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Series 2. Financial Records, 1939-1955, 1972
7 folders
RPA 00326 (box 1)
Series 2 contains financial records, including the business records of Technichord. These include contracts, billing records, invoices, and other items. Musicians contracted with Technichord Records included harpsichordist Claude Jean Chiasson, tenor Hughes Cuenod, soprano Isabel French, organist Ernest White, violist George Humphrey, composer and cellist Jacobus C. Langendoen, and harpsichordist Putnam Aldrich. Also in this series are Greenough's personal financial records including tax returns, a property appraisal, and trust fund accounts.
BOX 1 FOLDER 4 Technichord Records: Balance sheet, 1948
BOX 1 FOLDER 5 Technichord Records: Contracts, 1939-1947
BOX 1 FOLDER 6 Technichord Records: Invoices, 1951-1953
BOX 1 FOLDER 7 Technichord Records: Miscellaneous
BOX 1 FOLDER 8 Personal, 1951-1953
BOX 1 FOLDER 9 Personal: Federal tax returns, 1953-1955
BOX 1 FOLDER 10 Personal: Property appraisal, 1972
Series 3. Technichord Records, 1937-1969
8 folders
RPA 00326 (box 1); RPA 00327 (box 2)
Series 3 contains the recording activities of Technichord Records. This includes a notebook kept by Greenough of acetate discs recorded for Dr. Harold Spivacke of the Library of Congress. Dating from 1937, this notebook contains meticulous notations of speeds, styli, pre-amplifier settings, main amplifier settings, and degrees of equalization used by Greenough to make his recordings. This series also contains worksheets of performance recordings. The programs Greenough kept of the performances he recorded are one of the highlights in this series. Spanning the years from 1938 to 1969, these programs are from the Harvard Glee Club, including one with Nadia Boulanger as guest conductor, organ recitals of E. Power Biggs at Harvard University, a 1949 dinner honoring Serge Koussevitzky, Berkshire Music Center programs, and The Juilliard School of Music programs.
BOX 1 FOLDER 11 Recording notes, 1937-1949
BOX 1 FOLDER 12 Recording worksheets, 1937-1964, undated
BOX 1 FOLDER 13 Recording worksheets, Music Guild, 1962
BOX 1 FOLDER 14 Programs, 1938-1939
BOX 1 FOLDER 15 Programs, 1940-1949
BOX 2 FOLDER 1 Programs, 1950-1959
BOX 2 FOLDER 2 Programs, 1960-1969, undated
BOX 2 FOLDER 3 Pamphlets and price list
Series 4. Miscellaneous, 1951, 1958, undated
2 folders
RPA 00327 (box 2)
Series 4 contains miscellaneous items such as a 1958 catalogue from Cambridge Records, a menu from the Green Mountain Inn at Stowe, Vermont, invoices of purchases, and a copy of a technical talk written for American Record Guide in 1951.
BOX 2 FOLDER 4 Miscellaneous
BOX 2 FOLDER 5 Unidentified photograph, 1977

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