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Muriel H. Parry map collection

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Series III: Asia (continued)
Map of Java, circa 1939 (continued)
15.5 x 58 cm
Netherlands: De Unie
Pictorial map of Java showing the various sights to see around the country. Also shows air, land, and sea routes. Map surrounded by photographs of Javanese life.
FOLDER 153 Map of the Territory of the Kingdom of Laos
66.5 x 52.8 cm
USIS: Vientiane
Map of rivers, mountains, roads, and resources of the country, other places of interest are shown on the map.
FOLDER 154 L'Ile Maurice, circa 1956
46.5 x 38 cm
Vinson, J.M.
Hand painted watercolor of an island and the recreational, cultural, and historic areas of interest.
FOLDER 155 The Christmas Story, 1947
35 x 52.5 cm
16 miles to the inch
Holiday [Magazine]
Lewicki, James
Map in 2 halves. Excerpts from the Gospels of Luke and Matthew corresponding to scenes on the cartograph.
FOLDER 156 A Traveler's Map of the Bible Lands
44 x 53 cm
New York: Arab Information Center
Map shows "the Arab States" in a single map with the countries of Biblical importance shaded. Surrounding this center map are six maps showing in greater detail the location of biblical areas and landmarks.
FOLDER 157 Peregrinatio Israeli Tarum Per Desertum in Terra Promissam, 1625-59
30.5 x 44.5 cm
Approximately 10 "levea" or 5 "Mil Germanica" to the inch
Map shows the story of Moses leading the 12 tribes of Israel into the promised land after 40 years of wandering in the desert. Shows the crossing of the Red Sea, manna gathering, worshipping the golden calf, receiving the commandments, etc.
FOLDER 158 Strategic Arab World
76 x 102 cm
120 miles to the inch
New York: Hagstrom Company, Inc.
The map of the Mediterranean Sea coasts, N. Africa, and the Middle East has the Arab states shaded. Within these areas the mineral, chemical, metal, and agricultural resources are marked.
FOLDER 159 [Mappemonde de Grand Mercator], circa 1569
34 x 41.5 cm
Possibly taken from "Monuments de la Geography" by M. Jomard. Nautical chart of New Guinea. The ocean is full of rhumb lines, whales, sea monsters, and ships at sail. The maps mentions the circumnavigation of the Earth by Magellan in 1519.
FOLDER 160 October, 1946. The Pacific World., circa 1946
31 x 36 cm
Pan American Airways
The outline of the Pacific Rim and scenes from everyday life there.
FOLDER 161 Pakistan -- East Pakistan, circa 1958
43.5 x 53 cm
25 miles to the inch
Karachi: Ferozsons
Map shows major towns and road/rail connections between them. Airline routes are marked as well. Famous landmarks shown. On verso, a map of "West Pakistan" similar to "East Pakistan" map.
FOLDER 162 Picture Map of the Philippines, circa 1956
126.5 x 97 cm
New York: The Friendship Press, Inc.
Outline map of the Philippines for students to color. Squares are left blank for the addition of drawings or photographs about the Philippines. With separate teachers guide.
FOLDER 163 The Philippines Resources for Independence, circa 1945
33 x 26.5 cm
[Fortune Magazine]
Pertrucelli, A.
Map of the Philippines shows its elevation in 1000 ft intervals, river network, and the resources, minerals, and crops of the nation.
FOLDER 164 [Saudi Arabia], 1946
22.5 x 21 cm
Standard of California Autumn Bulletin
Pictorial map of Saudi Arabia and the Mid-East showing the major towns and landmarks. Oil well rigs are shown on the coast of eastern Saudi Arabia.
FOLDER 165 [Formosa]
21 x 25 cm
5 photographs of folded map [?]. Map photographs dated on back 8 August 1944. All characters are in Chinese, the only English words are "Golf Links."
FOLDER 166 The Map of Taiwan Sceneries and Products, circa 1955
76 x 53.5 cm
Lists the cities in English and Taiwanese. Resources, products, and sights of the area identified.
FOLDER 167 The Map of Taiwan Sceneries and Products, circa 1955
75 x 53 cm
Taipei: Taiwan Travel Service
Pictorial tourist map.
FOLDER 168 Charming Thailand
75 x 48.5 cm
Bureau of Tourist Promotion, Department of Commerce
Map of Thailand showing the major cities, vegetation, and animal life native to the area. Inset map of Asia, Africa, and Europe to use as a locator map.
FOLDER 169 Tourist Thailand, circa 1951
73 x 47.5 cm
Kraividhaya. Bangkok: Kana Chang and Co., Ltd.
For the Government Tourist Bureau Publicity Department. Map shows the main towns of Thailand and pictures of landmarks or scenes of life there. Railway and airline routes are marked.
FOLDER 170 Turkey
56 x 86 cm
35 miles to the inch
New York: Turkish Information Office
Pictorial map showing major towns, the products, and resources of various areas. Pictures are included showing scenes of daily life. Short text on the history of Turkey.
FOLDER 171 Yurdumuzu Taniyalim, circa 1947
37.5 x 84. 5 cm
R.C. Akciz. : Tertip ve Tersimi
The map shows the products and resources of various regions of Turkey. Also on the sheet are two inset maps: "Demiryollarimiz" and "Su Islerimiz."
FOLDER 172 Iktisadi Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Haritasi, circa 1943
57 x 91.5 cm
Yapan Ogretment M. Baki
Map of Turkey showing the nation's resources and products. Texts provide information on the major cities of Turkey. Map is in a delicate condition.
FOLDER 173 Istambul, circa 1958
46 x 30 cm
Turkey: Dogan Kardes Yayinlari A.S. Basimeri
Map of the area of Istanbul, the Bosphorous Straits, and the Black Sea.
Series IV: Soviet Union
13 items
FOLDER 174 June, 1946. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, circa 1946
31 x 36 cm
Pan American Airways, Inc.
Outline of the U.S.S.R. and scenes of life both past and present.
FOLDER 175 Nordasien-UdSSR
25 x 34 cm
From "Bildkartenatlas Die Erdtsile." Product-resource map of Eurasia, the Mid-East, and Asia.
FOLDER 176 Economic Russia
33 x 26.5 cm
Map of Russia showing the location of various ecological and agricultural areas. Industry and other resources are also listed.
61 x 43 cm
Parry, Muriel H.
Hand-made map of Eastern Soviet Union labelling waterbodies, rivers, and ecosystems zones. Map made by donor of the collection
FOLDER 178 European Part of U.S.S.R. Pictorial Map
22 x 38 cm
Divided into three pieces. Some annotations on the map. Pictorial map showing major landmarks and towns.
FOLDER 179 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
66 x 102 cm
120 miles to the inch
New York: American Society for Russian Relief
LeBoit, Joseph
Map shows the various rivers, mountain chains, animals, and peoples in costume. In light lettering the resources and products of the regions are noted.
FOLDER 180 The Natural Resources of the Soviet Union, circa 1937
35.5 in diam. cm
"Star-gazer" shows the regions within the U.S.S.R. that are key producers of various important agricultural and mineral resources/products as well as their ranking in overall world production. Handmade and not complete.
FOLDER 181 The Plan of the Etente to Strangle the Soviet Government. May - October, 1918, 1945
14 x 22 cm
Soviet propaganda poster reprint. "The Annihilation of Kolchak and His Followers, September 1919-1922." 14 x 22 cm. Posters show the U.S.S.R. and the flags of various nations. Short accompanying text.
FOLDER 182 U.S.S.R. Caucasus Crimea Pictorial Map
54 x 83.5 cm
U.S.S.R.: Intourist
The map shows the major towns marked by a small drawing, the topography, rivers, railroads, and roads of the area.
FOLDER 183 Georgia [in former U.S.S.R.]
35.5 x 26 cm
Dzhavakhishvilli, Givi
Map shows the shaded area of [former Soviet] Georgia and the products and resources harvested and made there.
FOLDER 184 A Graphic Representation of the Distribution of Agricultural, Animal, Marine, and Mineral Resources Over Soviet Russia's 8,336,864 Square Miles
18 x 26 cm
New York: Hagstrom Company, Inc.
Map shows the U.S.S.R. with major cities, rivers, and areas of resources marked.
FOLDER 185 Leningrad Pictorial Map, circa 1934
27 x 38 cm
Map of the center city labelling a number of important public and other tourist buildings. Sketches in the margin of scenes from the city.
FOLDER 186 Moscow Pictorial Map, circa 1933
26.5 x 36.5 cm
Map shows the center city and has labelled the more important tourist and other public buildings. Drawings in the margin are of scenes from Moscow.
Series V: Parts of Southeast Asia and Oceania
17 items
FOLDER 187 Indo-Chine Francaise
90 x 58 cm
Paris: Perceval
Map shows rivers, major towns, and some roads. Decorated with pictures of historic sites, native animals and people in native dress.
FOLDER 188 Vietnam, circa 1951
31.5 x 23 cm
Pictorial map shows the major towns of Vietnam and the animals of the area.
FOLDER 189 [Vietnam]
21 x 22 cm
From a brochure "Hunting in Vietnam." Map of SE Asia shading in Vietnam, its major cities, and the areas where various wildlife and game are found.
FOLDER 190 Maps of the TAA Inter-Capital Routes, circa 1955
For TAA. Brochure of maps for TAA Airlines showing air routes between the capital cities of Australia.
FOLDER 191 The Road to Seppeltsfield Headquarters of the House of Seppelt
23.5 x 33 cm
Cartoon map showing the location of Seppelt winery in Australia.
FOLDER 192 Australia Razas Indigiena y Fauna, circa 1935
27 x 41.5 cm
Colleccion Billiken
Map has an outline of Australia and within the area it is filled with examples of animals native to Australia. The border has maps of "Nueva Zelanda." On the far right side are drawings of Aboriginal people.
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