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Series XI: United States of America (continued)
Historical and Pictorial Points of Interest Map of New York, circa 1935 (continued)
43 x 74 cm
Chicago: Rand McNally
For Sun Oil Company. Map showing points of scenic and historic interest in New York. On the verso, a road map of New York.
FOLDER 679 A 150-Mile Playground Just Across the City Line. Long Island., 1949
14.5 x 24.5 cm
11 miles to the inch
The New York Times
Tourist map of Long Island.
FOLDER 680 Trail Map of the Bear Mountain-Harriman Section Palisades Interstate Park
46.5 x 82.5 cm
Map shows the various trails through the park. At bottom of the page are drawings of various types of camping and other facilities available.
FOLDER 681 Esquire's Maps for Sportsmen: New York State
32.5 x 46.5 cm
Esquire Magazine
Charmatz, Bill
Pictorial map of sport and recreation in New York.
FOLDER 682 Feel Good All Over, circa 1989
25.5 x 18 cm
New York State Department of Economic Development
From New York Magazine. Cartoon map shows the outline of New York State and the various recreational activities available.
FOLDER 683 New York to Florida 'Upside-down' Map
31 x 14 cm
ESSO Standard Oil Company
From a newspaper article "Experts Draw Map to Fit this Topsy-Turvy World." by William Michelfelder. Map has Florida at the top of the page and NYC at the bottom.
FOLDER 684 Saguenay Erie Canal Cruise
14 x 9 cm
America Canada Caribbean Line, Inc.
Blount, Luther H.
Postcard postmarked 25 Sept 1989 Syracyse, NY. Postcard map showing the route from Warren, RI up the Hudson River, via the Erie Canal to the St. Lawrence River. Major towns and landmarks along the way are noted.
FOLDER 685 This is How You Reach Fernway
43 x 28 cm
Kroeser, Bettina
Map shows the route from Pittsfield Massachusetts to Fernway on Long Island Sound.
FOLDER 686 1956 Finger Lakes Travel Guide, 1956
23 x 15 cm
Penn Yan, NY: Finger Lakes Travel Association
The guidebook's cover has a map of the Finger Lakes region. A full-sized version of the map is elsewhere in the collection.
FOLDER 687 Romance Map of the Finger Lakes Region, circa 1934
47 x 58 cm
New York: Penn Yan Printing Company, Inc.
Ayres, Sidney E.
FOLDER 688 The Finger Lakes Region of Central New York
29 x 35.5 cm
Penn Yan,NY: Romance Maps for the Finger Lakes Association, Watkins Glen, NY
Maps shows historic sites and resources of the area. On the reverse of the pamphlet shows photographs of the area.
FOLDER 689 The New Romance Map of the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York, circa 1934
25.5 x 31 cm
Penn Yan, NY: Penn Yan Printing Company, Inc.
Cover [?] for "the New Romance Map . . . " with small map shown next to critical reviews of the same map. [This is an advertisement for #687]
FOLDER 690 Map of the Hudson River Showing Route of Hudson River Day Line, circa 1938
41 x 23 cm
Map shows the Hudson River and the towns and landmarks that lay along the way. Inset map of "Bus Lines to Catskill Mt. Resorts."
FOLDER 691 A Map of Ye Mighty Hudson River, circa 1958
45.5 x 66 cm
New York: Coulton Waugh
Map of the Hudson River highlighting the historical events that took place in the river valley and on the river itself.
FOLDER 692 A Romance Map of Northern Gateway, circa 1934
58 x 45.5 cm
Buffalo: The Holling Press
Hall, Elanor [?]
Map marks historical, and scenic areas in the area surrounding Lake Champlain.
FOLDER 693 Flushing Queens Co., LI
38.5 x 56.5 cm
160 rods to the inch
Map of the town of Flushing showing the individual houses labelled with their owners/residents. Inset maps of "Douglaston" at 40 rods to the inch, and "Hinsdale" at 100 feet to the inch.
FOLDER 694 Long Island An Interpretive Cartograph, circa 1947
35 x 53 cm
Holiday [Magazine]
Scarry, Richard
Cartograph enlarges the eastern section and condenses the western section of Long Island. Shows many scenic, historical, and recreational sights along the island. Map cut in half.
FOLDER 695 A Romance Map of the Niagra Frontier, circa 1931
57.5 x 45.5 cm
Buffalo: The Whitney-Graham Company, Inc.
For Josephine Wilhelm Wickser. Map covers land between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario centering on Grand Island. Highlights historic events and places in the Niagra area.
FOLDER 696 Map of Greenwich Village New York City, circa 1945
38.5 x 39.7 cm
475 feet to 1 inch
New York: O.L. Brettner
Map identifies the Greenwich Village area and indicates the direction of traffic on streets and bus routes. The key information bordering the map lists churches, clubs, libraries, etc.
FOLDER 697 A Child's Map of Greenwich Village, circa 1960-1970s
43.5 x 53 cm
Lewney: "The Village Guardian"
Map of the Village strewn with slogans, scrawl, etc.
FOLDER 698 Historical Map of New York City, circa 1932
42 x 50.5 cm
New York: The National City Bank of New York
Map shows the location of historic events that took place in central New York. On the verso, a listing of the current branches of National City Bank of New York.
FOLDER 699 Manhattan and Some of Its Principal Points of Interest, 1947
25 x 20 cm
The New York Times
Manditch, L.
View of Manhattan and her important streets and landmarks.
FOLDER 700 Greater New York . . . Metropolis of Mankind, circa 1930
44 x 56 cm
The National Geographic Magazine
Oblique aerial photograph of New York City - Manhattan in center. Taken from 26,000 feet.
FOLDER 701 Guided Tour [of New York City?] with Detours, 1956
33 x 55 cm
New York Times Magazine
Pictorial map of New York City, landmarks shown and key given.
FOLDER 702 Fun City, 1976
28 x 20.5 cm
Time Magazine
Rosenblum, Richard
Southern Manhattan and the various areas of the city and major landmarks and street of the city.
FOLDER 703 Decorative Map of Downtown Manhattan Prepared For Visitors to the New York World's Fair, 1939
28.5 x 40.5 cm
The New York Sun
Panoramic view of Manhattan with major buildings labelled.
FOLDER 704 Sightseers' Map of New York, 1939
44 x 29 cm
The New York Times
Hirschfeld, [Al?]
Newspaper map of New York City showing the main tourist sights, historic places, recreation areas, and roads.
FOLDER 705 The New Yorker's Map of the World of Tomorrow Together With an Index to its Principal Features, circa 1939
30.5 x 44 cm
The New Yorker Magazine
Rese, Carl
Map shows the layout of the 1939 New York World's Fair.
FOLDER 706 Vacation Map of Historic Central Coastal North Carolina
32.5 x 42 cm
Harold Printing Co.
DuBois, Joseph
Published for Conteret County Chamber of Commerce. Map of the coastline highlighting recreational areas. Inset map of Morehead City, NC.
FOLDER 707 North Carolina a Cartograph of the Tarheel State, 1917
35 x 52 cm
Williams, Arthur
Shows the three main physiographic divisions of the state -- Mountain, Piedment and Plateau, and Coastal. In 2 halves.
FOLDER 708 The Old Northwest Territory, 1917
58.9 x 42 cm
Federal Art Project, Works Progress Administration of Ohio
Rentschler, F.
Shows the area and dates that are key to studying the history of the area. Inset map regarding Indian treaties and settlement. On the verso, "the Ordinance of 1787."
FOLDER 709 A New Map Historic and Pictorial Cincinnati Queen City, circa 1940
42 x 55.5 cm
Cincinnati Pictorial Map Co.
Street-pictorial map of central Cincinnati with major landmarks, historic sites, and recreational areas marked. On the verso, a brief history of Cincinnati and some points of interest.
FOLDER 710 A Pictorial Map of Oklahoma Showing Sports and Recreational Areas, Scenic, and Historical Spots, Industrial and Agricultural Districts, circa 1948
43.5 x 54.5 cm
Oklahoma State Highways Commission
Miller, R.G. and McMahan, Chas H.
FOLDER 711 Annexation of Oregon 1846
20.5 x 30.5 cm
Placemat map shows the eastern U.S. and the Mississippi River, the Oregon Territory is shaded. Small pictures of Presidents Polk and Jefferson, and explorers Lewis and Clark are show.
FOLDER 712 [Cartoon Map of Oregon]
35.5 x 20 cm
Rothe, Lewis
Mounted on paper. Map of the major train and motor coach service to the eastern half of Oregon. Portland-Eugene corridor seems to have most of the rail connections. On the verso, photographs of Oregon's blooming roses.
FOLDER 713 Whirlaway
7 x 16 cm
Holiday [Magazine]
Map of an automobile route from Pendleton to Astoria in the scenic Pacific Northwest. Ad fo rthe Oldsmobile "Whirlaway" convertible.
FOLDER 714 [Benton County, Oregon]
13 x 20 cm
From a brochure on the rich agricultural and recreational areas of Oregon state. Map shows the major towns and roads of the area.
FOLDER 715 Coos Bay Treasure Chest of Oregon
40.5 x 30.5 cm
Coos Bay Chamber of Commerce
Vaughan, George [Ill.]
Pictorial map of the Oregon coast in the area of Coos Bay. Compass rose has a skull and crossbones. Also shows a sailing ship marked "Sir Francis Drake 1578" off the coast.
FOLDER 716 Souvenir Map of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, circa 1941
20 x 50.5 cm
General Drafting Co., Inc.
From a brochure, a pictorial map of the turnpike from Irwin in the west to Middlesex in the east. Map shows historical sites and text "America's Greatest Highway", "Outstanding Facts", "Interesting Side Trips Near the Pike".
FOLDER 717 [Souvenir Map of the Pennsylvania Turnpike], 1990
10.3 x 30.8 cm
Smithsonian" Magazine
A reprint of the map item # 716. p. 99.
FOLDER 718 The Land of the Pennsylvania Dutch
22 x 30.2 cm
Coatsville, PA: Royal [Paper Products, Inc.]
This pictorial placemat map depicts imagery from the Amish people with roads emanating from Lancaster to Eprata, Blue Hall and Gap. Map bordered by phrases in local dialect.
FOLDER 719 You Just Can't Buy a Better Drink in Pennsylvania -- or Anywhere
27 x 25 cm
Frankfort Distillers Corp.
Magazine advertisement
Pictorial map of eastern Pennsylvania. An advertisement of Paul Jones distilled whiskey. Map shows images of mining and iron manufacturing.
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