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Series 2. Business and Professional Materials, 1940-2005 (continued)
Client projects: public service announcements (PSAs), circa 1940s-2002, undated (continued)
BOX 202 Color photographs of John Jay College buildings and neighborhood, circa 1970s or 1980s
Twenty-four 3 1/2x5 inch color photographs showing children playing with broken chunks of concrete outside a college building, building entrances and windows, and graffiti on brick walls.
Photographic prints correspond to negatives in box 204/60-66.
BOX-FOLDER 204/60-66 Color negatives of John Jay College buildings and neighborhood, circa 1970s or 1980s
Seven 35 mm color negative strips showing children playing with broken chunks of concrete outside a college building, building entrances and windows, and graffiti on brick walls.
Negatives correspond to photographic prints in box 202.
BOX-FOLDER 101/1 Joint Center for Political Studies correspondence, 1981-05-07
BOX-FOLDER 101/2 Kaiser Family Fund proposal from Tony Schwartz, 1985-05-20
BOX-FOLDER 101/3 Kids Against Public Smoking script, 1989-02-16-1989-02-22
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers. Anti-smoking.
See also Smoking Control Advocacy Resource Center .
BOX-FOLDER 101/4 KKAR-AM correspondence, 1992-11-06
BOX-FOLDER 101/5 KLBJ-AM correspondence and interview transcript, 1983-03-11-1991-01-23
Correspondence and transcript of an interview with Ted Smith on The Secrets of Effective Radio Advertising.
BOX-FOLDER 101/6 Lee Korobkin contract, 1992-02-14-1992-01-24
Concerns organ donation.
BOX-FOLDER 101/7 KVET-Kase Broadcasting scripts and correspondence, 1993-11-18-1994-02-03
BOX-FOLDER 101/8 Lake Minnewaska scripts, correspondence, and research regarding property rights, 1986-01-1986-04-22
BOX-FOLDER 101/9 League of Women Voters research material, 1991-01-1991-04
BOX-FOLDER 101/10 League of Voluntary Hospital and Homes of New York scripts, correspondence, and research, 1984-07-19-1984-08-08
BOX-FOLDER 101/11 Lincoln Center scripts and research, 1986-07-14-1987-02-09
Anti-smoking material in response to a Marlboro Country Music event.
See also a photographic print of the Marlboro Country Music event banner in box 220/6.
BOX-FOLDER 101/12 Local 144 scripts and report, 1996-07-22-1996-07-23
Includes an American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR report.
BOX-FOLDER 101/13 Local 802 Musicians' Union scripts, 2000-06-22-2000-07-13
BOX-FOLDER 101/14 Scripts, correspondence, and other materials relating to Alison Gertz and the Love Heals campaign, 1989-03-11-1989-07-28
Contains scripts, correspondence, interview transcripts, and research.
Love Heals is a campaign to educate the public about AIDS; Alison (Ali) Gertz was its spokesperson.
See also Martin Himmel Health Foundation .
BOX-FOLDER 101/15 Maine Nuclear Referendum Committee scripts, correspondence, and research, 1982-07-21-1982-09-09
BOX-FOLDER 101/16 Massachusetts Anti-Tobacco Project correspondence and research material, 1993-07-09-1993-08-11
BOX-FOLDER 101/17 Massachusetts Saving Lives Program scripts concerning designated drivers, 1988-08-26-1988-12-30
Also known as Massachusetts Safe Driving Program.
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
BOX-FOLDER 101/18 Ken McFeeley obituaries, articles, and other material, 1986-05-20-1989-05-10
Obituaries, articles, scripts, transcripts, and agreements concerning Ken McFeeley, a New York City policeman (and friend of Tony Schwartz) who died of smoking-related lung cancer in October 1986.
See also the New York City Police Department materials relating to Ken McFeeley , the Martin Himmel Health Foundation , and the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association McFeeley file .
BOX-FOLDER 101/19 Media Insights scripts, 1994-01-17
BOX-FOLDER 101/20 Michigan Ballot Initiative scripts, correspondence, and research, 1989-12-08-1994-02-28
Anti-smoking effort; includes research material for Alcoholics Anonymous.
BOX-FOLDER 101/21 Michigan Billboards, Doctors Ought to Care script, 1998-09-01
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
See also Doctors Ought to Care .
BOX-FOLDER 101/22 Michigan Education Association script, undated
BOX-FOLDER 101/23 Minnesota Moms for Healthy Babies correspondence, 1990-10-25-1990-10-26
BOX-FOLDER 101/24 Missing Person, Cathlene Fannin script, 1989-12-27
BOX-FOLDER 102/1 MQN Productions anti-smoking research and correspondence, 1993-06-24-1993-10-04
Includes lists of cigarette radio campaigns.
BOX-FOLDER 102/2 NAACP Special Contribution Fund correspondence, photos, and scripts, 1967-01-04
Includes 20 photos of impoverished families.
BOX-FOLDER 102/3 NARAL Foundation Education Project correspondence, research, and script relating to abortion rights education., 1980-01-19-1980-10-07
BOX-FOLDER 102/4 National AIDS Hotline scripts for the PTAAA (People Taking Action Against AIDS ) Ads Against AIDS campaign, 1992-06-18
BOX-FOLDER 102/5 National ALS Foundation scripts and research, 1979-04-1982-08-11
BOX-FOLDER 102/6 National Endowment for the Arts script, 1989-08-07
BOX-FOLDER 102/7 National Health Lung Study correspondence, research, and scripts, 1987-02-16-1988-04-11
Contact: Ted Klein.
BOX-FOLDER 102/8 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration script, 2000-11-17-2000-12-11
See also ABC radio network.
BOX-FOLDER 102/9 National Hospital Workers Union, 1199 scripts, 1981-07-02
BOX-FOLDER 102/10 National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, Inc. letter, 1990-03-13
BOX-FOLDER 102/11 National Victim Center correspondence, 1997-09-12-1997-09-25
BOX-FOLDER 102/12 Newington Children's Hospital scripts, correspondence, and other material, 1988-1990-04-27
Scripts, correspondence, research, and contracts.
Intended for voice actors: Bob Landers, Emilio Del Pozo, Toby Tarnow.
BOX-FOLDER 102/13 New Jersey Environmental Federation interview transcript, 1988-05-06
BOX-FOLDER 102/14 New Jersey Group Against Smoking Pollution scripts, 1991-02-21
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
BOX 102-103 New York City Board of Education health education reports, 1969-1983
New York City Department of Health, 1985-2002
BOX-FOLDER 103/2 Scripts, 1985-06-17-1987-11-02
BOX-FOLDER 103/3 Clean Indoor Air Act material, 1988-03-17-2002-12-02
Anti-smoking scripts, correspondence, and research.
BOX-FOLDER 225/12 Smoking-related signs, [1980s?]
Two copies (each) of two glossy smoking-related signs, each 10 1/2x10 1/2 inches. File also includes a bookmark-sized (2 1/2x6 1/2 inches) card with the text, "Please do not smoke in bed. The ashes on the sheet may be your own."
New York City Fire Department, 1982-1993
See also NYMRAD awards .
BOX-FOLDER 103/4 Scripts, correspondence, and research, 1982-07-26-1993-03-09
BOX-FOLDER 103/5-6 Fire prevention radio spots, 1982-11-11-1983-08-10
Letters from other fire stations around the U.S. and Canada requesting copies of public service radio spots made by Schwartz for the New York City Fire Department. Includes a flier advertising the spots.
BOX-FOLDER 103/7 New York City Police Department materials relating to Ken McFeeley, 1986-08-12-1990-10-18
Anti-smoking materials, including scripts and correspondence.
New York City policeman Ken McFeeley died of smoking-related lung cancer in October 1986.
See also Ken McFeeley , the Martin Himmel Health Foundation , and the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association material on McFeeley .
BOX-FOLDER 103/8 New York City Police Foundation, Inc. letter, 1977-12-06
BOX-FOLDER 103/9 New York City Public Development Corporation materials, 1988-05-09-1988-06-08
BOX-FOLDER 103/10 New York City Water Department scripts, 1993-06-25
BOX-FOLDER 103/11 New York Commission Against Crime materials, 1982-06-1982-10-21
BOX-FOLDER 103/12 New York Fire Safety Foundation materials, 1986-07-28
BOX-FOLDER 104/1 New York Health Care Crisis Association scripts, correspondence, and research, 1985-05-17-1985-06-24
New York Medical Liability Reform Coalition, 1976-1985
BOX-FOLDER 104/2-3 Scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1976-01-1985-06-05
BOX-FOLDER 104/4 Research materials, 1984-03-02-1985-05-13
BOX-FOLDER 104/5 Scripts and research materials, 1983-04-14-1985-02-04
BOX-FOLDER 104/6 New York's Finest Foundation scripts and correspondence, 1983-10-06
BOX-FOLDER 104/7 New York State Martin Luther King, Jr, Commission scripts and correspondence, 1982-10-15-1985-12-16
BOX-FOLDER 104/8 New York Women Against Rape materials, 1984-09-07-1984-09-13
Non-Smokers' Rights Association, 1983-1989
BOX-FOLDER 104/9 Scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1987-05-21-1987-12-02
BOX-FOLDER 105/1 Correspondence and research materials, 1983-11-1989-01-13
BOX-FOLDER 229/9 Poster of two newspaper anti-smoking ads, 1986-09-17
Black and white poster, 23x13 inches, showing two ads that appeared in Canadian newspapers on September 17, 1986. One side of the poster, with text in French, features an ad that appeared in the Montreal newspaper Le Devoir; the other, in English, displays a different ad that appeared the Montreal Gazette.
BOX-FOLDER 105/2 Letters concerning a National Public Radio interview about smoking, 1988-03-02-1988-03-23
Letters in response to the NPR interview, including a large distribution letter from Philip Morris. Anti-smoking.
BOX-FOLDER 105/3 Office of Smoking and Health, Texas, contract correspondence, 1993-06-11
BOX-FOLDER 105/4 Ogilvy and Mather television script for gun control, 1990-10-24
Advertising agency based in New York City.
BOX-FOLDER 105/5 Organ Donor Awareness scripts and reports, 1992-02-18-1992-04-17
Scripts and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR reports. Includes materials relating to: New York Regional Transplant Program, New England Organ Bank, Organ Donor Group, Association of Organ Procurement Organizations, Association of Organ Transplant Organizations, United Network for Organ Sharing, and Coalition on Donation.
Intended for voice actors: Alan Bleviss, Bob Landers.
BOX-FOLDER 105/6 Patrick Reynolds Foundation for a Smokefree America scripts, promotional items, and other material, 1988-11-04-1989-08-29
Also includes transcripts, correspondence regarding an award for a Patrick Reynolds commercial from the International Film and Television Festival of New York, 1988, and eight portrait photos of Reynolds.
See also the R.J. Reynolds family .
Patrolmen's Benevolent Association of the City of New York, 1981-1994
The association's acronym is PBA.
See also NYMRAD (New York Market Radio Association) awards , 1010 WINS radio scripts , an article about Tony Schwartz by Miguel Ongay in New York's Finest, and the PBA subject file .
BOX-FOLDER 105/7 New Concepts of Communication, 1984-03-08-1984-06
Two drafts dated March 8 and June, 1984.
See also Ken McFeeley , the New York City Police Dept. material on McFeeley , and the Martin Himmel Health Foundation .
BOX-FOLDER 105/8 Scripts and AFTRA reports, 1989-02-16-1994-07-19
BOX-FOLDER 106/1 Research materials, 1989-03-27-1993-08-01
Some correspondence and notes.
BOX-FOLDER 106/2 Scripts and research materials, 1983-06-20-1986-06-20
Includes New York's Finest magazines from 1987.
BOX-FOLDER 106/3 Scripts and research materials, 1980-08-1983-07-25
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