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Series XI: United States of America (continued)
FOLDER 720 All Roads Lead to the Old Cartwheel Inn Known from Maine to Florida, circa 1939
29 x 20 cm
Philadelphia, PA: George S. Ferguson Co.
Engeman Jr., J.T. [Ill.]
Placemat map of Bucks County showing New Hope and the area west to Doylestown. "A map of the highways and byways to the Old Cartwheel Inn in New Hope.
FOLDER 721 A Map for Your Guidance to the Interesting Historic & Better Business Places in this Vicinity, circa 1939
38 x 65 cm
New Hope, Penna: Map Studio
Engeman Jr., J.T.
Map of Bucks County and Eastern New Jersey adjacent to the Delaware River across from the Bucks County shore. Pictures of animals and historical annotations with main road and two inset maps of "New Hope and Lambertville" and "Doylestown."
FOLDER 722 Philadelphia
21 x 37 cm
Pennsylvania Railroad
Birds-eye view of Philadelphia showing major buildings with the 30th Street Station near the center and rail lines and stations figured prominently. Map is ringed with captioned black and white photos of main buildings and touristic points of interest.
FOLDER 723 Block Island Town of New Shoreham Rhode Island, circa 1957
55 x 44 cm
Esta Grey [Pub]
Map of entire island with illustrations of historic sites, animals, and ships. Location map showing Block Island, Long Island Sound and Narragansett Bay.
FOLDER 724 Westerly Rhode Island Stop Stay & Play
26 x 38 cm
Westerly Chamber of Commerce
[Ernest Dudley Chase?]
Map of southwest Rhode Island and southeast Connecticut. New Haven Railroad is shown. Location map included. On verso, text elaborating Westerly Shore Communities.
FOLDER 725 A Vacation in Rhode Island: Map Showing Recreational Areas Picnic Groves Parks and Historical Sites, 1940
58 x 49 cm
Department of Public Works Division of Roads and Bridges
Pictorial map with inset of Block Island. On verso, "1940 Highway Map of Rhode Island showing the State Highway System and Principal Connecting Roads" and inset maps of Woonsocket, Westerly, Newport and Providence.
FOLDER 726 A Vacation in Rhode Island: Map Showing Recreational Areas Picnic Groves Parks and Historical Sites, 1942
58 x 49 cm
Department of Public Works Division of Roads and Bridges
Pictorial map with inset of Block Island. On verso, "1942 Highway Map of Rhode Island showing the State Highway System and Principal Connecting Roads" and inset maps of Woonsocket, Westerly, Newport and Providence.
FOLDER 727 [missing pages]
FOLDER 728 [missing pages]
FOLDER 729 [missing pages]
FOLDER 730 The Industrial South
35.5 x 57 cm
Pictorial map shows the central areas in the south of various resources and manufacturing products - coal, oil, shoes, paper, etc. Map in two halves. Article accompanies the map but is missed.
FOLDER 731 Annexation of Texas 1845
20 x 30 cm
Placemat map
Texas Territory shaded and the pictures of Sam Houston, Santa Ana, John Tyler, Paul Revere, and Anthony Wayne are shown.
FOLDER 732 A Texas Centennial Map, 1936
21.5 x 23.5 cm
Women's Home Companion
Crisp, Mary Ellen
Embroidered pictorial map of Texas.
FOLDER 733 Texas the Lone Star State
22 x 34.5 cm
Placemat Map
Outline of Texas inside the map are drawings of food served in Texas. Placemat used during WWII [?].
FOLDER 734 Follow the Koronado Trail!
23.5 x 34.5 cm
Placemat Maps
Pictorial map centers on Texas showing the major cities and roads connecting them. Drawings of daily life surround the map - an advertisement for "Korando Hotel Kourts."
FOLDER 735 [Texas], circa 1931
21 x 19.5 cm
Pictorial map of Texas shows the major towns, railroads, and wildlife of the state. On verso, photographs of Texas.
FOLDER 736 Texas the Lone Star State, 1946-47
35 x 26.5 cm
Holiday [Magazine]
Plummber[sp?], W, Kirtman
Cartograph of Texas showing the resources and products of the region. Map from Holiday [Magazine], October Issue 1946 or 1947.
FOLDER 737 Texas the Lone Star State
35.5 x 56.5 cm
Petruccelli, A.
Map of Texas resources and products symbolized by different color pushpins placed in a state outline. Inset map of Army post locations within the state.
FOLDER 738 [Houston's Vision of a Boom], 1965
13 x 18 cm
Business Week Magazine
Map shows the real estate boom that occurred around the NASA space center, 22 miles from Houston.
FOLDER 739 [Utah]
52 x 35 cm
Map shows the location of dinosaur bones overlayed on top of a shaded topographic map of Utah and Idaho. The shading indicated the level at which the water level was during different eras.
FOLDER 740 Utah A Holiday Guide to the Beehive State, 1953
35 x 27 cm
Holiday [Magazine]
Plummer, W.Kirtman
Cartograph map of Utah. Major towns, landmarks, recreational areas, historic, and scenic sights are marked.
FOLDER 741 Vermont the Green Mountain State
95 x 90 cm
The printed map on burlap shows the main towns of Vermont, their products, historic places, recreation areas, schools, etc.
FOLDER 742 Welcome to Vermont the Four Season State
25 x 35 cm
Boucher, Warren
Placemat map
Map shows the state of Vermont with its towns and connecting roads. Surrounding the map are scenes from Vermont and a "Park Location Key."
FOLDER 743 [Vermont Transit]
20 x 30 cm
Placemat map
Map of Vermont, its major towns, and railroad lines. Placemat from "Central Terminal Restaurant, Burlington, Vt."
FOLDER 744 Vermont Some History, and Other Pastimes
51.5 x 39 cm
Burlington: Daly and Hamilton
Daly, George
Map showing some historic scenes with humor. Recreation activities are highlighted.
FOLDER 745 Lets Take a Virginia Holiday
35 x 27 cm
Advertisement for "Miller and Rhodes, Richmond, VA" clothing makers. Map is of the outline of Virginia.
FOLDER 746 Virginia Scenic, Historic, and Recreation Map, circa 1946
49.5 x 71 cm
20 miles to the inch
Richmond, VA: State Chamber of Commerce
Map highlights many of the historic, scenic, and recreational sites within Virginia. The inset maps show the "Shenandoah Valley" and "Virginia's Historic Peninsula" in greater detail.
FOLDER 747 Virginia, 1956
18 x 25.5 cm
Ford Times Magazine
Map shows the major towns of Virginia plus the historic and scenic areas of the state.
FOLDER 748 Virginia State of Famous Firsts, 1956
39 x 56 cm
Washington Post and Times Herald
Map showing sketches of "Famous Firsts of Virginia" an advertisement sponsored by the Hecht Co., Arlington.
FOLDER 749 Virginia Seashore A Year-round Playground Among Historic Shrines
28 x 42 cm
Norfolk State Port Authority of Virginia
Map of Norfolk, Va.
FOLDER 750 Paramount Restaurant
25.6 x 35.5 cm
Virginia Beach
Souvenir map on a placemat showing the location of Paramount Restaurant in Virginia Beach, VA.
FOLDER 751 A Perspective of Williamsburg in Virginia Incorporated 1722, circa 1948
23.5 x 60.5 cm
Map shows the city of "Historic" Williamsburg with places described in the text on verso, labelled.
FOLDER 752 Washington District of Columbia. Our Nation's Capital, circa 1948
60.5 x 91.5 cm
Lintner, Henrietta
Panoramic bird's-eye view of the City of Washington showing many of the Public and Federal Buildings.
FOLDER 753 A Romance Map of the City of Washington, circa 1938
43.5 x 58.5 cm
Chicago: Susan Baker and Roberta Tull
Map shows the center city of Washington DC and the famous landmarks, public buildings, and historic sites. The border of the map is a series of drawings and text elaborating on the history of Washington DC, government and other trivia.
FOLDER 754 Industrial Map of the State of Washington
45.6 x 66.8 cm
Map uses symbols to label the industry of various regions of the state. Rivers, mountains, and forested areas are labelled.
FOLDER 755 Washington A Cartograph of the Evergreen State
35 x 53 cm
23 miles to the inch
Allen, Charles
Map from a magazine [Holiday?] article showing the resources, products, and recreational areas of the state. Historic information included.
FOLDER 756 Washington and Oregon
69.5 x 56 cm
Petruccelli, A.
The map shows the products, resources, recreation, park facilities, etc. of the two states. The map also gives a rough estimate of the level of relief in the mountains.
FOLDER 757 My Favorite Vacationland, 1952
28.5 x 21 cm
America Magazine
Douglas, Wm. O.
Map of Washington and Oregon state showing the location of national parks, scenic areas, the types of animal life in the region, and roads to the towns in the area.
FOLDER 758 Seattle Tour Map 1989, circa 1989
29 x 58.5 cm
Tourmap Company
Map shows landmarks and other places of interest as well as advertisers located in center city Seattle.
FOLDER 759 Animated Map of the Upper Monongahela Valley, circa 1941
22 x 17 cm
Charleston, W.Va: Mathews Printing and Lithographing Co.
Map shows many of the resources, products, and recreation sites available in the Valley. On verso, a section of road map.
FOLDER 760 Recreational Map of West Virginia
28 x 43 cm
27 miles to the inch
Michigan: Conservation Commission, Division of State Parks, Harvey Placemat Map
Map shows the location of various state parks and forests in West Virginia. Shows some major roads routes and towns.
FOLDER 761 Wisconsin
22 miles to one inch
Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell
Map showing the various counties of Wisconsin, towns, roads, and rivers. The map may have been part of a series of maps as it is labelled "33".
FOLDER 762 Campus of the University of Wisconsin [Madison], circa 1942
27 x 43.5 cm
Hogan, Larry H.
Map shows a panoramic view of the campus buildings and surrounding area. Buildings are labelled.
FOLDER 763 'The Hill' University of Wisconsin, circa 1937
29.5 x 59 cm
Newberry, Marian
The cartoon, bird's-eye view map is of the University of Wisconsin campus. The border around the map contains the words to the U of WI "fight song."
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