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Bertha Schooler Sohn map collection (continued)
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi
1 item
Exxon map, 1976
Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia
2 items
Exxon map, 1973
AAA map, 1986
Eastern United States
4 items
Citgo map, 1972
Exxon map, 1976
Exxon map, 1978
AAA map, 1981
8 items
Florida tourguide vacation map, 1972
Gulf Oil.
Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale area, 1974
Florida official road map, 1975
Department of Transportation.
Exxon map of Florida, 1975
Greater Sarasota street map
First Federal Savings.
Dolph's indexed street map - Jupiter through Lake Worth
Greater Orlando
Flagship Bank of Florida.
Singer Island. Directory and map. Riveria Beach and Palm Beach shores.
Singer Island Businessmen's Assocation.
2 items
Illinois official highway map, 1953
State of Illinois.
Illinois official highway map, 1980
State of Illinois.
1 item
AAA map
2 items
Guide to streets and public transportation in Greater Iowa City, 1980
Iowa official state transportation map, 1981
Iowa City Chamber of Commerce.
Kansas and Nebraska
1 item
Phillips 66, 1974
Kentucky and Tennessee
1 item
Phillips 66, 1968
Includes Greater Louisville.
1 item
Batimore and vicinity, 1969
Batimore and vicinity, 1973
1 item
Boston and vicinity, 1968
Includes Cape Cod.
2 items
Nevada, 1973
Standard Oil of California.
Las Vegas City map, 1973
Greater Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.
New Jersey
2 items
Mobil map, 1970
Texaco map, 1970
New York
11 items
Esso map, 1971
Citgo map, 1972
Exxon map, 1976
Buffalo and vicinity, 1936
Standard Oil of New York.
Guide to Letchworth Park, State of New York, 1935
Genesee State Park Commission.
Map showing highways, public campsites and historic sites in the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains of the New York State Forest Preserve, 1932
Conservation Department, State of New York.
Long Island and New York City, 1964
Long Island / Westchester County, 1969
American Oil Co.
New York City and Long Island, 1967
New York City and Long Island, 1977
North Carolina and South Carolina
1 item
Esso map, 1970
1 item
Humble map, 1969
4 items
Amoco Oil Co. map, 1974
Exxon map, 1976
Exxon map, 1980
Texaco map, 1972
Tennesee and Kentucky
1 item
Esso map, 1968
1 item
American Oil Co., 1964
1 item
Maps of Frederick County and Winchester, Virginia, 1986
Washington, D.C.
2 items
Map and vistor's guide, 1975
Map and vistor's guide, 1976
Western and Central United States
1 item
Phillips 66, 1966
7 items
Atlantic provinces, featuring city area map of Halifax, 1969
Manitoba / Saskatchewan, featuring city area maps of Thunder Bay and Winnipeg, 1971
Shell Oil.
Montreal, 1970
Ontario featuring city area maps of Hamilton, downtown Ottawa, and metropolitan Toronto, 1971
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