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Muriel H. Parry map collection

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Series XIII: Miscellaneous
31 items
FOLDER 810 Automatic Mapping Machine Mounted on a Jeep, 1944
New York Herald Tribune
Article with photograph discusses the advances in "robot surveying."
FOLDER 811 A Better World
Popular Science
An article about a self-righting globe due to a weight held within the base of the globe.
FOLDER 812 New U.I. Map Librarian, 1944
Urbana, Illinois:The Evening Courier
Headline reads "Nazi Seize Hungary as Reds Surge On." On page 3 a photo and a story concerning Muriel Parry's new appointment as map librarian at the University of Illinois.
FOLDER 814 Geographical Names Folder
Eight clippings and newspaper articles related to geographical names, their humour, the process of choosing them, and the problems associated with name changes.
FOLDER 815 Joke Folder
Seven geographical and related jokes.
FOLDER 816 JRO Bildatlas Der Welt, 1953
Munchen: JRO-Verlag
219 pages.
FOLDER 817 Life Presents R. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion World
Life Magazine
Article discusses the use of globes for political maps, and then use of temperature zones and climate as determining the success of civilizations. Includes 2 color pages and instructions for assembly.
FOLDER 818 The Map as a Radio Tuning Dial
Everyday Science
FOLDER 819 Library Maps Folder
Two articles and a report of the University of Illinois Library map collection.
FOLDER 820 Maps Global War Teaches Global Geography
36 x 52.5 cm
Article deals with the eternal problems that cartographers face -- translating three dimensional information onto a two dimentional surface. Pages 57-65.
FOLDER 821 Maps Make News
Article on using maps to track the news, as wall decorations.
FOLDER 822 Miscellaneous Folder -- Postcard and Greeting Card Maps
Sixteen postcard maps of various states of the U.S. 12 postcard maps of regions of the U.S. 28 maps of the world. 11 maps of foreign lands. 9 miscellaneous maps many of ficticious places. 3 matchbook cover maps. 1 drink coaster map. 80 maps total.
FOLDER 823 Miscellaneous Map Info.
17 items -- clippings, reports, memos, letters, etc. relating to maps, geography, and map librarianship. Some items of Parry's personal correspondence.
FOLDER 824 [xxxxxxxxxx]
In magazine article.
FOLDER 825 Portrait die Hoga Porsso Mostrueux, 1575
13.5 x 16 cm
From La Cosmographie Universale D'Andre Thevet, Cosmagraphe du Roy Tome Second, 1575, p. 992. Portrait of a "foxfish" within French text.
FOLDER 826 Insert Sheet Accompanying the Picture Map of Mexico
56 x 86.5 cm
New York: Friendship Press
Thomas, Margaret Losing
FOLDER 827 A Meticulous Maker of Maps
Thrift, Tim
11 page pamphlet advertising the work of Ernest Dudley Chase and his excellent pictorial maps.
FOLDER 828 Zwischen Alpen und Meer ein Beiheft zur Deutschen Bildkarte, circa 1954
Darmstadt: Verlag Karl-Otto Gasforf
48 page index to maps of Germany. Includes text describing the landscape and culture of the country.
FOLDER 829 Les Provinces de France Illsutrees, circa 1927
Paris: Blondel la Rougery
Pinchon: J.P.
Pictorial maps of France highlighting the products, people, and landmarks of various regions of the country.
FOLDER 830 Maps and How to Understand Them, circa 1943
Second ed.
New York: consolodated Voltee Aircraft Corporation
32 pages.
FOLDER 831 The Story of Maps
New York: ESSO Standard Oil Company
Published as a classroom guide. 14 pages.
FOLDER 832 The Hamy Collection of Portolan Charts of the XVth, XVIth, and XVIIth Centuries, 1912
New York: Anderson Auction House Catalog
Catalog compiled to show the Portolan charts auctioned. Contains facsimilies and fully described and annotated photographs.
FOLDER 833 Billiken la Revista de los Ninos, 1937
vol 17 no 919
FOLDER 834 Billiken la Revista de los Ninos, 1937
vol 17 no 918
FOLDER 835 Billiken la Revista de los Ninos, 1936
vol 17 no 886
FOLDER 836 [xxxxxxxxxxx]
8 x 20 cm
Newspaper, 4 pages. Engraving of the view panorama of the [masthead] city of York. Shows Yorkminster and a number of other churches.
FOLDER 837 Insert Sheet Accompanying the Picture Map of the United States
56 x 86.5 cm
New York: Friendship Press
Gives examples of things to do with and to the blank map.
FOLDER 838 Pagent of the States, circa 1938
New York: Random House
Bates, Ernest Sutherland, Dr. Herman Schiff
Pictorial maps of the U.S. 105 pages.
FOLDER 839 What's Happening to Our Population
33.5 x 12.5 cm
Bethers, Ray
Shows the U.S. at three different dates with the site of the house and Uncle Sam corresponding to the increase in population.
FOLDER 840 An Atlas of the U.S.S.R., circa 1945
New York: Penguin Books
Horrabin, J.F. and James Gregory
62 pages.
Series XIV: Japan (in transliterated Japanese)
31 items
FOLDER 841 Genkai Kokutei Koen
19 x 32 cm
Genkai Kokutei Koen annai ryakuzu
Color tourist brochure with black-and-white photographs of scenic places and color pictorial map.
FOLDER 842 Hakone Tozan Tetsudo rosen annai
29 x 32 cm
Odawara-shi: Hakone Tozan tetsudo
Brochure with text and colored pictorial map.
FOLDER 843 Akune Kagoshima Kenritsu Koen
20 x 18 cm
[Akune-shi]: Akune-shi Kanko Kyokai
Brochure with text and black-and-white photos and color pictorial map.
FOLDER 844 Yamaguchi-shi=Yamaguchi
17 x 50 cm
Tokyo: Hinomoto Yoko (printing)
Ueno, Taku
Brochure with text and black-and-white photos and color pictorial map. Yamaguchi-shi taikan: on verso: Yamagushi-shi zenzu.
FOLDER 845 Kitakyushu goshi no chokanzu
22 x 51 cm
Tobata-shi: Wakato Kyodo Tosen Kumiai
Brochure "Kanko to sangyo Kitakyushu e = How to see Kitakyushu: Moji, Kokura, Yahata, Tobata, Wakamatsu cities." Pictorial map with text and color photos of sights.
FOLDER 846 See the Sights of Fukuoka
25 x 42 cm
[Fukuika-shi]: Fukuoka-shi Kankogakari
Brochure with pictorial map, text and black-and-white photos.
FOLDER 847 Meitetsi Basu ensen annaizu
46 x 46 cm
[Nagoya-shi: Nagoya Tetsudo Kabushiki Kaisha]
Pictorial map with transportation map, "unko keitozu" and text on verso. Panel title: "Ensen annai Meitetsu Basu."
FOLDER 848 Hokkaido in winter
30 x 44 cm
[Sapporo-shi]: Hokkaido Shokobu Shomuka
[henshu hokkaido Kanko Renmei]
Tourist brochure
Pictorial map with illustrations and black-and-white photos.
FOLDER 849 Miyagi-ken kankozu
52 x 35 cm
Sendai: Tohoku Shiko K.K. (printing)
Brochure "Sendai-shi annaizu" and pictorial map with 10 ancillary maps and black-and-white photos of sights.
FOLDER 850 Kanko Takahashi
19 x 36 cm
[Takahashi-shi]: Takahashi-shi, Takahashi-shi Kanko Kyokai, Takahashi Shoko Kaigisho
Sato, D.
Brochure "Takahashi-shi kanko chokanzu" with pictorial map, black-and-white photos and text of sights.
FOLDER 851 Kanko annaizu
19 x 19 cm
Aomori-shi: Aomori-shi Koei Kigyokyoku Kotsubu
Pictorial map on brochure, "Michinoku o Aomori shiei no romasuka de." Includes text and black-and-white photos.
FOLDER 852 Genkai kokutei koen Kanko no Hakata = Hakata
12 x 19 cm
[Fukuoka-shi]: Fukuoka-shi Kankoka, Fukuoka Kankl Kyokai
Pictorial map on brochure with text and black-and-white photos on verso.
FOLDER 853 Kanko Annai
19 x 23 cm
[Oita-shi] Oita-shi Kankoka, Oita-shi Knko Kyokai
Pictorial map on brochure, " Ooita, Oita-shi chushin shigaizu." Text and black-and-white photos.
FOLDER 854 Odawara Joshi Koen, dobutsuen, yuenchi
18 x 37 cm
[Odawara-shi]: Odawara-shi Shoko Kankoka
Pictorial map on brochure with text and color and black-and-white photos.
FOLDER 855 Toyoura-cho kanko annaizu
31 x 43 cm
[Yamaguchi-ken Toyoura-gun Toyoura-cho]: Toyoura-cho
Pictorial map on brochure, "Toyoura-cho yoran: Showa 32-nen." With text and black-and-white photos
FOLDER 856 Kanko to bussan
19 x 27 cm
[Aomori-shi]: Aomori-shi
Pictorial map on brochure with text and black-and-white photos.
FOLDER 857 1952
19 x 52 cm
Sapporo-shi: Sapporo Bunka Kyokai
Honda, Meiji (1919-1989)
Pictorial map in pamphlet, "Sapporo ehon / kanshu Sapporo Bunka kyokai."
FOLDER 858 Saga-shi kanko annaizu
19 x 25 cm
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