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Muriel H. Parry map collection

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Series XII: South America
46 items
45.5 x 53 cm
Map of Western hemisphere. California recognized as an island, South America is well mapped. Original at the Library of Congress. "Recentissima Orbis"
FOLDER 765 South By Skyway a New Thrill at Every Stop, circa 1947
46 x 41 cm
Pan American Airways
Horn, Max
Map shows South America and the major cities of the area, some text and general tourist information included.
FOLDER 766 South American Weather
53.5 x 35 cm
Holiday [Magazine]
Siple, Paul A.
Map of South America color-coded as to the type of climate of the area. Inset map of the U.S. color-coded for comparison.
FOLDER 767 South America, circa 1931
25.5 in diameter cm
New York: John W. Rossig
"Rossig Educational Charts" similar to a "star-gazer." Shows information on the rivers, industries, products, populations, etc., of the countries in South America.
FOLDER 768 Battleground of Commerce, 1939
55.5 x 37.5 cm
Sunday News
Map of South America depicting the products and resources of each country. Brazil, Chile, and Peru are highlighted with import comarison charts examining the percentage of goods imported from the U.S., Great Britian and Germany.
FOLDER 769 Millionth Map of Hispanic America
35.5 x 25.5 cm
The Original map 1:1,000,000 scale for the whole of Hispanic America. Photograph shows the map sheets laid together on a brick patio. Inset shows full scale detail of a map front.
FOLDER 770 [Pictorial Map of South America]
41.5 x 34.5 cm
Map of South America and the ports, capes, and rivers of the coast of the continent. The natives, vegitation, and animals of the continent are shown as well.
FOLDER 771 L'Amerique Latine
16 x 22 cm
800 km to the cm.
Pan American Airways, Inc.
Liozu, Jacque[?]
Pictorial map on menu shows the regions of Central and South America.
FOLDER 772 ?
? cm
Map shows the resources, products, and sites of interest in South America. On verso, a generalized road map of South America "Mapa Turistico de America del Sur."
FOLDER 773 Mapa Panoramico de America del Sur
86 x 60.5 cm
100 km. to the inch
New York: General Drafting Company
Shows the products, resources, industry, and recreation of areas in South America. Text included on each country. On verso, a conventional road map of South America.
FOLDER 774 A Map of the Pan American Republics, circa 1942
75 x 53 cm
Massachusetts: Le Baron-Bonney Co.
Atherton, Jack
The map shows the products and resources of these twenty-one republics.
FOLDER 775 December 1945. Argentina, circa 1945
54.5 x 36.5 cm
Pan America Airways, Inc.
Map showing much of the country of Argentina with some photographs in the margin revealing scenes of daily life. Products and resources of the country shown through symbols.
FOLDER 776 The Argentine South, circa 1950
41 x 50.5 cm
Argentina: Publications Pessano
Lucia, Amanda
Map shows the products, resources, and wildlife in Argentina. The map is from a pamphet of photographs "Argentina the South."
FOLDER 777 Ejercito Argentino Direccion General Del Instituto Geografico Militar, circa 1950
17.5 x 23 cm
Cover shows map at 1:42,000,000 of Argentina and her Antarctic Territories. Each month (page) of the calendar highlights a different state of Argentina and theproducts and resources of the area.
FOLDER 778 Mapa Enciclopedico de la Republica Argentina por Jose Cavalaria, circa 1952
76 x 54.5 cm
1: 6,000,000
Buenos Aires: Cartografia Cavalaria
Map shows the states and territory of Argentina and labells the products and resources of each region. Inset map of Argentina and her Antarctic possessions. Extensive key with explanitory note included.
FOLDER 779 Republica de Argentina[?]
98 x 55 cm
Departimento Cartografia (Ministeria de Transprtes de la Nacion)[?]
Map showing most of the tourist areas, rail, and bus routes to and from major towns. On verso, a road map of Argentina "Republica Argentina Red Caminera Principal" at 1:4,000,000.
FOLDER 780 Buenos Aires (Piano Del Centro De La Ciudad), circa 1954
31 x 71.5 cm
Automovil Club Argentino
Map shows the major buildings, historic sites, places of interest, etc., along with a location index.
FOLDER 781 Mapa Touristico de la Zona Mar Y Sierras
51.5 x 47 cm
Buenos Aires
Map centers on the city of 'Mar del Plata' south of Buenos Aires. Map shows the major towns in the area and some of the recreational activities available to tourists.
FOLDER 782 October 1945. Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay., circa 1945
54.5 x 36.5 cm
Pan American Airways, Inc.
Resources/product map of Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uraguay. Travel information on verso. From a PAA calendar 1945.
FOLDER 783 [Brazil]
29 x 35 cm
Map of the eastern coast of Brazil.
FOLDER 784 Economic Chart Brazil 1936, circa 1936
61.5 x 62 cm
Rio de Janero: Ministry of Labour, Industry, and Commerce
Map showing major road and air routes within Brazil. A number of tables and charts summarizing Brazil's economic situation included.
FOLDER 785 [Brazil]
35 x 53.5 cm
From a magazine article "Brazil" by Harry O. Diamond. Pictorial map shows the vegetation, animals, and products of the country. A locator map is shown on the side.
FOLDER 786 Brasil Razas Indegenas y Fauna, circa 1936
43 x 28 cm
Pictorial map of Brazil shows the types of animals that inhabit the country. Insets at the bottom of the page show what the native Indian and butterflies look like.
FOLDER 787 [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
[xxxx] cm
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx map. "17th century map of Brazil (xxxxxxxxx Golfo dos Reis, with the town of Augia dos Rejs is clearly shown. Note Ilha Grande.
FOLDER 788 Monumentos e Curiosidades da loverra Holandesa en Pernambuco. 1630-1651., circa 1941
59 x 18.5 cm
1 cm=250 m.
Recife: Est Grafico Drechsler e Cia.
Bandeira, M.
Map of the port city of Recife, Brazil and the surrounding countryside, with inset maps of. "Fernando de Noronha" and a second, unidentified location.
FOLDER 789 Indicator do Jardim Botanico do Rio de Janeiro, circa 1944
84 x 72 cm
Brazil: Imprensa Nacional
Map of botanic gardens in Rio de Janeiro. Map is ripped.
FOLDER 790 Rio do Janeiro, circa 1948
Rio de Janeiro: Cartografia Turistica Eitora Ltda.
32-page promotional booklet.
FOLDER 791 Carte Touristique de la Yisse de Rio de Janeiro
55 x 70 cm
Sao Paulo: Comp. Lith. Ypiranga
Tourist map labelling the major tourist centers. On verso, a road map of the areas surrounding Rio.
FOLDER 792 Carte Touristique de Rio de Janeiro, circa 1955
46.5 x 55 cm
Rio de Janeiro: Graficos Block, S.A.
Menescal, Ricardo
Map shows a general overview of the city marking buildings of interest. On verso, "Mapa do Centro da Cidade."
FOLDER 793 November 1945. Chile, circa 1945
54.5 x 36.5 cm
Pan American Airways, Inc.
Resource/product map of Chile. Travel information on verso. From a PAA calendar 1945.
FOLDER 794 Mapa Economico Y Turistico De Chile
44 x 27 cm
Map shows the location of the major towns, ports, and resources of Chile. Inset map of "Territorio Antartico Chileno."
FOLDER 795 Columbia Population 1945
Parry, Muriel
Map shows the population through the use of blocks for total, urban, and rural population. There is also an inset map "Density."
FOLDER 796 [May, 1945. Columbia], circa 1945
54.5 x 36.5 cm
Pan American Airways, Inc.
From a PAA calendar, 1945. Shows Columbia, scenes from everyday life, her resources, and her products.
FOLDER 797 Mapa de Rutas Areas de Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia Avianca en Colubia [?], Ecuador, Estados Unidos y Panama
97 x 66.5 cm
Bogota: [Editorial Retina]
The map shows the resources and products of Columbia, rivers topography, and airline routes in and outside the country.
FOLDER 798 Sonas de Trafico de los Ferrocarriles de Antioquia y Troncal de Occidente en el Departmento de Antioquia, 1962
82 x 72 cm
Shows map of Anitquia Province in Colombia, areas where iron is mined. Map is badly ripped.
FOLDER 799 [August, 1945. Ecuador], circa 1945
54.5 x 36.5 cm
Pan American Airways, Inc.
From a PAA calendar, 1945. Outlines of Ecuador shows products and resources of the country plus a couple scenes from everday life.
FOLDER 800 Civdad de Quito
29.5 x 42 cm
280 oaxas Castellanes to the inch
Servicio Geografico Militar
Map of red-roofed old Quito.
FOLDER 801 Disco Geografico La Republicae de Guatemala, circa 1939
33 cm. in diameter cm
Guatemala: Lito B. Zadik and Co.
Bonilla, Capt. Santos M. Lima
"Star-gazer" disk of Guatemala with information on the various states within the country.
FOLDER 802 Peru - Mapa Sinoptico 'Bems', circa 1940
94.5 x 66.5 cm
Map shows the products, resources, animals, and people of Peru.
FOLDER 803 Peru Pictorico
71.5 x 49 cm
Empresa Grafica T. Seheuch SA.
Map shows the products, resources, and sights of Peru, highways are marked. On verso, smaller, more detailed conventional road maps of regions of Peru. For Goodyear.
FOLDER 804 Peru
[xxxx] cm
Map of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx products and native dress of the people. The wildlife of the country and its topography is drawn as well.
FOLDER 805 [September, 194?. Peru], circa 1945
54.5 x 36.5 cm
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