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National Broadcasting Company history files, 1922-1986

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Consultant Reports, 1947-1957
14 folders.
Projects completed for NBC include executive searches, operational recommendations, assessments of specific departments, and market analyses.
FOLDER 1388 Consultant Reports; Booz, Allen and Hamilton Personnel Reports. 1949 1950.
32 items
Loose leaf notebooks, bound folders, printed booklets.
Highlights: Position recommendations and personnel reports on candidates being considered for executive positions at NBC.
FOLDER 1389 Consultant Reports; Toeppen Company. 1949.
6 items.
Bound consultant reports, supplements, and attachments.
Highlights: Two copies of Report No. 484-2 prepared by the Toeppen Company on the nature and costs of telephone, teletypewriter, and similar communication arrangements used by NBC with supplements on PBX Facility provision practices and PBX extension arrangements.
FOLDER 1390 Consultant Reports; Toeppen Company Communications Survey. 1949.
9 items.
Memos and correspondence relating to the Toeppen Company report on communications practices (Report No. 484-2). Special emphasis on removal of private telephones from offices, the high cost of toll calls, and elimination of weekend toll calls.
FOLDER 1391 Consultant Reports; Booz, Allen and Hamilton Plan of Organization for Television Network. 1949.
1 item
Bound report, 52 pages.
Highlights: Report contains organizational chart, proposed duties and brief descriptions of responsibilities for development of a NBC television network.
FOLDER 1392 Consultant Reports; Booz, Allen and Hamilton Survey of Selected Television Problems.. 1948.
2 vols.
Bound volumes (2).
Highlights: Volume I contains reports on surveys of costs and rates; volume II contains recommended facilities programs, recommended organization programs, and a final chapter called "The Next Step."
FOLDER 1393 Consultant Reports; Booz, Allen and Hamilton General Survey of the Radio Recording Department.. 1947.
3 items.
Bound volumes (2), correspondence.
Highlights: contains a report of the organization survey paying particular attention to the objectives, organization structure, methods and costs of operation of the Radio Recording Department. Attention is also given to the existing inter-relationships between the NBC Radio Recording Department and the RCA Victor Division and the existing relationships between Radio Recording and other departments within NBC, particularly Engineering and Accounting. The report contains findings of the survey and recommends a course of action. Appendix to the General Survey Report on custom record manufacturing.
FOLDER 1394 Consultant Reports; Booz, Allen and Hamilton General Survey of the Radio Recording Department, Field Survey Tabulations. 1947.
1 item.
Bound volume
Highlights: contains confidential report containing detailed tabulations of nationwide field interviews with present, former or prospective customers and competitors.
FOLDER 1395 Consultant Reports; Booz, Allen and Hamilton report on the RCA Laboratories Division, Law Department. 1947.
2 items.
Bound volume, correspondence.
Highlights: consultant report activities and recommendations of RCA L
FOLDER 1396 Consultant Reports; Booz, Allen and Hamilton report on Radio Recording Department. 1948.
5 items.
Bound reports, correspondence.
Highlights: three bound reports on different aspects of the transcription service, including a special report on comments made about Frederic W. Ziv, Inc.
FOLDER 1397 Consultant Reports; Booz, Allen and Hamilton (Misc.). 1951 - 1952.
17 items.
Correspondence, memos, reprint booklet, invoices for services, telegrams.
FOLDER 1398 Consultant Reports; Booz, Allen and Hamilton (Personnel). 1949 - 1952.
9 items.
Correspondence, position specifications and salary proposals, lists of personnel and position titles for various NBC divisions including the new proposed television network.
FOLDER 1399 Consultant Reports; Booz, Allen and Hamilton Agenda for Reorganization. 1949.
2 items.
Typed step by step outline of reorganization plan for NBC, printed organizational chart.
FOLDER 1400 Consultant Reports; Booz, Allen and Hamilton Television Survey. 1948.
6 items.
Mimeographed copies (5) of agenda for television meeting held July 27 and 28, includes topics of discussion and recommendations for action. Routing slip.
FOLDER 1401 Consultant Reports; Booz, Allen and Hamilton Misc.. 1956 - 1957.
3 items.
Bound reports and recommendations for the organization and operation of the Program Department, recommendations for the structure and function of committees, and overview of organization and operation of NBC in the television age.
566 folders.
Printed documents by and about NBC and other broadcasting organizations; technical reports; biographies.
FOLDER P1 Airborne Television. July 22, 1946.
23-page booklet.
FOLDER P2 Sarnoff, David. Science and Security. October 9, 1940.
16-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P3 Sarnoff, David. The American System of Broadcasting and its Function in the Preservation of Democracy. April 28, 1938.
15-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P4 Sarnoff, David. RCA Conversion from War to Peace. May 7, 1946.
16-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P5 Sarnoff, David. Post-War Horizons. February 4, 1943.
15-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P6 Sarnoff, David. New Horizons of Industry. January 30, 1946.
17-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P7 Sarnoff, David. New Horizons. May 9, 1940.
12-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P8 Sarnoff, David. Industrial Science Looks Ahead. November 11, 1943.
21-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P9 Sarnoff, David. A Decade of Progress. May 7, 1940.
15-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P10 Sarnoff, David. A Business Based on Research. December 14, 1953.
29-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P11 Sarnoff, David. Science in Democracy. October 5, 1945.
14-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P12 Statements Made by the Radio Corporation of America before the Federal August 27, 1937.
RCA Institutes Technical Press,
196-page publication.
FOLDER P13 Walker, E. Jerry. Religious Broadcasting. June 4, 1945.
19-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P14 Charles H. Schmitz. Religious Radio in the United States. October, 1947.
Crozer Quarterly,
27-page reprint.
FOLDER P15 UHF: What it Means to Television...and to You. 1952.
24-page booklet.(2 copies).
FOLDER P16 Standard Definitions of Broadcast Research Terms. January, 1967.
56-page brochure.
FOLDER P17 Trammell, Niles. FM. January 21, 1944.
6-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P18 Television. 1939.
32-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P19 Sarnoff, David. Television Progress. September 13, 1947.
16-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P20 The Birth of an Industry. 1939.
16-page pamphlet.(2 copies)
FOLDER P21 Sarnoff, David. Letter to the Honorable Daniel C. Roper. January 24, 1934.
12-page pamphlet
FOLDER P22 What's the Right Word ...a Dictionary of Radio - Television - Electronics. 1952.
50-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P23 The Story of FM Broadcasters, Inc. September 30, 1946.
FM Broadcasters, Inc.,
12-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P24 Shelby, Robert E. Compatible Color Television and the Broadcaster. August 28, 1952.
26-page technical paper.
FOLDER P25 Rackey, C.A., & D.H. Castle. Color TV Systems Planning. April, 1956.
34-page technical paper.
FOLDER P26 Hanson, O.B. Television? FM? Facsimile? A Radio Engineer Predicts a Bright Future. December 10, 1943.
16-page pamphlet
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