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Series 2. Record Label Copy Sheets for Columbia Records and Clients, 1923-1964 (continued)
Miscellaneous transcriptions, 1934-1964 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 147/2-4 Rainbow Records, S7 30339 to S7 31909, 1959 July-1963 October
BOX-FOLDER 147/5-6 Varsity, Harmony, Regal..., 1949 June-1950 August
BOX-FOLDER 148/1 Legacy, LS, LL, 1960 May-1963 June
BOX-FOLDER 148/2-3 Cameo, Smash, Phillips..., 1962 June-1963 November
BOX-FOLDER 148/4-5 Liberty, Dolton, Roulette..., 1962 October-1963 November
BOX-FOLDER 149/1-3 United Artists, Vanguard..., 1961 June-1964 January
Series 3. Press Release Information, 1951-1952
2 boxes
This series contains promotional information and advertisements for Columbia Record releases. The titles on the release information are mostly "Monthly Masterworks Releases" and "New Columbia Record Releases."
Arranged by date.
BOX-FOLDER 150/1-3 1951 December-1952 June
BOX-FOLDER 150/4-5 1952 February-December
BOX-FOLDER 151/1-3 1952 June-October
BOX-FOLDER 151/4-5 1952 November-December
Series 4. Recording Studio Job Sheets, 1945-1954
5 boxes
Recording studio job sheets provide important information about studio sessions such as program title, master or safety number, date and time of recording, special instructions, and shipping instructions. They also show the studio engineer and recording engineer for each session.
Columbia, 1950-1952
The recording studio job sheets for Columbia alone are arranged by date.
BOX-FOLDER 152/1 1950 January 1-December 30
BOX-FOLDER 152/2 1951 January 5-December 27
BOX-FOLDER 152/3 1952 January 7-December 30
Columbia and clients (mixed), 1945-1954
The recording studio job sheets for Columbia Records and its clients are similar to the studio job sheets for Columbia Records alone but are in a different format. The papers in box 156, approximately half of which are orders from Sears, Roebuck and Co., are in yet another format but include similar information.
The recording studio job sheets for Columbia Records and its clients are interfiled. Orders are arranged by date.
BOX-FOLDER 153/1-3 1945 January 3-December 28
BOX-FOLDER 153/4-7 1946 January 3-December 20
BOX-FOLDER 154/1-4 1947 January 1-December 31
BOX-FOLDER 154/5-8 1947 August 27-December 31
BOX-FOLDER 155/1-4 1948 January 5-August 31
BOX-FOLDER 155/5 1948 September 1-December 31
BOX-FOLDER 155/6-7 1949 February 14-December 30
BOX-FOLDER 156/1-2 1954 April 22-December 17
BOX-FOLDER 157/1-3 Series 5. Cut-out Project Information, 1951-1952
3 folders
The papers in this series are lists of records to be cut out of the catalog as well as records to be scrapped. Each has a memo attached with specific directions.

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