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Series 2. Business and Professional Materials, 1940-2005 (continued)
Client projects: public service announcements (PSAs), circa 1940s-2002, undated (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 93/3 Bowery Savings Bank anti-smoking scripts, 1986-04-28
BOX-FOLDER 93/4 Bread for the World Educational Fund scripts, 1983-08-02
BOX-FOLDER 93/5 Brooklyn College Students scripts, 1992-10-30
BOX-FOLDER 93/6 Reverend Calvin Butts scripts regarding a Phillip Morris billboard, 1990-06-16-1990-06-19
BOX-FOLDER 93/7 Center for Auto Safety scripts and research, 1980-07-10-1980-08-26
BOX-FOLDER 93/8 Center for Science in the Public Interest script, research, and correspondence, 1982-02-12-1995-04-12
BOX-FOLDER 93/9 Center to Prevent Handgun Violence scripts and report, 1987-08-27-1990-06-12
Scripts and an American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR report.
Intended for voice actors: Dan Ingram, Bob Landers, and Maureen Donnelly.
See also Handgun Control, Inc.
Children's Defense Fund, 1990-1992
BOX-FOLDER 93/10 Scripts, 1991-12-12-1992-10-02
See also AIDS book .
BOX-FOLDER 93/11 Correspondence and research, 1991-03-14-1992-10-02
BOX-FOLDER 93/12 Research, 1990-03-19-1990-07-28
BOX-FOLDER 93/13 Citizens Against Casino Gambling scripts, 1994-10-21
Directed by Joe Napolitan; voice actor: Bob Landers.
Citizens Against Tobacco Smoke
See Citizens for a Tobacco Free Society .
BOX-FOLDER 93/14 Citizens for a Nuclear Freeze, and Sane script, 1983-05-10
"Brought to you by Citizens for a Nuclear Freeze, and Sane."
BOX-FOLDER 93/15 Citizens for a Safer New York scripts, 1990-09-12-1990-09-14
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
See also the Media Peace Corps .
BOX-FOLDER 93/16-17 Citizens for a Tobacco-Free Society correspondence and research, 1985-04-14-1995-12-13
The organization's acronym is CATS.
Also called Citizens Against Tobacco Smoke.
BOX-FOLDER 93/18 Citizens for Media Literacy correspondence, 1993-03-12
See also Center for Media Literacy in Series 1 and Center for Media and Values in Series 4.
BOX-FOLDER 94/1 Citizens for Socially Responsible Government scripts and research, 1987-09-19
BOX-FOLDER 94/2 Citizens for Sunday Shopping scripts, undated
BOX-FOLDER 94/3 Citizens Who Want to Walk the Streets, Visit the Parks, and Go to Work in Safety scripts, undated
BOX-FOLDER 94/4 City of New York Parks & Recreation correspondence, 1984-06-11
BOX-FOLDER 94/5 City Police Department scripts, 1990-04-06-1990-04-07
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
BOX-FOLDER 94/6 Clean Air Act correspondence and research, 1989-04-18-1989-09-15
BOX-FOLDER 94/7 Clearwater / Indian Point Project scripts, 1980-03-11-1997-08-06
Intended for voice actor: Michaela Schwartz.
BOX-FOLDER 94/8 Coalition for a Healthy New Jersey scripts, 1992-10-30
Intended for voice actor: Michaela Schwartz.
BOX-FOLDER 94/9 Coalition for a Smoke-Free City scripts, 1997-08-21-1997-08-22
Intended for voice actor: Dan Ingram. Anti-smoking.
BOX-FOLDER 229/7 Coalition for a Smoke-Free City posters, circa 1987, 1994, and undated
Posters sponsored, at least in part, by the Coalition for a Smoke-Free City. The first, 22x19 inches, was designed by "B. Hair, 12th grade finalist, SmokeFree America Ad Contest," and shows a woman with damaged teeth and red eyes holding a cigarette; text: "Virginia Slime. You've come the wrong way, baby!" The second, 22x19 inches (two copies), is a watercolor of a skeleton in cowboy clothing lighting a cigarette for a black child as both stand in a graveyard; text: "They used to make us pick it. Now they want us to smoke it." At lower right: "Herschberger '94." The third, 22x19 1/2 inches, is a chart showing that "Tobacco kills more Americans each year than alcohol, cocaine, crack, heroin, car accidents, homicide, suicide, fires, and AIDS combined."
BOX-FOLDER 94/10 Coalition for Soviet Jewry scripts, 1990-03
BOX-FOLDER 94/11 Coalition for Zoning Law Enforcement scripts, 1989-03-24-1989-03-27
Intended for voice actor: Alan Bleviss.
BOX-FOLDER 94/12 Coalition of Uniformed Services scripts, 1980-06-17-1980-06-18
BOX-FOLDER 94/13 Coalition to Save Naumburg Bandshell scripts, correspondence, and research, 1992-01-13-1993-07-12
Intended for voice actor: Alan Bleviss.
BOX-FOLDER 94/14 Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting research and correspondence, 1991-08-1992-04-29
The group's acronym is CAMERA.
BOX-FOLDER 94/15 Commission for a Healthy New York research, 1995-05-15
BOX-FOLDER 94/16 Committee for National Health Insurance contract, 1990-08-22
BOX-FOLDER 94/17 Committee for Socially Responsible Investment scripts, research, and correspondence, 1992-01-28-1992-02-11
Includes an American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR report.
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
BOX-FOLDER 94/18 Committee to Keep Martin Luther King Way script, 1987-10-27
BOX-FOLDER 94/19 Community Service Society scripts and research, 1991-05-31-1991-06-27
BOX-FOLDER 94/20 Competitive Long Distance Coalition script and reports, 1995-04-03-1995-11-02
Includes American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR reports.
BOX-FOLDER 94/21 Concerned American Families for Democratic Values script ideas, 1995
Script ideas from Brian O'Shaughnesey.
BOX-FOLDER 94/22 Concerned Friends of Physical Education scripts, correspondence, and reports, 1993-03-31-1993-04-23
Includes American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR reports.
Intended for voice actor: Kayla Schwartz.
See also City University of New York (CUNY) Health .
BOX-FOLDER 94/23 Concerned Students and Teachers of John Jay College script, undated
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
See also John Jay College of Criminal Justice in the PSA clients series, John Jay College teaching-related materials , and the John Jay College subject file .
BOX-FOLDER 94/24 Covenant House Nineline scripts, correspondence, and research, 1999-05-01-1999-05-14
BOX-FOLDER 94/25 Creating a University Smoke-Free Environment correspondence, 1986-06-17-1986-11-05
The group's acronym is CAUSE.
BOX-FOLDER 94/26 Crimestoppers scripts, report, and contracts, 1990-06-05-1990-10-15
Includes an American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR report.
Intended for voice actors: Bob Landers, Alan Bleviss.
BOX-FOLDER 94/27 Cultural Institutions Group scripts, correspondence, and research, 1991-06-18-1992-03-04
BOX-FOLDER 94/28 City University of New York (CUNY) anti-smoking scripts, 1986-04-28
BOX-FOLDER 94/29 David's Island research and correspondence, 1989-10-29-1990-02-11
BOX-FOLDER 94/30 Department of Buildings, City of New York scripts and correspondence, 1986-04-01-1986-04-02
BOX-FOLDER 94/31 Department of Environmental Protection, City of New York scripts, correspondence, and research, 1985-08-14-1985-11-14
BOX-FOLDER 94/32 Department of Investigation scripts and research, 1983-03-23-1989-03-10
Intended for voice actors: Alan Bleviss, Commissioner Kevin Frawley.
Doctors Ought to Care, 1977-1994
The organization's acronym is DOC. Anti-smoking material.
See also Martin Himmel Health Foundation scripts , KLBJ radio ,
BOX-FOLDER 95/1 Scripts, 1988-12-12-1994-09-12
Scripts and an American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR reports.
Intended for voice actors: David Goerlitz and Bob Landers.
See also David Goerlitz materials , Michigan Billboards , American Cancer Society , and American Marketing Association .
BOX-FOLDER 95/2 Anti-smoking research, 1977-09-06-1987-07
BOX-FOLDER 95/3 Anti-smoking correspondence and research, 1981-04-1992-08
BOX-FOLDER 95/4 Anti-smoking scripts, correspondence, and research, 1985-11-05-1993-08-31
Dr. Alan Blum. Includes interview transcripts.
BOX-FOLDER 220/7 Anti-smoking poster, circa 1977-circa 1987
Black and white poster, 14x11 inches, mounted on a foam board.
BOX-FOLDER 229/8 Anti-smoking posters, circa mid 1970s, 1992
Two anti-smoking posters, both color, from Doctors Ought to Care. The first, 22x14 inches, shows a young man, wearing a partially unbuttoned shirt, with a cigarette stuck in his nose; text: "I smoke for smell." The second, 24x13 inches, shows the Disney animated cartoon character, the Little Mermaid, on a tennis court attempting to bat away two sharks with a tennis racquet; text: "Doc presents Emphysema Slims ... You've coughed up long enough, baby! Kick the tobacco companies out of sports" (D. Minkler, 1992).
BOX-FOLDER 95/5 Dog Owners scripts, undated
BOX-FOLDER 95/6 EMT's and Paramedics of Local 2507 scripts and reports, 1992-10-19-1996-01-12
Includes American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR reports.
Intended for voice actor: Dan Ingram.
BOX-FOLDER 95/7 Energy Conservation Coalition scripts, 1988-03-31
BOX-FOLDER 95/8 Environmental Action's PAC scripts and research, 1986-10-28-1988-08-18
BOX-FOLDER 95/9 ERAmerica correspondence, undated
Federal Trade Commission, 1972-1979
BOX-FOLDER 95/10-12 Scripts, correspondence, and research, 1972-07-06-1979-02-05
BOX-FOLDER 96/1 Reports, 1975-11-1978-03-20
BOX-FOLDER 96/2 Remarks and testimonies of Michael Pertschuk and Tony Schwartz, 1978-01-19-1978-04-07
See also Pertschuk's correspondence , public service announcement files , and subject files .
BOX-FOLDER 96/3 Frank Field scripts, correspondence and research, 1987-10-01-1994-06-29
Materials are concerned with fire safety.
First Alert, 1973-1995
BOX-FOLDER 96/4 Invoices, report, contract, 1993-06-30-1994-08-03
Scripts, an American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR report, and a contract.
Intended for voice actor: Alan Bleviss.
BOX-FOLDER 96/5 Literature on Carbon Monoxide Poisoning materials, 1973-1993
Large bound book of articles.
BOX-FOLDER 96/6 Scripts and research, 1993-01-13-1995-02-17
See also SmokeFree Educational Services , Patrolmen's Benevolent Association , and City University of New York (CUNY) Health .
BOX-FOLDER 96/7 Research articles and statistics, 1994-02-07-1995-01-26
BOX 96-97 Research materials, 1993-04-27-1995-09-30
BOX 96 (1 folder)
BOX 97 (1 folder)
Radio transcripts from various stations.
BOX-FOLDER 97/2 Florence and John Schumann Foundation scripts, correspondence, and research relating to water conservation, 1991-04-1992-10-05
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