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Muriel H. Parry map collection

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Series VI: Europe (continued)
Italian Costumes, circa 1933 (continued)
Italy: Instituto Geographico de Agostini
d'Angelre, Vera
Map consists of an outline and shading in of the country of Italy, surrounding this are people wearing the various traditional Italian costumes.[Is this the same map as 268?]
FOLDER 270 Mapas Esolares Billiken Italia Trajes Regionales y Costumares
47 x 31.5 cm
Map shows the various regions of Italy and the traditional costumes worn in those areas.
FOLDER 271 [With Aquila Happy Driving], circa 1959
42 x 33.5 cm
Novara: IGDA
Map of Italy shows the various provinces of the country and the foodstuffs they are famous for. Border of the map is a food glossary.
FOLDER 272 Italia, circa 1619
37 x 47 cm
43 Miliaria Italica Communia
Mercator, Gerandum
Map of the boot of Italy, Corsica, and Sardinia. Note in pencil at bottom of Map "Approximately 1619. I think its contemporary coloring." The map is from an atlas and the reverse of the map has text concerning Italy.
FOLDER 273 Italy with Vatican City, circa 1944
62.5 x 47 cm
35 miles to the inch
Boston: Ernesst Dudly Chase
Chase, Ernest Dudly
Map shows the major towns of Italy, landmarks, and topography. Signed by the artist[?] on bottom margin.
FOLDER 274 Italy, circa 1935
44.5 x 59.6 cm
35 miles to the inch
Massachusetts: Ernest Dudly Chase
Chase, Ernest Dudly
Small drawings of buildings in cities of Italy, and drawings of Italian scenes surrounding the map.
FOLDER 275 Milano e Laghi, circa 1949
50 x 69 cm
Milan: Italgeo S.A. Editrice
Pictorial map shows cities of northwestern Italy and southern Switzerland.
FOLDER 276 [Pastine], circa 1949
33.5 x 23.5 cm
Pastene and Co.
Map shows the Mediterranean Sea and the major towns in Italy. Part of a 75th Anniversary and advertisement for Pastine and Co.
FOLDER 277 Images of Italy, circa 1946
Milan: Italgeo Publishing Co.
De Agostini, Prof.
Small booklet that highlights the landmarks, products, and native dress of various regions of Italy.
FOLDER 278 Italia
78 x 64 cm
Milano: Italgeo
Shows the provinces [?] of Italy, towns, points of interest and products of the regions.
FOLDER 279 Italy Is Waiting For You
Milano: Editrice Italgeo
De Agostini, G.
The 25-page book describes each region of Italy with text and map.
FOLDER 280 A Traveler's Map of Italy, circa 1970
83.5 x 58 cm
1:1,900,000 or 30 miles to the inch
The National Geographic Society
Map of Italy showing towns, major roads, rivers. Historic and general information included a notes to the map. Inset maps and drawings of scenes from major cities included -- Bologne, Naples, Rome, etc.
FOLDER 281 Assisi, circa 1961
34 x 47.5 cm
55 m to the cm.
Novara: Instituto Geografico de Agostini S.P.A.
Tourist brochure in English, French, and German. Map of Assisi labelling the major streets, also includes a locator map of the Assisi area, and a road map. Tourist information on verso.
FOLDER 282 Carta Gastronomica Della Provincia di Genova
22 x 39 cm
Cigheri, Aldo
Map shows landmarks of the Genovan Province, concentrates on the variety of foods and beverages produced and consumed there.
FOLDER 283 Ente Provinciale per il Tourismo Genova
17 x 30 cm
Genova: Autorizzazione Presidenza Consiglio dei Ministri Commissariato Turismo
Pictorial map showing the landmarks of the region.
FOLDER 284 La Provincia Di Parma
49 x 33.5 cm
5 miles to the inch
Parma: Litografia Lambertini
Map shows the towns in the Province of Parma, rivers, and roadways. Landmarks and products are noted on this map.
FOLDER 285 Perugia
31 x 42 cm
Italia: Azienda aut. di Turismo Perugia
Map of the city of Perugia, Italy and the surrounding countryside. Shows the places of interest, photographs on reverse.
FOLDER 286 La Provinca di Rieti
24 x 26.5 cm
Genova: Saiga gia Barabino and Graeve
Pezzini, A.
Map shows major roads, towns, products, and resources of the region. Surrounding the map are small color drawings of scenes from the region.
FOLDER 287 Salerno e la sua Provincia
39 x 38.5 cm
Genova, Italy: Saiga gia B. and G.
Lgheri, Aldo
Pictorial map shows many of the unique historic and natural tourist sights in the region. Text explains and details these regions.
FOLDER 288 Carta Touristica Figureata Dell Provincia de Savaona
17 x 29.5 cm
Genova: AGIS
Cigheri, Aldo
For the Antorizzazione Commissario Tourismo. Map shows the Savona Province and the major towns therein. Some landmarks are noted as well as the recreation available.
FOLDER 289 Scilia Paradiso del Mediterraneo
20.5 x 21 cm
Genova: Saiga gia B and G
Cigheri, Aldo
Small pictorial map of Sicily showing the products and landmarks of the small island.
FOLDER 290 La Cucina Trevisana
24 x 34 cm
Treviso: Arti Grafiche Longo and Zopelli
"Map" shows a region with mountains and various foods and wines spread out about the area.
FOLDER 291 Treviso, circa 1942
34 x 48.5 cm
Treviso: Offset Longo and Zopelli S.A.
Map shows the towns, rivers, and recreation of the area.
FOLDER 292 Umbria -- Carta Stadale Geografico -- Turistica, circa 1965
62 x 44 cm
Spoleto: Panetto and Petrelli
Pictorial map shows the regions of Umbria, Italy, and the location of famous buildings and landmarks of the region. Also shows the location of major camping grounds and tourist information offices. On verso, a general road map of the region.
FOLDER 293 Grand-Duchy de Luxembourg
45 x 30 cm
2 km to one cm
Luxembourg: Helio Buck
Map shows major cities, historic sights, rivers, and recreatonal facilities.
FOLDER 294 April 1946. The Mediterranean Countries., circa 1946
54.5 x 36.5 cm
Pan American Airways, Inc.
Mosaic of scenes from life on the shores of the Mediterranean, both ancient and modern.
FOLDER 295 The Chart of the Vagabond Cruises
33.5 x 55.5 cm
New York: American Export Lines
Stylized map showing the major ports and vacation areas along the shores of the Mediterranean. On verso, a listing of cruises, their rates, and a floor plan of a ship deck. Map is ripped.
FOLDER 296 The Chart of the Vagabond Cruises
20.5 x 25.5 cm
Mildwoff: American Export Lines
Duplicate of a paper map in the Parry Collection.
FOLDER 297 Clothing Industy in Noorholland, circa 1959
48.5 x 36 cm
Economische-Technologische Dienst Voor Noorholland
Map shows the location of different clothing factories in North Holland.
FOLDER 298 [Part of the Netherlands]
20.5 x 32 cm
Part of a map of the Netherlands showing Delft and the outer islands on the North Sea coast. Two copies.
FOLDER 299 Norge
25 x 25 cm
Embroidered map shows the outline of Norway and the major towns and scenes from Norwegian daily life.
FOLDER 300 Esso Bergen
21 x 30.5 [?] cm
Bergen: R. Beyer A.S.
Map of the center city of Bergen highlighting embassy locations and Esso service stations. On verso, a pictorial map of greater southwest Norway.
FOLDER 301 Touristkart Fjordane, circa 1952
45.5 x 64.5 cm
Norway: Travel Association of Fjordane
Map shows major towns and the bus routes to and from these scenic and historic areas.
FOLDER 302 Oslo the Capital of Norway Welcomes You
19 x 24.5 cm
175 m to 1 cm,
Norway: The Oslo Travel Association
Center city Oslo street map with major tourist attractions labelled. Second map is of the greater Oslo area, with tourist sites marked. Surrounding both maps is a border of advertisements.
FOLDER 303 Sorlands = Banen
30 x 42 cm
Norway: Grondahl and Son
Map shows the towns and tourist sights of southern Norway. List of mileages for various pairs of cities. On verso, the text of a tourist pamphlet.
FOLDER 304 Bird's-Eye Map of Trondheim (Norway).
21.5 x 24 cm
Trondheim: Aktietr. Litografiske Aud.
Map shows the city and labels the main historic sites, and tourist attractions.
FOLDER 305 Poland's Place in the World
49.5 x 36 cm
Map of Poland with major towns marked. Resources and production areas of Poland are labelled. The border of the map consists of interesting facts about Poland's production and resources.
FOLDER 306 Poland, circa 1957
46 x 52 cm
Map shows the major cities of Poland. From a tourists pamphlet "Poland."
FOLDER 307 Portugalliae, 1560
39 x 38.5 cm
Reproduction. Shows the towns of Portugal with river network.
FOLDER 308 Portugal 1937 Exposition Internationale de Paris, circa 1937
59 x 43.5 cm
Portugal: Litho
Pictorial map of the food of Portugal. Part of a pamphlet in Portugese.
FOLDER 309 Coimbra e a sua Regiao, circa 1944
46.5 x 59.5 cm
Portugal: Litografia Of. Art. Reuniodos
Map shows the towns, connecting roads, tourists sites, orchards, and forests of an area in Portugal.
FOLDER 310 [Torre-Covilha], circa 1959
31 x 47 cm
Lito of. Artistas Reunidos-Poro
Lopes, Antonil
Pictorial map shows the area in Portugal with skiing, sights to see, main towns, etc. in a tourist brochure "Serra da Estrella."
FOLDER 311 Algarve, Portugal
23 x 40 cm
Lisboa: Lito De Portugal
Brochure gives tourist information about the Mediterranean Coast of Portugal, the towns, roadway, and recreation available there.
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