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Series XI: United States of America (continued)
Come to Massachusetts the Complete Vacationland, 1948 (continued)
Holiday [Magazine]
Outline map of Massachusetts labelling the major regions of the state and pictorializing recreation activities available.
FOLDER 637 Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts, circa 1955
28.5 x 22 cm
550 feet to the inch
[Cambridge]: President and Fellows of Harvard College
Raisz, Erwin
Map of Harvard College buildings and nearby Radcliff.
FOLDER 638 Cape Cod, circa 1934
49.5 x 71 cm
2.25 miles to the inch
Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce
Map of the scenic sights on Cape Cod.
FOLDER 639 Cape Cod, 1948
48.5 x 50 cm
1 inch=2.25 miles
The map shows Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bay and is taken from a promotional pamphlet detailing life and recreation on Cape Cod.
FOLDER 640 Bird's-Eye View of the Town of Nantucket State of Massachusetts. Looking Southwest 1881, circa 1948
56 x 76 cm
Massachusetts: Wm. O. Lincoln
Map highlights some larger homes and buildings in the town by drawing detailed insets of them. Small key on map.
FOLDER 641 The Green Thumb
17.5 x 41.5 cm
Detroit Edison
Map of the "thumb" of Michigan shows the location of industrial plants.
FOLDER 642 For a Vacation Go to Michigan. Fishing. Camping. Boating. Touring. Golf
28 x 20.5 cm
Pictorial map of Michigan labelling the major towns and the recreation areas of the state.
FOLDER 643 Chippewa County
23 x 31 cm
Tourism brochure
From a tourist brochure, "Where Lake Superior pours its mighty overflow across the roaring rapids of St. Mary's River." Map shows the towns and roads connecting them. Highlights the recreational areas and activities available.
FOLDER 644 American Viscose Corporation -- Plants and Offices, 1948
10 x 7 cm
Stockholder's Bulletin
Map of Mid-Atlantic states showing the location of American Vixcose Corporation plants and offices.
FOLDER 645 [American Viscose Corporation -- Plants and Offices], 1949
10 x 7 cm
Philadelphia: American Viscose Corporation
Map of the Mid-Atlantic States shows the location of American Viscose Corporation plants and offices.
FOLDER 646 Howard Johnson's Landmark for Hungary Americans in the Mid-Atlantic, circa 1959
26 x 34.5 cm
Howard Johnson Company
Map shows famous landmarks in the Mid-Atlantic states and in orange highlights the site of Howard Johnson's Restaurants.
FOLDER 647 Erie Railroad, circa 1946
27 x 40 cm
Map shows the North east to as far west as Chicago and the railroads that connect all of these major towns.
FOLDER 648 St. Louis County, Minnesota
41 x 23.5 cm
Virginia: Hank Antondich
Map shows major towns, rivers, roads, lakes and recreation areas.
FOLDER 649 Minnesota Invites You to Live-Work-Play in the Playground of 10,000 Lakes
76 x 52 cm
St. Paul: Minnesota Tourist Bureau
Map shows major roads routes, rivers, lakes and small notes as to the importance of various places on the map. The map folds up into a pamphlet "Minnesota - Where Dreams Still Come True.
FOLDER 650 Vacation in Crow Wing County in the Brainerd Lake Region, circa 1945
54.5 x 43 cm
3 miles to one inch
Brainerd, Minnesota: Lakeland Color Press
Map shows the Brainerd Lake region of Minnesota where "Paul Bunyan Invites You to His Playground." The map is replete with Paul Bunyan stories.
FOLDER 651 Lake of the Ozarks, circa 1941
51 x 68.5 cm
Lake-of-the-Ozarks Association
An oblique photograph map of the Lake of the Ozarks region. Major roads, towns, and landmarks have been identified.
FOLDER 652 Stix-Baer and Fuller Presents An Historical Map and New Points of Interest in the Great City of St. Louis Which is Situated on the Banks of the Father of Waters Near the Confuence of the Great Missouri
26.5 x 33.5 cm
Nuderscher, Frank
Map shows many of the points of historic interest within the city of St. Louis.
FOLDER 653 Fun in the Ozarks
27.5 x 21 cm
Map showing a portion of the Ozarks from St. Louis to Jefferson City.
FOLDER 654 Being a Map of Saint Louis, Pride of the Mississippi Known as the Mound City and Quite a Pleasant Place, circa 1950
39 x 55.5 cm
St. Louis: Chuck Flachmann
Pictorial map of "Landmarks Old and New of an Historic City." Folded map into a letter/envelop "Cartoon Map of Saint Louis."
FOLDER 655 An Historical Map and New Points of Interest in the Great City of Saint Louis Which is Situated on the Banks of the Father of Waters Near the Confluence of the Great Missouri
28 x 37 cm
Stix-Baer and Fuller
Nuderscher, Frank
Street map of central St. Louis highlights historic places and events as well as labels modern and historical landmarks.
FOLDER 656 Hittin' the High Spots in Montana, circa 1940
43.5 x 56 cm
Helena: Montanans, Incorporated
Outline map of the state of Montana showing photographs of the people, way of life, and scenic areas of the state. On the verso, a tourist and historical information.
FOLDER 657 Aeroplane Map of Glacier National Park, Montana and Waterton Lakes Park, Alberta, circa 1938
79 x 44 cm
St. Paul: McGill-Warner Co.
Map shows the topography of the parkland. Many glaciers, mountains, rivers, and lakes are labelled. On the verso, there are train schedules and timetables for the Great Northern Railway.
FOLDER 658 In Montana Glacier National Park, 1948
25.5 x 17 cm
Map of Glacier Park sponsored by the Great Northern Railway. Highlights the location of various hotels within the park.
FOLDER 659 Nebraska Tour-O-Graphs, circa 1941
31 x 46 cm
Nebraska Advertising Commission
Map shows Nebraska, major towns with recreation facilities. Some drawings showing historical and modern recreational life in Nebraska. Comes within a tourist guide to Nebraska.
FOLDER 660 Southern New England Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut. An Instructive Compilation By Counties, circa 1931
29.5 cm. in diameter
New York: J.W. Rossig
"Rossig Educational Charts" similar to a "star-gazer." Gives information on the points of interest, area population, products, etc. of these counties in these three states.
FOLDER 661 Map of New England
29.5 x 43.5 cm
Placemat map
Map shows various historical, scenic, and recreational areas as cartoons. 2 copies.
FOLDER 662 New England Journeys
85.5 x 61.5 cm
New Jersey: General Drafting Co., Inc.
For the Ford Dealers of New England. Pictorial map of New England shows many of the historical and recreational sights of the area. On the verso is a conventional road map of the area.
FOLDER 663 New England
128 x 128 cm
Map of New England (states east New York) shows the major towns, lakes, landmarks, and the border shows recreational activities.
FOLDER 664 New England the Realm Where Sport is King
21 x 15 cm
The New York Times
Map of New England has pictures representing the various spots and activities available in New England.
FOLDER 665 New England, 1947
20.5 x 14.5 cm
60 miles to the inch
The New York Times
Gray, J.
Pictorial map showing the location of major towns, landmarks, historic sites, and recreation area.
FOLDER 666 The Flume Reservation, Franconia Notch, Lost River.
13 x 10.5 cm
Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests
Map shows the area of New Hampshire near Lincoln and the major roads in the area. Scenic landmarks - "Old Man of the Mountains," and "The Flume" are marked.
FOLDER 667 Campus University of New Hampshire 75th Anniversary 1866-1941, circa 1941
21 x 47 cm
Libby and Grove
Map shows the campus and labels the buildings of the University of New Hampshire.
FOLDER 668 The Campus of the University of New Hampshire and Part of Durham
57.5 x 73 cm
Map shows the location of streets and university buildings.
FOLDER 669 The White Mountains of New Hampshire, circa 1937
43 x 51 cm
The National Geographic Society
Map shows the White Mountains and the foot trails, ski trails, waterfalls, roads, etc.
FOLDER 670 Official Road Map New Jersey, circa 1930s
60.5 x 38 cm
8 miles to the inch
Chicago: The H.M. Gousha Company
For Conoco. Road map of New Jersey highlighting cities and towns where Conoco products are sold.
FOLDER 671 Historical Pictorial Points of Interest Map of New Jersey, circa 1936
55.5 x 39.5 cm
Chicago: Rand McNally and Company
For Sun Oil Company. Map shows scenic and historical sights in New Jersey. On the verso, a road map of northern New Jersey.
FOLDER 672 Battlefields of the Conquistadores in New Mexico, circa 1942
55.5 x 43 cm
Wichita: McCormick-Armstrong Co.
Stedman, Wilfred
For the New Mexico State Tourist Bureau. Map shows the towns and trails of the era of the Conquistadores, settlers, soldiers, and Indians.
FOLDER 673 Historical Trails Through New Mexico the Land of Enchantment, circa 1940
56 x 43.5 cm
Santa Fe: New Mexico State Tourist Bureau
Map shows the various towns, trails, forts, monuments, rivers, etc., used by the explorers and those who came later. 2 copies.
FOLDER 674 Vacation Map of New Mexico Land of Enchantment
55 x 13? cm
Young, Webb
Pictorial map of New Mexico showing the major towns, mountains, rivers, and scenic spots. On the verso, a few photographs, and general tourist information.
FOLDER 675 Visit New Mexico The Land of Enchantment, circa 1948
28 x 21 cm
Santa Fe: New Mexico State Tourist Bureau
Map of New Mexico showing the rivers and mountains of the state along with scenes of life and nature in New Mexico.
FOLDER 676 [Pontiac Safari], 1965
27.5 x 21 cm
Map of New Mexico showing the Rio Grande, and the various mountains of the state. A route of some sort is marked in blue.
FOLDER 677 More or Less Inaccurate Map of Taos, New Mexico and a Guide to the Land of Manana in a State of Peace
28 x 21.5 cm
Lockwood, Ward
Cartoon map of Taos and the landmarks of the town. For the Taos Chamber of Commerce. "Everything is out of scale around here so what's the use!"
FOLDER 678 Historical and Pictorial Points of Interest Map of New York, circa 1935
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