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Isabelle Sayers papers, circa 1886-1980

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Series 4. Ephemera, 1907-1977, undated
.21 linear feet
RPA 00162 (box 3); RPA 00163 (box 4)
Series 4 consists of items in a variety of formats relating to Sayers's recording interests. Included are clippings relating to musicians, inventors, and equipment; a calendar issued by the Capehart Collection; advertisements; record inserts from early Edison recordings; greeting cards; pictorial envelopes; phonograph diagrams; and postcards. One folder of miscellaneous materials includes a slide with song lyrics, business cards, and a record coupon.
Series 6 contains oversize ephemera, such as promotional posters and banners.
Materials are arranged alphabetically by format. A folder of miscellaneous ephemera is filed at the end of the series.
Advertisements See also oversize Folder 31, Radio, travel logs, 1925-1963
BOX 3 FOLDER 38 Music box advertisements, 1897-1900, undated
BOX 3 FOLDER 39 Phonograph advertisements, 1897-1923
BOX 3 FOLDER 40 Piano advertisements, 1897-1909
BOX 3 FOLDER 41 Recording advertisements, 1904-1929, 1969
BOX 3 FOLDER 42 Miscellaneous advertisements, 1898-1939, undated
BOX 3 FOLDER 43 Calendar from the Capehart Collection, 1948
BOX 3 FOLDER 44 Clippings, 1932-1977 See also oversize Folder 66, Clippings, 1897-1961, undated
Please use photocopies in folder 45.
BOX 3 FOLDER 45 Photocopies of clippings
Please use these photocopies rather than the fragile originals in folder 44.
BOX 3 FOLDER 46 Greeting cards, undated
BOX 3 FOLDER 47 Phonograph diagrams, undated
BOX 4 FOLDER 48 Postcards and pictorial envelopes, 1908-1947, undated
BOX 4 FOLDER 49 Record inserts for Edison cylinders, circa 1912-1914
For cylinders #1828, 1889, 2024, 2034, 2051, 2063, 2142, 2152, 2219, 2269, 2288, 2290, and 2389.
BOX 4 FOLDER 50 Miscellaneous, undated
Series 5. Photographs, circa 1895-1975, undated
.42 linear feet
RPA 00163 (box 4)
Series 5 contains approximately 75 photographs (black-and-white and color) as well as 7 slides and 32 negatives. Many of the photographs in this series were printed from copy negatives of older photographs or images from journals and books. Included are photographs of Isabelle Sayers displaying equipment from her collection and portraits of inventors Thomas Edison and Emile Berliner. Also represented are various actors and musicians, with a particular focus on Elsie Janis, a Columbus, Ohio, native and star of many vaudeville productions. Photographs of recording equipment and phonograph advertisements are also present. Three scrapbooks are included in this series. One contains Isabelle Sayers's family photographs and related ephemera; the two others include portraits and clippings of Broadway, movie, and recording personalities.
Photographs are arranged alphabetically by subject or type; miscellaneous negatives and photographs are filed at the end.
BOX 4 FOLDER 51 Audio equipment, 1962, undated
BOX 4 FOLDER 52 Emile Berliner portraits and equipment, undated
Prints made from copy negatives.
BOX 4 FOLDER 53 Thomas Edison and the gravestone of Samuel Edison, 1969, and undated See also oversize Folder 70, Photographs and prints, 1923 and undated
One image is a copy.
BOX 4 FOLDER 54 Elsie Janis portraits, circa 1895-1920, undated
Some are copies.
BOX 4 FOLDER 55 Photographs of phonograph advertisements, undated
BOX 4 FOLDER 56 Portraits of actors and musicians, undated
Included are images of Helen Clark, Glen Ellison, Kirsten Flagsted, Ada Jones, Helen Jepson, Betsy Lee Shepherd, and Blanche Theborn.
Most are copies.
BOX 4 FOLDER 57 Isabelle Sayers with collection and musicians, circa 1945-1975
BOX 4 FOLDER 58-61 Scrapbooks, 1886-circa 1960
Includes family photographs, images of Broadway and theater stars, and ephemera.
BOX 4 FOLDER 62 Miscellaneous negatives, undated
Most are copy negatives.
BOX 4 FOLDER 63 Miscellaneous photographs, 1899, undated
Series 6. Oversize Materials, 1897-1965, undated
2.04 linear feet
RPC 00001 (box 5); RPD 00041 (box 6); RPM 00002-00003 (map folders 1-2)
Oversize materials include posters, broadsides, photographs, prints, newspaper and magazine clippings, and posters. A small collection of broadsides for early concerts and equipment demonstrations are mostly undated. Oversize photographs are all of Thomas A. Edison or his inventions; also included in this folder are several copies of an undated wood block print of Edison. Clippings related to Thomas A. Edison (a few are full copies of publications focusing on his career or death), Elsie Janis and other musicians. Promotional posters and banners for Edison and Graphophone presentations and products are also included.
See also Series 4, Ephemera.
BOX 5 FOLDER 64 Advertisements, 1910-1923, undated
BOX 5 FOLDER 65 Broadsides, undated
BOX 5 FOLDER oversize 66 Clippings, undated
Photocopies of oversize clippings; please use these rather than the fragile originals.
BOX 5 FOLDER 67-68 Clippings, 1897-1961, undated
Please use the photocopies of these clippings housed in folder 66.
BOX 5 FOLDER 69 Publications, 1859, 1919-1973
BOX 5 FOLDER oversize 70 Photographs and prints, 1923, undated
BOX 6 Posters for Edison and Graphophone concert demonstrations, circa 1929-1930, undated
Item ID: RS 826 G1-G3
FOLDER map folder 1 Edison and Okeh promotional banners, undated
Item ID: RS 826 G4-G5
Map case: RPM 00002 (map folder 1)
FOLDER map folder 2 Edison promotional banner, undated
Item ID: RS 826 G6
Map case: RPM 00003 (map folder 2)

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