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Series 3. Works and Publications, 1950-2004 (continued)
Writings, 1953-2004, undated (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 163/2 "Hard Sell, Soft Sell, Deep Sell" and other materials, 1992
Section of the book used in a communications reader for Simon Fraser University. Also contains a section of Marshal McLuhan's Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man and "Ads: Keeping Upset with the Joneses."
See also the McLuhan correspondence file , McLuhan symposium content , and the extensive McLuhan subject files .
BOX-FOLDER 163/3 "Schwartz on Media," 1972-07
Politea article, volume 1, number 4.
BOX-FOLDER 163/4 "60 Minutes" op-ed drafts, 1968-undated
"Sound Directions," 1960s
Art Direction magazine.
BOX-FOLDER 163/5-7 Column, circa 1960s
See also "Guide for Tape Recording."
BOX-FOLDER 163/8 Correspondence relating to "Speed Hearing: Variable Velocity Comprehension," 1971-04-20-1971-05-15
Letters in response to article in BM/E magazine.
BOX-FOLDER 163/9 "Stimuli and Responses" handout, undated
A handout made by Schwartz referencing Erich Fromm's The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness.
BOX-FOLDER 163/10 "The Swinging Door to the Mind," undated
A column from an unknown publication. The column mentions Schwartz's theory on “earlids.”
BOX-FOLDER 163/11 "The Tape Around Us," 1974-08
High Fidelity article by Tony Schwartz and John Carey.
BOX-FOLDER 163/12 "Task Oriented Paid Media to Affect Public Behavior" drafts, undated
BOX-FOLDER 163/13 "The Terminology of Tony Schwartz," undated
Quick reference.
BOX-FOLDER 163/14 Drafts and original concept notes relating to "This Won't Take Long, Did It? A Prologue to the Polaroid Revolution," undated
BOX-FOLDER 163/15 "Thoughts on Political Advertising," 1972-12
CLIO article, co-author Michael Rowan.
BOX-FOLDER 163/16 "Tony Schwartz On" flier, undated
A one page flier containing remarks from Tony Schwartz on various media topics: radio, television, print, videocassettes, environmental media, and multimedia.
BOX-FOLDER 163/17 "To Replay Is to Know," undated
Article from Video Review.
BOX-FOLDER 163/18 "Toward Effective Advertising" draft, 1973
BOX-FOLDER 163/19 "TV... an Auditory Medium," 1979-02-24
TV Guide article.
BOX-FOLDER 163/20 "Using Radio" drafts, undated
BOX-FOLDER 163/21 "Using Today's Media to Change Behavior" draft, undated
Co-author John Carey.
BOX-FOLDER 164/1 Materials relating to "VCRs Turn Broadcasting into Narrowcasting," 1986-03-1986-04-04
Drafts of article, correspondence with Video Magazine, and Esquire article "The ReDecade."
BOX-FOLDER 164/2 "Voice of the City," 1953-01-12-1996-09-02
90.9 WBUR, Boston University Radio, Adventures in Music.
BOX-FOLDER 164/3 "What Does One of the Most Inventive Minds in Advertising Think about Research?" 1974-06
Writer's Digest article.
BOX-FOLDER 164/4 Drafts and correspondence relating to "What Is a Negative Political Ad?" 1988-11-23
Drafts and correspondence with New York Times for op-ed piece.
BOX-FOLDER 164/5 "What Really Matters, Searching for Wisdom in America," circa 1990s
Joke advertisement for a fake book by Schwartz.
BOX-FOLDER 164/6 "What's Water" drafts and research, 1973-1975
BOX-FOLDER 164/7 "When the Unreal Becomes Real" draft and research materials, circa 1973-undated
Series 4. Subject Files, 1912-2005
15.2 linear feet
RPA 01020-01055 (boxes 165-200); RPB 00119 (oversize box 220); RPC 00086-00087 (oversize boxes 226-227); RPD 00040 (oversize box 230); RPU 00021 (box 202), RPU 00024 (box OSU 1)
Arranged in three groupings: General subject files, files on Marshall McLuhan, and files on smoking-related topics.
General subject files, 1912-2005
Consists of published material, correspondence, and other material concerning people, organizations, and topics of interest to Tony Schwartz.
Arranged alphabetically by name of individual, organization, and topic.
BOX-FOLDER 226/7 1976 U.S. senatorial campaign research, circa 1976
BOX-FOLDER 165/1 35 Plus Committee, circa 1980-1995
BOX-FOLDER 165/2 35-64 Marketing, circa 1980-1989
BOX-FOLDER 165/3 ABC coverage of 1982 New York City marathon, 1982
BOX-FOLDER 165/4 Advertising agency executives' attitudes toward radio, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 165/5-8 Advertising and marketing, circa 1912-1990
BOX-FOLDER 226/8 Advertising and marketing photocopies, 1978-05
Oversized. Two articles: "Scoring a Perfect Pitch," by Joanne Kelleher, Ad East, May 1978, pages 22-23; and "Two Creative Methods, but Both Sell," Advertising Age, May 29, 1978, page R36.
BOX-FOLDER 165/9 African American topics, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 165/10 Aging, circa 1990-1999
BOX-FOLDER 166/1 AIDS, circa 1980-2005
BOX-FOLDER 166/2 Roger Ailes, circa 1985-1995
BOX-FOLDER 166/3 Alcohol, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 166/4 Alliance of the Building Community, circa 1990-2005
BOX-FOLDER 166/5 American Council on Science and Health, 1991
BOX-FOLDER 166/6 AMICUS, Inc., circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 166/7 Animal rights, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 166/8 Anthropology, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 166/9 Anxiety Disorder Association of America, circa 1990-1999
BOX-FOLDER 166/10 Apartheid, circa 1980-2005
BOX-FOLDER 166/11 Architecture, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 226/9 Reprint of article on Soviet architecture, 1942-11
Reprint of "Soviet Architecture Today," by Edward Carter, from The Architectural Review, November 1942, pages 107-114.
BOX-FOLDER 166/12 Art, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 166/13 Articles on individuals, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 166/14 Articles that mention Tony Schwartz, circa 1950-2005
BOX-FOLDER 167/1 Moses Asch, 1971-2000
BOX-FOLDER 167/2 Astronomy and space, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 167/3 Attitudes Towards a New Cassette Product, 1972-11
BOX-FOLDER 167/4 W.H. Auden, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 167/5 Audio Engineering Society, 1966-1970
BOX-FOLDER 167/6 Audio recording and preservation, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 167/7 Battleground, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 167/8 Belafonte House, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 167/9 Jack Bemporad, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 167/10 Bettman Archive, 1988-1989
BOX-FOLDER 167/11 Joe Biden, circa 1970-1979
BOX-FOLDER 167/12-13 Book reviews, 1980-2000
BOX-FOLDER 167/14 Boys Choir of Harlem, 1988-1988
BOX-FOLDER 167/15 Oscar Brand, 1994
BOX-FOLDER 167/16 Will Burtin, circa 1977-1977
BOX-FOLDER 167/17 Anne Burton, 1986-1986
BOX-FOLDER 167/18 George H. W. Bush, 1980-2005
BOX-FOLDER 167/19 Business Enterprise Trust, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 167/20 Business topics, 1990-1999
BOX-FOLDER 167/21 Earl Butz, 1973
BOX-FOLDER 167/22 Campaign Insider, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 167/23 Capital Children's Museum, 1988-1988
BOX-FOLDER 168/1 Jean Carlu, circa 1940-2005
BOX-FOLDER 168/2 [Carpenter?] manuscript, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 168/3 Edmund Carpenter, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 168/4 Jimmy Carter, circa 1975-2005
See also Jimmy Carter 1976 presidential election files and the Gerald Rafshoon subject file .
BOX-FOLDER 168/5 Censorship, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 168/6 Center for Media and Values, circa 1960-2005
The Center was later named Center for Media Literacy .
BOX-FOLDER 168/7 Marguerite Chandler oversample, 1990-01
BOX-FOLDER 168/8 Child development, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 168/9 City University of New York (CUNY), 1990-11-09
BOX-FOLDER 168/10 Civil liberties organizations, circa 1960-2005
Includes ACLU and National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee materials.
BOX-FOLDER 168/11 Civil rights, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 168/12 Bill Clinton, circa 1990-2000
See also files on Clinton's presidential campaign .
BOX-FOLDER 168/13 Clinton Urban Renewal Site, circa 1985-2005
BOX-FOLDER 168/14 Coliseum Apartments, 1983
BOX-FOLDER 168/15 Colleges and universities brochures, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 168/16 Columbia Television, 1989-08
Includes CTV proposal by Jack Limpert.
BOX-FOLDER 168/17 Communism, circa 1990-1999
BOX-FOLDER 168/18 Community policing, circa 1960-2005
BOX-FOLDER 168/19 Consumer product safety and consumer protection, circa 1960-2005
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