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BOX 13-24 National Council of brazilian Women/Conselho Nacional de Mulheres Brasileiras
BOX 13-16 Manuscripts
BOX-FOLDER 13/1 Literature/Music
(5 items)
ITEM 1 Letter. From: Maria do Ceu de Mello Mestrinho, President of the Conselho Nacional dos Direitos da Mulher (CNDM). To: CNMB. August 22, 1990.
Subject: Projects that will benefit women that are being processed in the National Congress and collaboration with the CNDM.
ITEM 2 From: Mrs. Harold V. Milligan, Presidente of the Conselho Nacional de Mulheres dos Estados Unidos. January 24, 1946.
Subject: document discussing what women need to do to improve their condition
ITEM 3 Results of a survey conducted by the Jornal do Brasil about women in the workforce and men's thoughts about the position of women. 1972.
ITEM 4 Document discussing the history of the CNMB and their goals, along with some of the details about the I Conselho Nacional de Mulheres. Undated.
ITEM 5 Document titled: "Direitos Civis da Mulher Encontra-se no Senado, O Anteprojeto organizado pelo Comite Brasileiro da ComisSão Inter-Americana de Mulheres." Undated.
Subject: modifications for the "Codigo Civil."
BOX-FOLDER 13/2 Folder 2
(4 items)
ITEM 1 Document discussing the origins and history of the "Conselho Nacional de Mulheres" and the "movimento feminino." Also includes a report from the CNMB on their meetings. Undated.
ITEM 2 Document containing information about the history of the "Conselho Nacional de Mulheres" and its formation [Same documents as above except different document on top]. Circa 1947.
ITEM 3 "Historia CNMB: Quando e Como Comecou." Circa 1947.
Document containing information about the beginning of the CNMB.
ITEM 4 "Estatutos do Conselho Nacional de Mulheres." Constitution of the CNMB. Undated.
BOX-FOLDER 13/3 Folder 3
(6 items)
ITEM 1 Document discussing prostitution, including its history, possible causes, and legislation that deals with it. Written by: Roberto Carvalhao. September, 1975.
ITEM 2 From: RMF. To: Congresso Nacional pelo Deputado João Menezes. April 30, 1975.
Message to Congress requesting further action to advance women's rights and requesting support of the CNMB's activities and the reform of the "Codigo Civil."
ITEM 3 "O Decalogo da Mulher."
Document listing the Ten Commandments for women at the time. Written by: Rosah Russomano.
ITEM 4 Prepared by: RMF, Rosah Russomano, and Ecilda Gomes Haensel. "Protocolo do Conselho Nacional de Mulheres Do Brasil." October 27, 1972.
Considerations, declarations, recommendations, and propostions made by the CNMB to further progress women's status and role in society.
ITEM 5 "AMAS Capitulo I: Da Denominacao, Fins, Sede, Foro, e Duracao." Estatuto da Associacao de Assistencia as Maes Solteiras. Undated.
Discussion of the Estatuto da Associacao de Assistencia as Maes Solteiras, including its purpose, goals and objectives.
ITEM 6 "CNMB: 26 Anos de Reconhecimento ao Papel da Mulher." Circa 1994.
Discussion of the history of the "10 Mulheres do Ano" and of a book the CNMB intends to publish that will include a discussion of the progress that has been made for women and a description of the past 250 honorees that were selected as Mulheres do Ano.
BOX-FOLDER 13/4 Folder 4
(10 items)
ITEM 1 "Forum de Aperfeicoamento Politico da Mulher." Circa June 28, 1983.
Questionnaire related to women's involvement in politics.
ITEM 2 Discussion of the issues related to women and the results of a survey related to women's role in the workplace and the rights of married women.
SURVEY COPY found in other folder.
COPY FOUND in other folder.
ITEM 4 Signed by: Deputada Myriam Portella. Discussion of the Projeto de Lei N. 1215 and the prohibition of the execution of all tests and examinations for evidence of pregnancy or sterility during the admission process in the workplace. April, 1990.
ITEM 5 "Esboço de um Novo Estatuto Civil da Mulher." November 16, 1981.
Signed by Silvia Pimentel and Florisa Verucci. Discussion of the "Codigo Civil" and its history, and the improvement of the status of women in marriage and society.
ITEM 6 "Projeto de Lei: Relativo a Igualdade Profissional entre homens e mulheres."
Subject: women's equality in the workplace and in professional careers.
ITEM 7 Interview with Raul Giudicelli? August 5, 1972.
Topics include the main interests of the people involved in the women's movement, and the central themes of the I CNM.
ITEM 8 "Bases Principais do Ideario do Conselho, Recolhidas dos Seus Estatutos." January 16, 1974.
Subject: the founding principles and objectives of the CNMB, along with a desription of the I Conselho Nacional de Mulheres and its involvement with Portugal.
ITEM 9 RMF's lecture on the current state of women's participation in society and the integration of women who are in the Luso-Brazilian community. January 25, 1974.
ITEM 10 Lists the executive cabinet of the CNMB and provides personal data about RMF and a summary of her activities. August 18, 1977.
BOX-FOLDER 13/5 Folder 5
(1 item)
ITEM 1 Copies of the invites to the Woman of the Year awards and lists of the Woman of the Year with personal notations by RMF along with letters regarding the invites.
BOX-FOLDER 13/6 Folder 6
(7 items)
ITEM 1 CNMB Meeting. December 16, 1969.
Subject: Dez mulheres do ano of 1969 and the progress thus far of the CNMB.
ITEM 2 Honoring women who have left legacies, and a listing of the international and national events the CNMB has participated in. May 31, 1985.
ITEM 3 Letter from: RMF. To: Sra. Junia Marise, Vice-Governadora do Estado de Minas Gerais. April 30, 1987.
Subject: description of the CNMB, the "Dez Mulheres do Ano," and participation of women in politics.
ITEM 4 Invitation and itinerary for a CNMB meeting that honors the "Dez Mulheres do Ano" for the year 1987 and RMF's speech during the meeting. April 29, 1988.
ITEM 5 Letter from: RMF. To: Unknown. December 30, 1982 - January 20, 1983.
Invite to the 10 Mulheres do Ano of 1982 and a description of the event along with a list of the honorees.
ITEM 6 Letter from: RMF. December 18, 1967.
Description of the women to be honored as "Mulheres do Ano" in 1967 and a copy of Romy's speech.
ITEM 7 Romy's Speech for the "Dez Mulheres do Ano" of 1978. Circa 1978.
Subject: honors people who have helped her with her mission and talks about the current status of women specifically in politics. [Page missing].
BOX-FOLDER 13/7 Folder 7
(4 items)
ITEM 1 Itinerary for the "Dez Mulheres do Ano" of 1997 and RMF's speech for the event. May 7, 1998.
Subject: archive in the Library of Congress, significant figures and events, and a history of the women's movement.
ITEM 2 Itinerary for the "Dez Mulheres do Ano" of 1995 and RMF's speech for the event. April 30, 1996.
Subject: archive in the Library of Congress, the Organizacao das Nacoes Unidas (ONU), and the progress of women thus far.
ITEM 3 Itinerary for the "Dez Mulheres do Ano" of 1998 and RMF's speech for the event. April 30, 1999.
Subject: progress and updates on the CNMB and the archives at the Library of Congress, along with an honorable mention to some female figures in the CNMB.
ITEM 4 RMF's speech for the "Dez Mulheres do Ano." May 3, 1989.
Subject: activities of the CNMB on the international level and specific objectives she plans to have met.
BOX-FOLDER 13/8 Folder 8
(5 items)
ITEM 1 Itinerary for the "Dez Mulheres do Ano" of 1973 and RMF's speech for the event. April 30, 1974.
Subject: the rights of Brazilian women, and the Luso Brazilian Community and the Conselho Luso-Brasileiro de Mulheres.
ITEM 2 List of all the women who were honored by the CNMB from 1966 to 1993. [Page missing]. March 15, 1994.
ITEM 3 "Dez Mulheres do Ano" in the year 1968 and RMF's speech. December 16, 1968.
Subject: women involvement in society and their value to the public.
ITEM 4 A list of the "Dez Mulheres do Ano" for the year 1991 and a description of each of the honorees. [Pages missing]. Circa 1992.
ITEM 5 Itinerary for the "Dez Mulheres do Ano" of 1976 and RMF's speech for the event. December 21, 1976.
Subject: significant figures in the fight for the equality of women, and the objectives of the CNMB.
BOX-FOLDER 13/9 Francisco
BOX-FOLDER 13/10 Folder 10
(4 items)
ITEM 1 Itinerary for a meeting. Circa 1972.
Subject: analysis of the current state of women in Brazilian society, with regards to the constitution, civic service of women, the Civil Code, and family planning. Another topic includes the integration of women in the Luso-Brazilian community.
ITEM 2 "A Mulher e a Legislacao." Circa 1972.
Short book discussing women's position in the marriage, widowhood, the evolution and progress of women, and legislation regarding women.
ITEM 3 "Forum de Debates das Representantes Mulheres." Undated.
Subject: agenda includes topics that deal with legislation and women in executive positions as well as women's role in the state.
ITEM 4 "No Senado os Direitos da Mulher." Undated.
RMF's speech before the "ComisSão de Justica do Senado Federal" about the reform project of the Civil Code. Envelope enclosed with Invitations to as "Dez Mulheres do Ano" and to the CNMB's meetings.
BOX-FOLDER 14/1 Folder 1
(6 items)
ITEM 1 Questionnaire prepared by the CNMB and responses from Irma M. Augusta Ghisleni. December 10, 1971.
ITEM 2 Letter from: Silvia Pimentel and Floriza Verucci. To: Jarbas Passarinho. November 25, 1981.
Subject: draft of the "Novo Estatuto Civil" for women.
ITEM 3 Draft of the "Novo Estatuto Civil" for women as well as a chart illustrating the changes. Undated.
Subject: new status and role of women in marriage.
ITEM 4 "Relatorio." Report on the bill that establishes women's position in marriage. Undated.
Subject: women's role and her righs in the marriage.
ITEM 5 "Justificacao." Undated.
Reasons for approval of a bill that will help further progress women's status.
ITEM 6 "O Significado Para a Familia da Differenca de Sexos- O Problema Feminista." Undated.
Subject: discusses feminism, German law, the concept of family, and the driving force and guidelines of family law along with other topics.
BOX-FOLDER 14/2 Folder 2
(14 items)
ITEM 1 CNMB Buletim Informativo. January, 1980.
Bulletin includes an article about the Projeto de Lei 540, an article about the ComisSão Parlamentar Mista de Inquerito (CPI), a description of the activities the CNMB has completed, and a timeline of the women's movement.
ITEM 2 CNMB Buletim Informativo. March, 1980.
Bulletin includes a description of the Dia Nacional da Mulher, Jeronyma Mesquita, the "10 mulheres do ano de 1979," and articles on family planning and abortion.
ITEM 3 Information from a meeting along with an attendance sheet. May 9, 1957.
ITEM 4 Minutes from a CNMB meeting. March 13, 1952.
Subject: goes through attendance, and main topics that were discussed.
ITEM 5 Minutes from a CNMB meeting. May 9, 1957.
ITEM 6 Report on the CNMB that contains a summary for each of the meetings held during 1947. Circa 1947.
ITEM 7 Minutes from a CNMB meeting. September, 1952.
Subject: goes through attendance, the main things that were voted on, and main events that are coming up for the CNMB.
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