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Series 3. Works and Publications, 1950-2004 (continued)
Audiovisual works, 1950-2004, undated (continued)
Project 86, 1969-1977, undated
BOX-FOLDER 155/15 Project materials, 1969, undated
Drafts of the script for Project 86, a two-channel radio program by Tony Schwartz and John Carey. Titles: "End of the Line" and "How Auditory and Visual Environments Affect Space."
BOX-FOLDER 156/1 Project materials, undated
Notes, drafts of articles, correspondence.
See also "How to Grow Grass-Roots in the Global Village ."
BOX 203 Slides relating to Project 86, 1977-08
Thirty-seven 35 mm color slides of New York City [and elsewhere?], some taken in daylight, others at night. Includes some aerial views.
BOX-FOLDER 156/2 Miscellaneous project proposals, circa 1950s
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation application, Folklore.
BOX-FOLDER 156/3 Science of Sound and Music script, correspondence, and research, 1959-1963-03-25
BOX-FOLDER 156/4 Secrets of Effective Radio Advertising brochures, scripts, and correspondence, 1987-07-12-1988-10-13
Film by David Hoffman.
See also Varied Directions production and related files .
BOX-FOLDER 156/5 Showdown on Tobacco Road materials, 1987-09-24-1988-01-28
Film by David Hoffman.
See also Varied Directions production and related files .
BOX-FOLDER 156/6 “Sound of Sight” correspondence, 1967-09-circa 1968
Correspondence asking to purchase the “Sound of Sight” disc after the article was printed in Popular Photography magazine.
BOX-FOLDER 156/7 Sound of the Family of Man sleeve photocopy, undated
Sleeve photocopy of the Schwartz recording that documented music, games, and other sounds of people from around the world; based on the concept of Edward Steichen's Museum of Modern Art exhibition and companion book, The Family of Man (1955-1962).
BOX 223 Sound of the Family of Man printing block, undated
Hard printing block, 10x8 3/4x3/4 inches, with metal wording for the cover of the sleeve.
BOX-FOLDER 226/5 Sound of the Family of Man cover design, undated
Cover lettering pasted to a backing board, 13 1/2x15 1/2 inches, with a tissue overlay taped to the front. Designed by Tom Carnasi and Bob Farber.
BOX 212 Standing Here at the Present Time... A Sound Portrait of New York printing block, circa 1965
Hard printing block with metal text and image for the sleeve of a limited edition recording.
BOX-FOLDER 230/6 Standing Here at the Present Time cover art paste-up, circa 1965
Drawing and text pasted to an illustration board, 14 1/2x16 1/2 inches. In small print: "A limited edition not for sale."
BOX-FOLDER 230/7 Standing Here at the Present Time [back cover?] paste-ups and proofs, 1965
The folder contains a layout, 14x10 1/2 inches, consisting of a printed list of the record's contents and handwritten text by Tony Schwartz; he explains that the recording was part of a Gallery of Modern Art exhibition about New York celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Women's City Club. Also in the folder is a negative paste-up on paper, 20x13 inches, of Schwartz's text, now briefer and in printed form, and the contents list. A hand-trimmed, negative display of some Tony Schwartz text about New York that ultimately appeared to the left of the contents list is in the folder, as are two copies of the first proof of the complete back cover, dated October 5, 1965.
Tape exchange material, 1950-1955
BOX-FOLDER 156/8 "Musical Swap Shop" fliers, 1951-03
Original and reprint fliers for Audio Record, volume 7, number 3.
BOX-FOLDER 156/9 Correspondence, 1950-11-09-1955-06-08
BOX-FOLDER 220/14 They Became What They Beheld concept draft, undated
Concept book draft for a project with Ken Heyman, Edmund Carpenter, Marshall McLuhan, and Saul Steinberg.
Varied Directions, circa 1981-1992
Schwartz's friend and colleague David Hoffman's film production company.
See also Varied Directions business correspondence , advertising for the company's videos relating to Tony Schwartz , and the Varied Directions subject file .
In addition, see files for individual Varied Directions productions: Bad Bishops Dirty Business Dominating Political Media Fight for Your Life Guerrilla Media If You Know Someone Who Smokes Secrets of Effective Advertising Showdown on Tobacco Road
BOX-FOLDER 156/10 Correspondence and sales reports, 1987-12-17-1988-04-06
BOX-FOLDER 156/11 General material, circa 1981-1992-07-15
BOX-FOLDER 156/12 Student papers reflecting on Schwartz tapes, undated
BOX-FOLDER 156/13 David Hoffman, 1983-05-1990-12-10
Includes Standing Tall review.
See also David Hoffman correspondence , various David Hoffman materials , and the David Hoffman subject file . Also look under Varied Directions , David Hoffman's production company, and under films produced by Hoffman and Varied Directions.
BOX-FOLDER 157/1 Tony Schwartz video tapes advertisement, circa 1980s-circa 1990s
Advertisement for four films by Tony Schwartz.
See also Varied Directions business correspondence , Varied Directions production files in Series 3 and works produced by the company, and the Varied Directions subject file .
BOX-FOLDER 157/2 Vocational Guidance series, 1956
Print materials, notes, and selling points.
BOX-FOLDER 157/3 Tony Schwartz website correspondence, 1997-12-10
Writings, 1953-2004, undated
This subseries of published written works by Tony Schwartz includes material on his books (Media the Second God and The Responsive Chord), his work for the Center for Media in the Public Interest, Inc., the Media Industry Newsletter (MIN), and a wide variety of articles and columns. Forms of material include business and fan correspondence, research, promotional materials, reviews, drafts, and final publications.
BOX-FOLDER 157/4 Anchor Press/ Doubleday correspondence, 1976-03-02
Book deal correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 157/5 Are television spots effective? question-and-answer fax, 1992-07-11
BOX-FOLDER 157/6 "Aural Pictures," 1985-04
Article from Sound Management, volume 2, number 3.
BOX-FOLDER 157/7 Book proposal and chapter drafts, undated
About the effects of the microphone on human communication.
BOX-FOLDER 157/8 "ByLine Radio: Narrowcasting to an Audience of One"
Article from Madison Ave. magazine.
Center for Media in the Public Interest, Inc., 1992-1995
Acronym: CMPI.
See also CMPI business-related materials , CMPI business correspondence , and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for CMPI public service announcements.
BOX-FOLDER 157/9 Fliers and stationery, undated
BOX-FOLDER 157/10 Correspondence, 1992-02-05-1995-05
Ecovision, Irving M. Wall attorney, and the Milton Goldin Company correspondence; American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR report.
BOX-FOLDER 157/11 Children's radio materials, 1967-1990s
"Positive Signs for Kids Radio?" article by Stephanie Muller, radio facts pocket piece, The Sound of Children pamphlet by Tony Schwartz.
BOX-FOLDER 157/12 "Commercials - New and Improved" draft, undated
BOX-FOLDER 157/13 "Communicating," 1972-11
CMI World article.
BOX-FOLDER 157/14 "Communicating with Tape," undated
Article from Hifi/Stereo Review.
BOX-FOLDER 157/15 “The Crystal Ball” partial draft, circa 1980s
Two pages from a chapter draft, pages 183-184.
BOX-FOLDER 157/16 "The Destruction of Time" partial draft, undated
Four pages.
BOX-FOLDER 157/17 "Do You Really Have a Library?" 1959-04
Article from Hi-Fi Tape Recording.
BOX-FOLDER 157/18 "Electronic Campaigning" draft, undated
Fifty-two pages.
BOX-FOLDER 157/19 "The Electronic Museum and Information Distribution" draft and research materials, circa 1953-circa 1967
Research, transcripts of interviews, and a draft of the article.
BOX-FOLDER 157/20 Environmental Media draft and stationery, undated
BOX-FOLDER 157/21 "Ethics in Political Media Communication," 1980-01-14-1980-02-28
Correspondence, article draft, and copyright agreement.
BOX-FOLDER 157/22 "The Exhibition of Sound," undated
Article from an unknown magazine.
BOX-FOLDER 157/23 "The Future Is Now" drafts, 1983
BOX-FOLDER 157/24 Guide for Tape Recording draft and correspondence, 1962-03-28-circa 1963
Drafts of a tape recording guide by Tony Schwartz and letters from Art Direction, the magazine of creative advertising.
See also "Sound Directions" column .
BOX-FOLDER 157/25 "Hearing's Believing?" 1967-03
Unknown publisher.
BOX-FOLDER 157/26 "How to Change an Image" draft, undated
Article draft. Unknown publisher.
BOX-FOLDER 157/27 "How to Grow Grass-Roots in the Global Village" brochures, contracts, and correspondence, 1969-1987-03-05
See also Project 86 .
BOX-FOLDER 157/28 "How to Use Radio Advertising Most Effectively," 1979-10-15
Article from Boardroom Reports.
See also Boardroom Reports in commercial client files .
BOX-FOLDER 157/29 "How to Watch Debates Today" draft, 1991-02-26
BOX-FOLDER 157/30 "How TV Will Change Government," 1978-02-05
Article from the Daily News.
BOX-FOLDER 157/31 "The Inside of the Outside," 1972-01
Article from Politeia magazine, volume 1, number 3.
BOX-FOLDER 157/32 "Kids and Cats" transcript, undated
Transcript from interviews with principals.
BOX-FOLDER 157/33 Correspondence relating to "The Language: Thinking, Writing, Communicating," 1980-05-27-1981-01-19
Correspondence from Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting.
BOX-FOLDER 157/34 "Let's Not Make a Fatal Mistake" column drafts, 1983-03-02-circa 1983
Drafts for a column about instant hesitation in Electronics Magazine and correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 157/35 Letters to the editor, undated
Titles: "Earsight," (New York Times), "Principle or Principal?," (Advertising Age).
BOX-FOLDER 157/36 “Listen”, 1978-05-05-1979-03-20
Original article, reprints from TV Guide, and letters from readers.
BOX-FOLDER 157/37 "Mass Communication," 1979-07-11-1980-10
Article for the American Encyclopedia. Master copy.
BOX-FOLDER 157/38 "The Meaning of Video Replay," 1985-01-11
Correspondence with Video Review and article.
Media Industry Newsletter, 1967-2004
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