLDER 563 Indian Reservations of the Southwest
30.5 x 45 cm
Map shows Arizona and Nevada shaded areas designated Reservations. Dolls dressed in native American dress are labelled as to their tribe.
FOLDER 564 [A literary Map of Arizona], circa 1974
43 x 27.5 cm
Cohen, Saul
Magazine article
Map shows the state of Arizona with places and landmarks written in. The titles of novels are marked corresponding to the areas they are associated with. The authors and dates of publication listed below.
FOLDER 565 The Southwest, 1963
33.5 x 26 cm
Look Magazine
Kaufman, Joe
Pictorial map of Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Shows the various major cities, landmarks, historic sites, resources, and products of the area. Accompanying article.
FOLDER 566 Arizona the Wonder State, circa 1932
58.5 x 43.5 cm
Phoenix Republic and Gazette
Pictorial map shows the major cities, road and railways, topography, recreation, and scenic areas of the state. On the verso, text and photographs of Arizona.
FOLDER 567 Flagstaff in the Center of the Most Amazing and Beautiful Country in the World
13.5 x 20.5 cm
Laben, A.
Map on the verso of the menu for "Golden Drumstick Fried Chicken -- the very best!" Map shows the location of the restaurant in relation to the nearby resorts, parks, and major interstate highways.
FOLDER 568 Map of Globe [Arizona], circa 1957
24.5 x 34 cm
Mesa: Claire Millett
Map shows the streets of Globe and small history of the town. Surrounding the map are the ads of local businessmen. On the verso, the map shows the location and distances of Globe to other towns.
FOLDER 569 California Looking East from the Pacific at the Golden State
35 x 53 cm
Holiday [Magazine]
Lovett, Libbie
Cartograph of California shows much of what the state is famous for -- redwoods, oranges, sunshine, deserts, etc.
FOLDER 570 A Map of Sunny California, circa 1932
25 x 19 cm
Curtis, Helen Perry
An embroidered map shows the outline of California and some of the things associated with it -- cactus, cars, mountains, etc.
FOLDER 571 California
100 x 85 cm
Burlap. Printed map shows the main towns of California, landmarks, points of interest, and the state seal.
FOLDER 572 California
69 x 42.5 cm
Towel map shows the major towns, landmarks, state flag and seal, as well as part of neighbouring Nevada.
FOLDER 573 [Hollywood], circa 1940
32.5 x 23 cm
The Rocky Mountains News Sunday Magazine
Scarbo, George
Cartoon map of where the movie stars work and restaurants they may eat at. Brief auto tour route marked.
FOLDER 574 [Monterey Bay], circa 1933
53 x 40 cm
Smith, Joseph
Map of the area of Monterey Bay, Pebble Beach, Carmel Bay, etc. "Honoring the Memory of Frey Junipero Serra founder of the California Missions." Map includes historical information.
FOLDER 575 Map of the Monterey Peninsula, Del Monte's 20,000 Acre Playground and the Seventeen Mile Drive
26.5 x 33 cm
Del Monte, CA: Del Monte Properties Company
Map shows the location of various recreational and other residential areas on the Monterey Peninsula.
FOLDER 576 San Francisco South, 1960
28 x 21.5 cm
From a magazine article, "Safari No. 2, Vol. 1." Map Shows the towns along the Pacific and at each town there is a drawing of a famous landmark.
FOLDER 577 A Cartograph of Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay Golden Gate International Exposition, circa 1939
42.5 x 51 cm
San Francisco Bay Exposition
Taylor, Ruth
Map shows the layout of buildings and roads for the Golden Gate International Exposition.
FOLDER 578 Avalon Town, Santa Catalina Island, California, circa 1948
42 x 56 cm
L.C.B. Co.
Lister, Wren
Panoramic map shows the town of Avalon nestled in the mountains resting by the ocean. Small drawings surrounding the map show scenes from the island. On the verso, a locator map of the island.
FOLDER 579 [Colorado], circa 1931
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