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Series 6. Oversized Materials, 1914-1953, and undated (continued)
BOX 15 FOLDER 551 Clippings, 1890, 1914-1916, 1961
Includes photocopies.
Photographs of individuals
BOX 15 FOLDER 552 Baker, Elsie (1886-1958), undated
BOX 15 FOLDER 552 Caruso and Ruffo, undated
BOX 15 FOLDER 552 Farley, James A., undated
BOX 15 FOLDER 552 Farrar, Geraldine (1882-1967), undated
BOX 15 FOLDER 552 Dewey, Thomas E. (Thomas Edmund) (1902-1971), 1948
BOX 15 FOLDER 552 Merman, Ethel, undated
Magazine portrait.
BOX 15 FOLDER 552 Oakland, Will, undated
Billboard advertisement for Hunter Island Inn.
BOX 15 FOLDER 552 Unidentified woman, undated
Photographs: Victor Talking Machine Printed Artist
Photographs (with album lists).
BOX 15 FOLDER 553 Bori, Lucrezia, 1924-1925
BOX 15 FOLDER 553 Chemet, Renée, 1925
BOX 15 FOLDER 553 Flonzaley Quartet, 1925
BOX 15 FOLDER 553 Gogorza, Emilio de, 1925
BOX 15 FOLDER 553 Marsh, Lucy Isabelle, 1925
BOX 15 FOLDER 553 McCormack, John, 1924
Photographs: groups and composites
BOX 15 FOLDER 554 The Victor Male Chorus, 1926
BOX 15 FOLDER 554 Edison dealers' banquet at the Waldorf-Astoria, undated
BOX 15 FOLDER 554 The Friar’s Frolic, 1916
BOX 15 FOLDER 554 Red Cross benefit concert, 1948
Songwriters, artists, and composers. Copy.
BOX 15 FOLDER 554 Miscellaneous, unidentified, undated
BOX 15 FOLDER 479 Seltzer, Frank R., undated
Clipping from booklet.
BOX 15 FOLDER 555 Record sleeve: "A Message by Theodore Roosevelt in His Own Voice," circa 1937
Reeves Sound Studio; original dictated in 1913.
BOX 15 FOLDER 556 Scrapbook pages: copies of clippings related to Charley Case, 1906-1916
FOLDER map folder 1 Some Columbia talent, circa 1900-circa 1910
1 print (poster) :
Item ID: RS 867 G1
Map case: RPM 00001 (map folder 1)
Series 7. Scrapbooks, 1892-1939, and undated
2.5 linear feet
RPA 00178, RPC 00003 (boxes 16-17)
Scrapbooks are arranged according to size and preservation needs.
BOX 16 FOLDER 557 Recording index, undated
Arranged by artist name.
From binder.
BOX 16 FOLDER 558 Scrapbook: Newspaper and magazine clippings on artists and recordings, circa 1920-circa 1939
BOX 16 FOLDER 559 Scrapbook: Newspaper and magazine clippings on artists and recordings, circa 1915-circa 1939
BOX 16 FOLDER 560 Scrapbook: Newspaper and magazine clippings and advertisements, 1892-1925
BOX 17 FOLDER 561-562 Scrapbooks: Correspondence between Charles W. Carson and Columbia Phonograph Co. concerning his recordings in Mexico, China, and Japan, 1904-1907
2 volumes.
BOX 17 FOLDER 562 Scrapbook: "Descriptive Catalogue ... Wonder Double Bell Talking Machine" and several Talk-o-Phone advertisements, undated
Series 8. Bound Publications, 1901-1977, and undated
14 linear feet
This series consists of bound journals, columns, pamphlets, and a diary. Many of the publications in the series include Walsh’s notes and handwritten indices.
Arranged alphabetically by description or title.
The publications have been placed unboxed on shelves, adjacent to the boxed portion of the Walsh papers.
The Columbia Record, 1904-1907
1 volume.
Includes Walsh’s notes.
"Dave Garraway’s Today Program, Thursday, May 15, 1958," 1958
Bound scrapbook of photographs, clippings, and correspondence documenting Walsh’s appearance on the television show.
Jim Walsh diary, 1977
Handwritten. Consists mostly of personal notes and includes a few clippings and photographs.
"Edison and Pathé Pamphlets," undated
Miscellaneous pamphlets bound together.
Edison Diamond Points (1915-1917) bound with Phonographianna (1956) and Along Broadway (1917-1922), 1915-1922, 1956
Edison Phonograph Monthly and Edison Amberola Monthly, 1903-1921
13 volumes.
Includes Walsh’s notes.
"Edison Tone Test Clippings / Victor Cut-Out Lists," 1915-1917, and undated
Clippings and theater illustrations mounted on heavy cardstock and housed in a large pamphlet box.
"Elide Morris: Her Life and Letters," 1961-1971
Bound scrapbook of correspondence, photographs, articles, and copies of clippings, dated 1910-1914.
"Favorite Pioneer Recording Artists," 1942-1975
15 volumes.
Walsh’s Hobbies columns, some with additional notes and miscellaneous items.
"Jim Walsh in Hobbies," 1935-1974
3 volumes.
Photocopies of Jim Walsh’s Hobbies columns.
"Magazine Articles by and about Jim Walsh," 1929-1969
Bound scrapbook of newspaper and magazine clippings.
Numerical List of Victor Records, 1912, 1914-1915
Includes Walsh’s notes.
"Phonograph Advertising: Literary Digest and Other Magazines," 1902-1931, and undated
Scrapbook of advertisements from magazines and newspapers.
"Pioneer Phonograph Advertising," 1901-1932, and undated
Bound scrapbook of advertisements from magazines and newspapers.
Sound Wave and Talking Machine Record, 1909-1910
Bound periodical.
Talking Machine News, 1903-1936
20 volumes
Includes Walsh’s notes.
Voice of the Victor, 1907-1926
3 volumes.
Includes notes.
"Woodymay Recording Company: Compendium," circa 1940-1948, and undated
Bound scrapbook with Edison signature, collector signatures, letterhead, photographs, clippings, cards, and other illustrations.

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