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Series 2. Business and Professional Materials, 1940-2005 (continued)
Client projects: public service announcements (PSAs), circa 1940s-2002, undated (continued)
Doctors Ought to Care, 1977-1994
The organization's acronym is DOC. Anti-smoking material.
See also Martin Himmel Health Foundation scripts , KLBJ radio ,
BOX-FOLDER 95/1 Scripts, 1988-12-12-1994-09-12
Scripts and an American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR reports.
Intended for voice actors: David Goerlitz and Bob Landers.
See also David Goerlitz materials , Michigan Billboards , American Cancer Society , and American Marketing Association .
BOX-FOLDER 95/2 Anti-smoking research, 1977-09-06-1987-07
BOX-FOLDER 95/3 Anti-smoking correspondence and research, 1981-04-1992-08
BOX-FOLDER 95/4 Anti-smoking scripts, correspondence, and research, 1985-11-05-1993-08-31
Dr. Alan Blum. Includes interview transcripts.
BOX-FOLDER 220/7 Anti-smoking poster, circa 1977-circa 1987
Black and white poster, 14x11 inches, mounted on a foam board.
BOX-FOLDER 229/8 Anti-smoking posters, circa mid 1970s, 1992
Two anti-smoking posters, both color, from Doctors Ought to Care. The first, 22x14 inches, shows a young man, wearing a partially unbuttoned shirt, with a cigarette stuck in his nose; text: "I smoke for smell." The second, 24x13 inches, shows the Disney animated cartoon character, the Little Mermaid, on a tennis court attempting to bat away two sharks with a tennis racquet; text: "Doc presents Emphysema Slims ... You've coughed up long enough, baby! Kick the tobacco companies out of sports" (D. Minkler, 1992).
BOX-FOLDER 95/5 Dog Owners scripts, undated
BOX-FOLDER 95/6 EMT's and Paramedics of Local 2507 scripts and reports, 1992-10-19-1996-01-12
Includes American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR reports.
Intended for voice actor: Dan Ingram.
BOX-FOLDER 95/7 Energy Conservation Coalition scripts, 1988-03-31
BOX-FOLDER 95/8 Environmental Action's PAC scripts and research, 1986-10-28-1988-08-18
BOX-FOLDER 95/9 ERAmerica correspondence, undated
Federal Trade Commission, 1972-1979
BOX-FOLDER 95/10-12 Scripts, correspondence, and research, 1972-07-06-1979-02-05
BOX-FOLDER 96/1 Reports, 1975-11-1978-03-20
BOX-FOLDER 96/2 Remarks and testimonies of Michael Pertschuk and Tony Schwartz, 1978-01-19-1978-04-07
See also Pertschuk's correspondence , public service announcement files , and subject files .
BOX-FOLDER 96/3 Frank Field scripts, correspondence and research, 1987-10-01-1994-06-29
Materials are concerned with fire safety.
First Alert, 1973-1995
BOX-FOLDER 96/4 Invoices, report, contract, 1993-06-30-1994-08-03
Scripts, an American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR report, and a contract.
Intended for voice actor: Alan Bleviss.
BOX-FOLDER 96/5 Literature on Carbon Monoxide Poisoning materials, 1973-1993
Large bound book of articles.
BOX-FOLDER 96/6 Scripts and research, 1993-01-13-1995-02-17
See also SmokeFree Educational Services , Patrolmen's Benevolent Association , and City University of New York (CUNY) Health .
BOX-FOLDER 96/7 Research articles and statistics, 1994-02-07-1995-01-26
BOX 96-97 Research materials, 1993-04-27-1995-09-30
BOX 96 (1 folder)
BOX 97 (1 folder)
Radio transcripts from various stations.
BOX-FOLDER 97/2 Florence and John Schumann Foundation scripts, correspondence, and research relating to water conservation, 1991-04-1992-10-05
Groups involved include: Hudson River Sloop, Clearwater Inc., Westchester Land Trust, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Open Space Institute, Sterling Forest Preservation, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, Hudson River NERR, New Jersey Sierra Club, Appalachian Mountain Club, Passaic River Coalition, Ramapo River Committee, Tuxedo, Skylands Clean, New York New Jersey Trail Conference, and Long Island Soundkeeper Fund, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 97/3 Food and Drug Administration materials, 1994-03-25-1996-08-28
BOX-FOLDER 97/4 Food and Hunger Hotline research, 1988-02-21-1993-09-20
Includes an interview with homeless Korean veteran John Harrington.
Food and Water, Inc., 1975-1996
Also known as MDI, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 97/5 Scripts, correspondence, and research, 1988-11-30-1996-03-13
Includes newspaper articles and American Federation of TV and Radio Artists HR reports.
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
See also Landco Labs, Inc. receipts
BOX-FOLDER 97/6 Correspondence and research, 1975-02-1988-05-19
MJI Broadcasting, Inc. correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 97/7 Forum for Environmental Stewardship scripts, 1990-04-06-1990-04-07
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
BOX-FOLDER 97/8 Fund for New Priorities scripts, correspondence, and research, 1991-01-08-1991-01-11
Intended for voice actor: Alan Bleviss.
Funded by Military Families Support Network.
BOX-FOLDER 97/9 The Fund for Secure Energy materials, 1980-02-06-1983-11-09
The fund's acronym is FUSE.
BOX-FOLDER 97/10 Garbage scripts, 1990-03-09
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
BOX-FOLDER 97/11 Gay Men's Health Crisis scripts, research, and correspondence, 1990-12-21-1992-02-14
Includes American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR reports.
Intended for voice actors: Hattie Winston, Carol Emshoff, Alan Bleviss, Cookie Ruffino.
Funded by Families Concerned about AIDS.
BOX-FOLDER 97/12 Rudolph Giuliani's drug campaign scripts, correspondence, and research, 1985-02-01-1986-12-08
See also Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, Kaiser Medical Foundation, United Bank of Austin, and 1-800-COCAINE.
BOX-FOLDER 98/1 David Goerlitz articles, transcripts, and scripts, 1988-12-05-1990-04-14
Anti-smoking materials relating to the former "Winston Man."
See also American Cancer Society and Doctors Ought to Care, Goerlitz scripts .
BOX-FOLDER 98/2-3 Greater New York Hospital Association scripts, correspondence, and other material, 1984-11-07-1986-04-23
Includes research materials and information about St. Vincent's Hospital.
BOX-FOLDER 98/4 Materials relating to the Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition Program on Crime and Criminal Justice, 1991-04-19-1991-09-17
BOX-FOLDER 98/5 Greenmarket scripts, correspondence, and other materials, 1987-08-01-1998-08-27
Includes research and billing items.
Materials relating to the Group Against Smoking Pollution, 1986-1989
The group's acronym is GASP.
See also People for a Smoke-Free Indoors .
BOX-FOLDER 98/6 Massachusetts correspondence and research, 1986-05-08-1987-09-20
BOX-FOLDER 98/7 New Jersey correspondence and research, 1986-10-14-1989-06-21
BOX-FOLDER 98/8 Virginia correspondence and research, 1986-04-1989-07
BOX-FOLDER 98/9 Guiding Eyes for the Blind scripts, correspondence, and research, 1992-04-26-1993-05-21
Handgun Control, Inc., 1987-1992
See also Center to Prevent Handgun Violence .
BOX-FOLDER 98/10 Scripts and correspondence, 1989-02-09-1992-10-23
Includes American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR reports.
Intended for voice actors: Bob Landers, Dan Ingram, Alan Bleviss.
BOX-FOLDER 99/1 Scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1990-04-09-1992-10-21
Includes a color magazine ad.
BOX-FOLDER 99/2 Scripts and correspondence, 1991-05-17-1991-11-07
BOX-FOLDER 99/3 Research materials, 1987-04-02f-1988-08-29
BOX-FOLDER 99/4 Scripts and research materials, 1987-06-05-1988-03-14
BOX-FOLDER 99/5 Scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1988-11-16-1990-01-29
BOX-FOLDER 99/6 Handgun Violence Prevention Program report, 1986-08
BOX-FOLDER 99/7 Harvard School of Public Health research materials, scripts, and correspondence, 1985-01-1988-04
Seat belt safety material.
BOX-FOLDER 99/8 Healthcare Crisis Taskforce scripts, 1990-03-23
Intended for voice actor: Terry Beirn.
BOX-FOLDER 99/9 Holocaust Memorial Museum of Jewish Heritage scripts and correspondence, 1988-01-18-1988-02-03
BOX-FOLDER 100/1 Holyoke Energy Recovery Company scripts, research, and correspondence, 1985-07-19-1985-10-18
BOX-FOLDER 100/2 Home Port Information Task Force scripts, research, and correspondence, 1984-12-03-1985-10-25
BOX-FOLDER 100/3 Home Recording Rights Coalition correspondence, bill, and notes, 1990-03-22
Concerns H.R. 4096.
BOX-FOLDER 100/4 Housing Control of New York scripts and research materials, 1983-06-22-1983-07-13
BOX-FOLDER 100/5 Hudson River Sloop Clearwater research materials, 1992-05-21-1992-06-21
BOX-FOLDER 100/6 The Human Society of the U.S. Wildlife Land Trust scripts, correspondence, and reports, 1995-02-16-1997-11-26
Includes American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR reports.
BOX-FOLDER 100/7 Indiana State Board of Health scripts and correspondence, 1989-11-14-1992-01-03
Patrick Reynolds, anti-smoking material.
BOX-FOLDER 100/8 Insurance Information Institute scripts and correspondence, 1986-09-08-1990-11-16
BOX-FOLDER 100/9 International Ladies Garment Workers Union scripts and correspondence, 1981-05-02-1981-11-01
BOX-FOLDER 100/10 International Safeblood Foundation research, 1987-04-07-1998-08-20
BOX-FOLDER 100/11 Ariana Jaffee anti-smoking script, undated
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 1976-1995
See also Concerned Students and Teachers of John Jay College , Schwartz's John Jay College teaching-related materials , and the John Jay College subject file .
BOX-FOLDER 100/12 Scripts and research regarding building for rent, 1988-07-22-1988-09-28
BOX-FOLDER 100/13 Scripts and correspondence regarding federal grants, 1976-11-01-1990-05-25
BOX-FOLDER 100/14 Enrollment-related scripts, correspondence, and research, 1977-05-04-1995-02-01
BOX-FOLDER 100/15 Interview materials, 1978-08-1979-04-26
Includes drafts of the interview questions, as well as maps showing crime percentages in the John Jay College neighborhood.
Interviews conducted by Ronald McVey.
BOX 202 Color photographs of John Jay College buildings and neighborhood, circa 1970s or 1980s
Twenty-four 3 1/2x5 inch color photographs showing children playing with broken chunks of concrete outside a college building, building entrances and windows, and graffiti on brick walls.
Photographic prints correspond to negatives in box 204/60-66.
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