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Charles B. Peterson road map collection, 1911-2007

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Series 1: Country, Region, State, and City Maps
Extent: 13,463 maps
This series contains road maps of countries, regions, (U.S.) states, and cities.
The maps in this series are arranged alphabetically by country, region, state, and then city. This is the order established in Peterson's index card catalog of the collection (held in Series VI). Researchers should consult this finding aid for an accurate account of the maps in the collection. Not all maps in Peterson's hand-written index card catalog are present in the collection, and there are maps in the collection that are not noted in his index card catalog. The maps listed below in this finding aid are the maps you will find in this series.
The container list shows the name of the unique map publishers contained in each individual box for the respective geographic areas.
BOX 1 Africa-Alabama
Barcode: 00530600142
Extent: 99
Geographic areas: Africa, Alabama
  • Africa: Michelin, Caltex
  • Alabama: AAA, Texaco, Gulf, Sunoco, Spur, Sinclair, Phillips 66, Marathon, Lion Oil Company, Exxon, Enco, Hess, Triangle, Union 76, Mobil, Citgo, Red Head, Shell, Pure
BOX 2 Alabama-Alaska
Barcode: 00530600154
Extent: 99
Geographic areas: Alabama, Alaska
  • Alabama: Alabama State Highway Department, Phillips 66, Exxon, Conoco, McDonald's, Sinclair, Marathon, Amoco, American Oil, Deep Rock, Crown Central Petroleum, Colonial Oil Industry, Pure, Mobil, Pan-Am, Tenneco, Cities Service
  • Alaska: Texaco, Sears and Roebuck, Mobil, Union 76, AAA, Chevron, Gulf, Alaska Steamship Company, Alaska Cruise Lines, Tesoro Petroleum
BOX 3 Alberta-Arizona
Barcode: 00530600166
Extent: 110
Geographic areas: Alberta, Algeria, the Americas, Angola, Argentina, Arizona
  • Alberta: Esso, Alberta Travel Bureau, AAA, Red Head, North Star Oil, Alberta Transport and Utilities, Alberta Department of Highways, Sinclair, Texaco, B-A (British American Oil), Gulf, Amoco, Mobil, Imperial Oil, Royalite
  • Algeria: Michelin
  • The Americas: Standard Oil
  • Angola: Mobil
  • Argentina: Esso
  • Arizona: Union 76, Texaco, Gulf, Mobil, Mobilgas, Standard Oil, Sovereign Service, Skelly
BOX 4 Arizona
Barcode: 00530600178
Extent: 118
Geographic areas: Arizona
Shell, Arizona State Highway Commission, Tidewater, Texaco, Phillips 66, D-X, Conoco, Chevron, Signal, Shamrock, Seaside, Atlantic Richfield, Sears and Roebuck, Randall Motor Club, Premier Oil Refining, Malco Refineries, Marathon, Panhandle, Exxon, Enco, Deep Rock, Cosden, Champlin Refining, Carter, American Oil, AAA, Richfield
BOX 5 Arkansas
Barcode: 0053060018A
Extent: 123
Geographic areas: Arkansas
Hess, Gulf, Exxon, Arkansas State Highway Commission, Arkansas State Highway Department, Cities Service, Conoco, Flying A, Pan-Am, Skelly, D-X, Bay Petroleum, Economy Oil, Deep Rock, American Petrofina, Premier Oil Refining, Zephyr, Amoco, Ashland, Dixcel Gasoline, Esso, Enco, Phillips 66
BOX 6 Arkansas-Austria
Barcode: 00530600191
Extent: 111
Geographic areas: Arkansas, Aruba, Atlantic Coast, Atlantic Provinces, Australia, Austria
  • Arkansas: Marathon, Texaco, Phillips 66, Mobil, Pure, Rand McNally, Shell, Sinclair, Southland, Sovereign Service, Spur, Sunoco, Wilcox Oil, AAA, Lion
  • Aruba: Esso
  • Atlantic Coast: Texaco
  • Atlantic Provinces: AAA, BA, Shell, Texaco
  • Australia: Caltex, Golden Fleece, British Petroleum, Mobil
  • Austria: Esso, Aral
BOX 7 Aberdeen-Austin
Barcode: 00530600208
Extent: 102
Geographic areas: Aberdeen (WA), Abiline (TX), Adelaide (Australia), Albany (NY), Albuquerque (NM), Anchorage (AL), Annapolis (MD), Aquila (Italy), Arcadia (CA), Athens (Greece), Atlanta (GA), Atlantic City (NJ), Austin (TX)
  • Aberdeen: Union 76
  • Abiline: Conoco
  • Adelaide: British Petroleum
  • Albany: Shell, Sunoco
  • Alburquerque: AAA, Chevron, Conoco, Gulf, Enco, Union 76, Texaco
  • Anchorage: Union 76
  • Annapolis: AAA
  • Aquila: SAAPA
  • Arcadia: Bekins Van and Storage
  • Athens: Mobil
  • Atlanta: AAA, Amoco, BP, Chevron, Citgo, Exxon, Gulf, Enco, Marathon, Phillips 66, Pure, Shell, Standard Oil
  • Atlantic City: AAA, Esso
  • Austin: Gulf, Humble, Enco
BOX 8 Bahrain-Baltimore
Barcode: 0053060021A
Extent: 107
Geographic areas: Bahrain, Basutoland (Lesotho), Bavaria, Belgium/Benelux, Blue Ridge Parkway, Brazil, British Columbia, Bulgaria, Bakersfield (CA), Baltimore (MD)
  • Bahrain: Bahrain National Oil Company (BANCO)
  • Basutoland (Lesotho): Shell
  • Bavaria: Shell
  • Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg): Caltex, Esso, Gulf, Michelin, Shell, AAA, BP, Aral
  • Blue Ridge Parkway: AAA
  • Brazil: Esso, Texaco
  • British Columbia: Royalite, Province of British Columbia, British Columbia Department of Trade and Industry, Chevron, British Columbia Department of Recreation and Conservation, Home Gas, Shell, Esso
  • Bulgaria: DSO Petrol
  • Bakersfield: Atlantic Richfield, Union 76
  • Baltimore: Shell, Texaco
BOX 9 Baltimore
Barcode: 00530600221
Extent: 113
Geographic areas: Baltimore
AAA, Amoco, Travel Vision, Atlantic, Texaco, BP, American Automobile Touring Alliance, Cities Service, Citgo, Esso, Exxon, Gulf, Conoco, Mobil, Phillips 66, Sinclair, Sunoco
BOX 10 Baton Rouge-Boston
Barcode: 00530600233
Extent: 132
Geographic areas: Baton Rouge (LA), Bellingham (WA), Bergen (Norway), Bern (Switzerland), Beverly Hills (CA), Billings (MT), Birmingham (AL), Bloemfontein (South Africa), Boise (ID), Bornholm (Denmark), Boston (MA)
  • Baton Rouge: Conoco, Gulf, Ethyl Gasoline
  • Bellingham: Union 76
  • Bergen: Esso
  • Bern: Shell
  • Beverly Hills: Bekins Van and Storage
  • Billings: Union 76
  • Birmingham: Gulf, Enco, Mobil, Shell, Standard Oil
  • Bloenfontein: British Petroleum
  • Boise: Union 76, Bekins Van and Storage, AAA
  • Bornholm: Shell
  • Boston: AAA, Amoco, Atlantic, Arco, Automobile Legal Association, Cities Service, Texaco, Tidewater, Esso, Exxon, Gulf, Mobilgas, Mobil, Shell, Sunoco
BOX 11 Bremerton-California
Barcode: 00530600245
Extent: 88
Geographic areas: Bremerton (WA), Brisbane (Australia), Bronx (NY), Brooklyn (NY), Brunswick (GA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Buffalo (NY), Burlingame (CA), Butte (MT), California
  • Bremerton: Union 76
  • Brisbane: British Petroleum
  • Bronx: NYC MTA
  • Brooklyn: NYC MTA, Shell
  • Brunswick: Texaco
  • Buenos Aires: Esso
  • Buffalo: AAA, Atlantic, Arco, Gulf, Mobil
  • Burlingham: Bekins Van and Storage
  • Butte: Union 76
  • California: AAA, Amoco, Atlantic Richfield
BOX 12 California
Barcode: 00530600257
Extent: 100
Geographic areas: California
Automobile Club of Southern California, Bay Petroleum, California State Automobile Association, California State Department of Public Works, Oval-E, Champlin Refining, Chevron, Conoco, Enco, Exxon, Gulf, Hancock, Marathon, Mobilgas, Mobil, Mohawk, Norwalk Gasoline, Phillips 66, Richfield
BOX 13 California-Caribbean
Barcode: 00530600269
Extent: 103
Geographic areas: California, Canada, Caribbean
  • California: Rio Grande Petroleum Products, Sears and Roebuck, Seaside Oil, Shell, Signal, Sovereign Service, Standard Oil, Sunland Refining, Texaco, Tidewater, Travel Vision, TraveLodge, Union 76, Veltex, Wilshire Petroleum
  • Canada: Canadian Government Travel Bureau, AAA, Esso, Imperial Oil, Conoco, Canadian Office of Tourism, Husky
  • Caribbean:AAA, Esso
BOX 14 Central States and Provinces
Barcode: 00530600270
Extent: 97
Geographic areas: Central States and Provinces
AAA, American Oil, Amoco, Apco, Ashland, Bay Petroleum, Bonded Gas and Oil, Brillian Bronze Service Stations, Calso Gasolines, Chevron, Cash Service, Chicago Tribune, Cities Service, Clark's Super 100, Crown Central Petroleum, Deep Rock, Kerr-McGee Refining, Flying A, Fleet Wing Gasoline, DX, Dixco, Mobilgas, Royal Spur, Penn-o-tex Oil, Perfect Power, Phillips 66, Pure, Rand McNally, Sinclair, Skelly, Sovereign Service, Standard Oil, Sunoco, Texaco
BOX 15 Central and Western United States-Colombia
Barcode: 00530600282
Extent: 90
Geographic areas: Central and Western United States, Colombia
  • Central and Western United States: Atlantic Richfield, Cenex, Chevron, Deep Rock, Esso, Fina, Gulf, Humble, Husky, Independent, Marathon, Mobil, Oklahoma, Phillips 66, Premier Oil Refining, Rand McNally, Shell, Sinclair, Skelly, Standard Oil, Sunoco, Union 76
  • Colombia: Esso, Mobil, Shell, Texaco
BOX 16 Colorado
Barcode: 00530600294
Extent: 126
Geographic areas: Colorado
American Oil, Oval-E, Champlin Refining, Colorado Department of Highways, Colorado Department of Transportation, Conoco, Cosden Petroleum, Deep Rock, D-X, Fina, Flying A, Gulf, Husky, Marathon, Mobilgas, Paraland, Phillips 66, Randall Motor Club, Rocky Mountain Motorists, Shamrock, Shell, Sinclair, Skelly, Sovereign Service, Standard Oil, Sunoco, Texaco, Utoco, Vickers, Mobil, Bay Petroleum, Enco
BOX 17 Colorado-Connecticut
Barcode: 00530600300
Extent: 96
Geographic areas: Colorado, Connecticut
  • Colorado: AAA, Mobil, Phillips 66, Sinclair, Standard Oil, Texaco
  • Connecticut: Connecticut State Highway Department, Connecticut Department of Transportation, Connecticut Department of Economic Development, AAA, Amoco, American Oil, Atlantic, Crown, Hess
BOX 18 Connecticut-Chicago
Barcode: 00530600312
Extent: 115
Geographic areas: Connecticut, Costa Rica, Cuba, Calgary (Canada), Cape Cod (MA), Cape Town (South Africa), Caracas (Colombia), Cedar Rapids (IA), Chandigarh (India), Chicago (IL)
  • Connecticut: Atlantic, Marathon, Merit, Mobilgas, Sinclair, Texaco, Conoco, Rand McNally
  • Costa Rica: Texaco, Esso, Chevron, Recope
  • Cuba: Esso
  • Calgary: Esso, B-A (British American Oil), Texaco, Shell
  • Cape Cod: Flying A, Sunoco
  • Cape Town: Shell
  • Caracas: Shell, Creole Petroleum
  • Cedar Rapids: Skelly, Conoco
  • Chandigarh: Burmah Shell
  • Chicago: AAA, Arco, Bonded Gas, Brilliant Bronze, Cash Discount Super Service Station, Chicago Motor Club
BOX 19 Chicago
Barcode: 00530600324
Extent: 122
Geographic areas: Chicago
Chicago Motor Club, Cities Service, Conoco, Deep Rock, D-X, Gulf, Enco, Mobil, Standard Oil, Sinclair, Shell, Super America, Royal Supreme, Rand McNally, Pure, Phillips 66, Oklahoma, Martin Oil Stations, Mobilgas, Sunoco, Super Par, Texaco, Tydol
BOX 20 Cincinnati-Corpus Christi
Barcode: 00530600336
Extent: 89
Geographic areas: Cincinnati (OH), Cleveland (OH), Colorado Springs (CO), Corpus Christi (TX)
  • Cincinnati: AAA, Gulf, Shell, Sunoco
  • Cleveland: AAA, Standard Oil, Sunoco, Texaco, Union 76, American Oil, Shell, Cities Service, Gulf, Mobil, Pure
  • Colorado Springs: Carter, Chevron, Conoco, Exxon
  • Corpus Christi: Conoco, Phillips 66, Sinclair, Texaco
BOX 21 Delaware
Barcode: 00530600348
Extent: 103
Geographic areas: Delaware
Delaware State Highway Department, Delaware Department of Highways and Transporation, Delaware Department of Transportation, AAA, Mobil, Amoco, American Oil, Arco, Ashland, Boron, British Petroleum, Calso, Chevron, Cities Service, Citgo, Conoco, Crown
BOX 22 Delaware
Barcode: 0053060035A
Extent: 107
Geographic areas: Delaware
Esso, Exxon, Flying A, Bonded, Getty Oil, Gulf, Hess, Marathon, Martin Oil Stations, Mobil, Olixir, Pennzip, Ashland, Delaware State Highway Department, Sunoco, AAA
BOX 23 Delaware
Barcode: 00530600361
Extent: 120
Geographic areas: Delaware
Phillips 66, Pure, Red Head, Republic, Richfield, Shell, Sinclair, Spur, Sterling, Sunoco, Texaco, Travel Vision, Tydol, Tidewater, Atlantic
BOX 24 Denmark-Denver
Barcode: 00530600373
Extent: 87
Geographic areas: Denmark, Dominican Republic, Dallas (TX), Denver (CO)
  • Denmark: British Petroleum, Caltex, Esso, Gulf, Shell
  • Dominican Republic: Esso, Texaco, Arco, Sinclair
  • Dallas: AAA, Bekins Van and Storage, Conoco, Gulf, Mobil, Texaco, Humble, Enco, Exxon
  • Denver: AAA, Bekins Van and Storage, Bay Petroleum, Carter, Chevron, Conoco, Exxon, Fina, Phillips 66, Skelly, Standard Oil, Mobil, Texaco, Enco
BOX 25 Des Moines (IA)-Durban (South Africa)
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