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Series XI: United States of America (continued)
Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Florida (continued)
57 miles to the inch
Lucas, F. Jr.
Map shows Floria, the Gulf Stream, and the various nearby Caribbean islands.
FOLDER 595 Geophysical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Floridae
36 x 27.5 cm
69.5 miles to the inch
Young and Delleker
Map of Florida with attached note, "with longitude reckoned as 'west from Washington rather than from London, …"
FOLDER 596 Florida
51 x 62 cm
Maine: Bricker House Art Studio
Historical pictorial map of Florida highlighting major cities, tourist and historic sites.
FOLDER 597 Florida
53 x 35.5 cm
Covarrubias, [Migue]
Magazine article
Map shows the state with national parks, towns, roads, products, resources, and recreation areas identified.
FOLDER 598 Florida Prepares its Bright Pageant for Winter Hosts, 1941
22 x 40 cm
"he New York Times
Map shows the state of Florida, the major towns, and the recreation areas.
FOLDER 599 Florida, circa 1938
102 x 45.5 cm
1 inch=10miles
General road map of Florida decorated with cartoon drawings. Maps on the verso show more details of the larger cities. The map comes from a pamphlet by Gulf titled "Florida Info-map."
FOLDER 600 Standard Oil Southern Cruising Guide, circa 1961
62 x 95.5 cm
New Jersey: General Drafting Co., Inc.
Sailing charts
Map contains large numbers of detailed maps for use in navigating the Florida Coasts and waterways.
FOLDER 601 Florida: Big Sunshine Where Everything Grows and Everyone Plays, circa 1946
35 x 53 cm
Holiday [Magazine]
Blanch, Arnold
Map shows the vegetation and recreational abundence of Florida. Also has a small "time line" in drawings that depict the history of Florida. Cut in half.
FOLDER 602 See all of Florida This Year -- Florida the Sunshine State
53.5 x 50.5 cm
25 miles to one inch
Highway map lists attractions of Florida and an inset map shows major car routes to Florida in the South.
FOLDER 603 The Sunshine State Greetings From Florida
15 x 10.5 cm
Map of Florida showing highways, cities, recreation, and tourist areas. Postcard postmarked "27 March 1989, West Palm Beach, Florida. 334."
FOLDER 604 Ye True Chart of Pirate Treasure Lost or Hidden in the Land and Waters of Florida, 1951
20 x 23 cm
Collier's Magazine
Odum, Ralph E.
Map of Florida illustrated with pirates, treasure chests, dolphins, and skulls. "X" marks the spot where treasure lies. Some accompanying text, remainder of article missing.
FOLDER 605 Tropical America Photoscopic Map Guide and Road Log--South Miami, circa 1941
58.5 x 54 cm
Miami: Joseph W. John and Associates
The map shows the streets of South Miami with places of interest marked. The map is decorated with photographs. On the verso, a map of Key West and the Florida Keys.
FOLDER 606 Saint John's = Florida's First County
35.5 x 24.5 cm
Map shows the main town, roads, railroads, and drainage systems of the country. On the verso, "Map of Saint Augustine Showing Points of Interest."
FOLDER 607 The State of Georgia, circa 1957
47 x 41.5 cm
27 miles to the inch
Pictorial-Historical map of Georgia.
FOLDER 608 [Great Lakes], circa 1755
35 x 46 cm
Map concentrates on the Great Lakes and goes as far east as Cape Cod, west to the edge of Lake Superior, north the Hudson's Bay, and south to New Jersey.
FOLDER 609 Route of the Northern Navigation Division
23.5 x 20.5 cm
Map of Great Lakes and the shipping route taken by the Northern Division. Rail connection points are noted. Inset map of "Route of the Niagara - Saguenay Division."
FOLDER 610 Greyhound's Fun Map of the Sunshine Zone, circa 1936
46 x 61 cm
Greyhound Corp.
Map shows the recreational activities of the Gulf Coast States. Inset maps of bus routes to Florida and Gulf from the eastern half of the U.S.
FOLDER 611 Florida Called by Ye French Louisiana etc.
26 x 34.5 cm
Degrees each con. 60 M
Moll, H.
Map of the Gulf States and the rivers and settlements of the region.
FOLDER 612 The States of Hawaii, 1959
55.5 x 35.7 cm
The Washington Post
Pictorial map showing the main cities, mountains, and place of interest. 3 pages of accompanying text.
FOLDER 613 Hawaiian Islands and the Story of the Pineapple, circa 1937
23 x 59 cm
Voorhies, Steven J.
Map of the Hawaiian Islands with ocean channels and volcanos named. This is on the cover of a small book, text now gone.
FOLDER 614 Islands of Hawaii, circa 1936
26.5 x 19.5 cm
White, Roth Taylor
Cartoon map of the island shows volcanos, roads, towns, vegetation, and resort areas.
FOLDER 615 Map Your Own Hawaiian Holiday, 1966
13.5 x 19 cm
Better Homes and Gardens
Map shows the various islands of Hawaii and their major towns. The map is decorated with drawings of fishing, swimming, and flying.
FOLDER 616 Oahu Hawaii Mem-O-Map, circa 1946
32 x 24 cm
Mem-O-Map Co.
Drury, T/4 John D.
Map shows the tourist sights, main towns, and military base of the island. Map primarily geared to miliatary men stationed on the island.
FOLDER 617 Coeur D'Alene National Forest Recreation Attractions Idaho
25.5 x 33 cm
5 miles to the inch (approximate)
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service
Map shows the Park area marking campsites, highway numbers, forest ranger stations, etc. On the verso, photographs of the park.
FOLDER 618 Nampa Chamber of Commerce
11 x 8.5 cm
Map of Idaho highlighting scenic and recreation areas and their relationship to Namps, Idaho.
FOLDER 619 Official Map Chicago Zoological Park Brookfield Near Riverside
34 x 46 cm
Map labels the various animal houses at the zoo.
FOLDER 620 A Map of Indiana Showing Its History, Points of Interest, and the Holdings of the Department of Conservation, circa 1932
86.5 x 61 cm
Indianapolis: Oval and Koster
FOLDER 621 Souvenir Cartoon Map of Burlington, IA., circa 1958
56 x 43 cm
Dodds, Charles
Map shows the major landmarks in the town and short stories and facts are given.
FOLDER 622 A Pictorial and Historical Map of Kentucky, circa 1941
43 x 67 cm
Vansant, Guy:Kentucky Department of Highways
Gfroerer, Billy
Shows historic, scenic, and tourist sights across the state. Map includes a mileage chart and place index. On the verso, a conventional highway map of the state.
FOLDER 623 Map the Lakes Superior Region Showing Iron Ranges, 1948
14.5 x 23 cm
Jossel: [Steelways]
Map of Lake Superior ranges showing the iron range and rail routes.
FOLDER 624 The Louisiana Purchase 1803
20.5 x 30.5 cm
Map shows U.S. with Louisiana Purchase land shaded. The pictures of Jefferson, Livingston, Napoleon, and Tallyrand shown.
FOLDER 625 Maine A Cartograph of the Pine Tree State
53.5 x 35.5 cm
Holiday [Magazine]
Lovett, Libby
Cartograph shows many scenic and recreational areas in Maine. Map in two halves.
FOLDER 626 Maine Its Recreation and History, circa 1935
68 x 47.3 cm
13 miles to one inch
Maine: State Highway Commission
Linscott, M.C.
Road map of Maine on verso.
FOLDER 627 Camden Where the Mountains Meet the Sea, circa 1941
46.5 x 40.5 cm
Merrett, Fred
Map of Camden Maine shows the town landmarks, recreational areas, and surrounding topography.
FOLDER 628 A Decorative Map of Penobscot Bay Region Showing the Tidal Coast of Maine From Camden to Blue Hill and Islesboro to Bangor, circa 1940
56 x 43 cm
2.25 miles to the inch
Map shows areas of historical and tourist interest. Inset map of the "City of Belfast."
FOLDER 629 Coastwise Cruising Guide No. 1 Jonesport to Portland, ME.
63.5 x 96 cm
New York: General Drafting Co., Inc.
For Standard Oil of New York. Short textual information on various bays of the area. Signed by "Capt. John Small, Camden, Maine," and "Pierre A. Lagonde, Beals, Maine." On the verso, detailed maps of other bays and harbors in the area.
FOLDER 630 Pictorial Guide to Happy Motoring in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware, circa 1941
36.5 x 58.5 cm
New York: General Drafting Co., Inc.
Map shows historical and scenic sights of the 4 states. On the verso, a conventional road map of the 4 states.
FOLDER 631 A Pictorial Map of Maryland, circa 1961
61 x 102 cm
Baltimore: A. Hoen and Co.
Map shows landmarks - historical and recreational within the state. On the verso, a road map of the state.
FOLDER 632 Maryland A Cartography of the Old Line State, circa 1947
33 x 53 cm
Kirtman: Holiday [Magazine]
Plummer, W.
Pictorial map shows the major roads of the state, cities, state parks, historic sites, and small pictures cover the map showing what everyday life in Maryland is like.
FOLDER 633 An Historic and Literary Map of the Old Line State of Maryland, circa 1931
65 x 97 cm
6.5 miles to the inch
Baltimore:L A. Hoen and Co.
Tunis, Edward
Map of Maryland showing historical points of interest. Bordering the map are small pictures of historical events. Printed by the Enoch Pratt Free Library to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Maryland.
FOLDER 634 New Haven Railroad Dining
13 cm
Map shows the outline of the Cape Cod Island area of the coast with a train moving across the map. Two copies.
FOLDER 635 A Thoreau Gazetter, circa 1948
Vermont: The Poor Farm Press
Stowelll, Robert F. Calais
Seven maps and accompanying text. All maps created through the use of Thoreau's narratives.
FOLDER 636 Come to Massachusetts the Complete Vacationland, 1948
9 x 13 cm
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