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National Broadcasting Company history files, 1922-1986

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Pamphlets (continued)
FOLDER P27 Sarnoff, David. The Fabulous Future. January, 1955.
19-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P 28 Sarnoff, David. Mighty Midgets. June, 1944.
The American Magazine,
12-page reprint.
FOLDER P29 Glossary of TV Terms. 1954.
Leo Burnett and Company, Inc.
13-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P30 Television. 1944.
23-page booklet. (2 copies)
FOLDER P31 The Magic of Communication; a Tell-You-How Story. 1930.
47-page booklet.
FOLDER P32 Radar. July 16, 1943.
21-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P33 Johnson, Richard J. Color TV Dictionary. 1954.
70-page book.
FOLDER P34 A Method of Measuring the Degree of Modulation of a Television Signal. June, 1946.
RCA Review,
7-page reprint.
FOLDER P35 Some Observations on Frequency Modulation. 1944.
23-page pamphlet. (2 copies)
FOLDER P36 FM Broadcasting. March 23, 1944.
45-page booklet.
FOLDER P37 Colortown BBDO/NBC; a Profile of Color Set Owners. 1958.
81-page booklet.
FOLDER P38 Radio Daily. September 7, 1938.
Special edition.
Features Consolidated Radio Artists, Inc. performers.
FOLDER P39 Trail Blazers to Radionics and Reference Guide to Ultra High Frequencies. 1943.
56-page booklet.
FOLDER P40 Wireline Webster; a Dictionary of the Most Common Radio Terms. June, 1945.
Mutual Broadcasting System,
12-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P41 Popular Radio Stars. October 22, 1942.
Washington Service Bureau,
30-page booklet.
FOLDER P42 The National Radio Artists Directory. 1944.
114-page directory.
FOLDER P43 Twenty Years of Activity of the International Broadcasting Union. 1945.
International Broadcasting Union ,
77-page booklet.
FOLDER P44 Free Television and the American People. 1958.
39-page booklet.
FOLDER P45 Military Television. October, 1954.
16-page booklet.
FOLDER P46 The London Television Station. 1937.
36-page booklet.
FOLDER P47 Shelby, R.E. & H.P. See. Field Television. March, 1946.
17-page booklet.
FOLDER P48 Phonevision and the Broadcaster. 1955.
12-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P49 Rackey, C.A. & R.T. Keowen. Air Conditioning a Television Studio Plant. May, 1949.
NBC engineers writing for Heating and Ventilating,
5-page article.
FOLDER P50 Gurin, H.M. & R.L. Zahour. TV Studio Illumination. Undated
Uidentified publication,
11-page article.
FOLDER P51 Wired TV. June, 1955.
Jerrold Electronics Corporation,
15-page booklet.
FOLDER P52 The Changing Picture in Videotape for 1959-60.
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company,
62-page booklet.
FOLDER P53 Pioneering the Cathode Ray and Television Arts. 1941.
Du Mont Laboratories Inc.
32-page booklet.
FOLDER P54 Broadcasters and CATV. January, 1968.
Triangle Stations,
67-page booklet.
FOLDER P55 Townsend, C.L. & E.D. Goodale. The Orthogam Amplifier. September, 1950.
12-page pamphlet.
FOLDER P56 Protzman, Albert W. Television Studio Technic. [sic] July, 1939.
14-page booklet.
FOLDER P57 Eddy, William C. Television Lighting. July, 1939.
11-page booklet.
FOLDER P58 Lane, Henry M. The Boston Post Book on Television. September, 1928.
Boston Post,
35-page technical report.
FOLDER P59 Dearing, John B., Herman E. Gihring, Raymond F. Guy, & Frank G. Kear. Multiple Television and Frequency-Modulation Transmitting Antenna Installation on the Empire State Building. March, 1953.
14-page technical report.
FOLDER P60 Radio Announcers. 1933.
C. De Witt Co.,
32-page report.
FOLDER P61 Radio Announcers. 1934.
C. De Witt Co.,
28-page report.
FOLDER P62 Broadcasting Telecasting. October 16, 1950.
136-page twentieth anniversary edition.
FOLDER P63 David Sarnoff. April, 1945
24-page biography.
FOLDER P64 Canadian Broadcasting. March, 1936.
15-page Canadian Broadcasting Company booklet.
FOLDER P63 The CBC and Canadian Broadcasting. June - July, 1943.
Canadian Broadcasting Company,
45-page booklet.
FOLDER P66 This is BCC. 1958.
Broadcasting Corporation of China.
18-page booklet.
FOLDER P67 Henslow, Miles. The Miracle of Radio. 1946.
127-page book.
FOLDER P68 Report of the Royal Commission on Radio Broadcasting. 1929.
Canada. Royal Commission on Radio Broadcasting.
29-page booklet.
FOLDER P69 Bayles, William D. London Calling-Goebbels Jamming. April 11, 1942.
Saturday Evening Post,
FOLDER P70 Calling All Nations. 1943.
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