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Series V: Parts of Southeast Asia and Oceania
17 items
FOLDER 187 Indo-Chine Francaise
90 x 58 cm
Paris: Perceval
Map shows rivers, major towns, and some roads. Decorated with pictures of historic sites, native animals and people in native dress.
FOLDER 188 Vietnam, circa 1951
31.5 x 23 cm
Pictorial map shows the major towns of Vietnam and the animals of the area.
FOLDER 189 [Vietnam]
21 x 22 cm
From a brochure "Hunting in Vietnam." Map of SE Asia shading in Vietnam, its major cities, and the areas where various wildlife and game are found.
FOLDER 190 Maps of the TAA Inter-Capital Routes, circa 1955
For TAA. Brochure of maps for TAA Airlines showing air routes between the capital cities of Australia.
FOLDER 191 The Road to Seppeltsfield Headquarters of the House of Seppelt
23.5 x 33 cm
Cartoon map showing the location of Seppelt winery in Australia.
FOLDER 192 Australia Razas Indigiena y Fauna, circa 1935
27 x 41.5 cm
Colleccion Billiken
Map has an outline of Australia and within the area it is filled with examples of animals native to Australia. The border has maps of "Nueva Zelanda." On the far right side are drawings of Aboriginal people.
FOLDER 193 Tourist Map Southwest
74 x 79 cm
Perth: West Australian Government Tourist Bureau
From "Road Map of Western Australia." Pictorial map shows tourist sites in Western Australia and notes road distances between settlements.
FOLDER 194 [Caroline Islands]
35.5 x 26 cm
Cartograph showing the Pacific Island Groups -- Marshall, Gilbert, Soloman, Caroline, etc. Shows pictures of natives, vegetation, fish, etc.
FOLDER 195 Fascinating Fiji
23 x 17 cm
Chicago: Curt Teich and Co., Inc.
Tourist booklet of Fiji describing things to see and do. There are a number of maps of the island and towns.
FOLDER 196 Nouvelle Caldonie, circa 1953
41.5 x 61.5 cm
From the pamphlet "Nouvelle Caldonne France du Pacifique." Map is a painting of New Caldonia showing the major cities and connecting roads. The verso shows photographs of New Caldonian natives, landscapes, and cities.
FOLDER 197 The Thermal Wonderlands of Rotarua
43.5 x 28 cm
[New Zealand]
For CalTex Oil (NZ Ltd. Pictorial map of the hotsprings/geyser area shows the wildlife and recreatiion available in the area.)
FOLDER 198 Philip's Pictorial Maps New Zealand, circa 1957
103.5 x 85 cm
23 miles to one inch
London: George Philip and Son, Ltd.
Gill, MacDonald
Map shows resources and products through the use of pictures. Insets show the seal of New Zealand with the motto "onward" and inset map of Southwest of England at same scale for comparison.
FOLDER 199 Philip's Pictorial Maps New Zealand, circa 1957
104 x 85 cm
23 miles to one inch
London: George Philip and Son, Ltd.
Gill, MacDonald
Products and resources of New Zealand are marked. Rivers, topography, and vegitation are also identified. Inset map of South West England included to compare to the scale of New Zealand.
FOLDER 200 New Zealand, circa 1950s
46 x 30.5 cm
Wellington,NZ: Government Printers
Owen, R. E.
Pictorial map of resources and products of New Zealand. A table with general statistics listed. On verso, general information about the life in New Zealand.
FOLDER 201 New Zealand -- Her Natural and Industrial Resources, circa 1943
73.5 x 49 cm
[London?]: Fosh and Cross, Ltd.
Gill, MacDonald
Map shows resources as small drawings of sheep, trees, wheat, or symbols for minerals and ore. Printed for M.M. Stationary Office by Fosh & Cross, Ltd.
FOLDER 202 Amazingly Different New Zealand
22 x 23.5 cm
Wellington, NZ: Coulls Sommerville Ltd.
For the Publicity Division of the New Zealand Tourist and Publicity Department. Pictorial map highlights the major tourist sights and recreational areas as mentioned in the tourist brochure.
FOLDER 203 November 1946. Latin America, the West Indies, and Bermuda, circa 1946
54.5 x 36.5 cm
Pan American Airways, Inc.
A mosaic of scenes from the life in Latin America, the West Indes, and Bermuda. Shows historical and modern scenes.
Out of sequence. Belongs with Western Hemisphere.
Series VI: Europe
171 items
FOLDER 204 Europe, circa 1930
25.5 diameter cm
"Rossig Educational Charts" similar to a "star-gazer." There are two disks joined in their centers. When the arrow of the top disk is alligned with the spaces in the bottom disk information about countries in Europe are revealed -- imports, exports,
FOLDER 205 Europe A Pictorial Map, circa 1938
44.5 x 59.6 cm
150 miles to the inch
Chase, Ernest Dudley
FOLDER 206 February, 1946. France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, circa 1946
31 x 36 cm
Pan American Airways, Inc.
Map shows the outline of this region of Europe and scenes from life there past and present.
FOLDER 207 March, 1946, circa 1946
31 x 36 cm
Pan American Airways, Inc.
Mosaic shows of life in Europe past and present.
FOLDER 208 Irish Cultural Influence in Europe Vith Century to XIIth Century
95.5 x 58 cm
Dublin: Hely's Limited
Map uses symbols to depict monastaries, centers of learning, churches, etc. Printed for the Cultural Relations Committee if Ireland.
FOLDER 209 Carte d'Europe, circa 1946
52.5 x 71 cm
180 miles to the inch
France: Jacque-Petit
Map of Europe showing the products and resources of the countries within Europe.
FOLDER 210 Olans Magnus' Map of Scandinavia, 1572
35 x 36 cm
Original size 805 x 533 cm. Map shows Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. 2 copies.
FOLDER 211 Stamps as an Aid in Teaching, 1934
10 x 13 cm
Silberstein, Elias
From "The Brooklyn Teacher." Map of Western Europe with stamps placed according to country of origin. A tool to teach geography.
FOLDER 212 An Up to Date Map Showing Some Places and Events and People to Amaze and Delight You on Your Travels this Summer. Europe, 1938
26.5 x19 cm
Scholastic Magazine
Map of Europe marking the various festivals occuring in Europe that summer.
FOLDER 213 Bennett Tours Time Planner Guide to Europe, circa 1957
102 x 69 cm
Bennett Tours, Inc.
Map labels air/sea routes between major European cities and the length of time it takes to travel by various modes of transport.
FOLDER 214 Pictorial Guide to Happy Motoring in Western Europe and Adjacent North Africa
95 x 62.5 cm
New York: General Drafting Co., Inc.
Map shows the sights and products of Europe and Northern Africa. On verso, a conventional road map of Europe.
FOLDER 215 France (Northwest), Belgium (West and Central), and Holland (Part of). Sheet A.
73 x 73.5 cm
Map on silk. Sheet A also contains a map of "The Pyrenees." On verso, Sheet B "German-Swiss Frontier." and "France (Southwest) and Spain (North)." Shows transportation network. Printed for aviators and parachutists during WWII.
FOLDER 216 Holland, Belgium (except west coast), France (North East), and Germany (West and Central). Sheet C.
72.5 x 74 cm
Map on silk. Shows the transportation network of Europe. On verso Sheet D maps of "France (South East), Germany (South West), Switzerland (except the South East)," and "Belgium and Germany (New Frontier)."
FOLDER 217 [European Theatre of War -- Napoleon and Hitler], 1945
24 x 54 cm
Thompson, Kenneth
Political map shows Europe and the lines of Napoleon and Hitler's furthest control over land. Within each country is a figure dressed in traditional garb. A benevolent Uncle Sam is shown watching from over the horizon.
FOLDER 218 Europe in the Sunset: the Dark Continet
35.5 x 57 cm
Shows Europe looking from Turkey to Britian at the resources of the various countries and their ability to continue to wage war. Emphasis is placed on the German need to import many raw materials to continue to fight.
FOLDER 219 Am. 1. Mai fur Ein Freies Osterreich!, circa 1951
59 x 84.5 cm
Outline of Austria, inside the outline is a photograph of a large crowd of people. Campaign poster for a new President and Vice Present[?] of Austria.
FOLDER 220 Standorte der Osterreichischen Papier =, Zellulose=, Holzstoff=, und Pappenindustrie, circa 1933
57 x 97 cm
Wien: Druck-Steyrermuhl
Coreth, M.
Map of Austria identifying the various locations and types of plants/factories involved in paper/publishing industry.
FOLDER 221 Die Osterreichische Wirtschaft und das ERP 'Marshall Plan'
24 x 34 cm
Vien: Druck F. Adametz
Pictorial map shows the agricultural and industrial areas as well as transport networks and topography of Austria.
FOLDER 222 As Hitler Casts an Eye on the Resources of Eastern Europe, 1939
22.5 x 20.5 cm
Thomas: "Thomas: "The Detroit News" from The New York Times
Map of the resources of Central and Eastern Europe.
FOLDER 223 A Reich Link for Two Great Rivers
21 x 26 cm
Map of Central Europe and the currently under construction Rhine-Danube Canal
FOLDER 224 Folklore Map of Czechoslovakia, circa 1948
51.5 x 85 cm
Prague: Ministry of Information
Map shows people in native dress, and their major towns, folksongs of various regions are illustrated and noted.
FOLDER 225 Oversigtshort over Danmark med Badestederne, circa 1932
57.5 x 48.5 cm
18 miles to the inch
Winther and Winther
Map shows the major towns and the roads and sea routes connecting them.
FOLDER 226 Bornholm
16 x 16 cm
Ceramic tile hotplate showing the island of Bornholm, the towns, churches, and landmarks.
FOLDER 227 Automobile Routes in Finland, circa 1934
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