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Series 2. Business and Professional Materials, 1940-2005 (continued)
Client projects: commercial/for-profit work, 1958-2004, undated (continued)
Research report, 1979-12 (continued)
Research report titled The Perceived Image of and Propensity to Contribute to Roosevelt Hospital.
BOX-FOLDER 138/2 Street News script, undated
BOX-FOLDER 138/3 Swiss Pavilion scripts, undated
Symbol Technologies, 1983-1998
BOX-FOLDER 138/4 Scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1998-03-05-1998-06-16
BOX-FOLDER 138/5 Scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1987-05-15-1989-02-16
BOX-FOLDER 138/6 Scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1983-05-27-1987-01-21
BOX-FOLDER 138/7 Temple B'nai Jeshurun scripts, 1990-10-31
Intended for voice actor: Alan Bleviss.
See also the Alan Bleviss folder .
BOX-FOLDER 138/8 They Came to Cordura script, circa 1959
BOX-FOLDER 138/9 The Trimtab Factor scripts, research materials, and correspondence, 1984-01-31-1984-04-13
For the book The Trimtab Factor: How Business Executives Can Help Solve the Nuclear Weapons Crisis by Harold Willens (New York: William Morrow, 1984).
BOX-FOLDER 138/10 Tulchin Productions correspondence and invoices, 1970-05-11-1970-06-05
BOX-FOLDER 139/1 TV Shopper magazine scripts, articles, and other material, 1979-01-06-1987-02-13
Also includes correspondence and two contact sheets from a cover photo shoot.
BOX-FOLDER 139/2 Tylenol script, 1996-09-08-1996-09-24
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
Ultralife, 1991-1994
BOX-FOLDER 139/3 Scripts and research, 1994-02-04-1994-08-08
BOX-FOLDER 139/4 Scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1991-03-14-1994-03-09
BOX-FOLDER 139/5 Research materials, 1992-08-1994-04
BOX-FOLDER 139/6 Scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1994-03-16-1994-12-22
Includes an American Federation of Television and Radio Artists HR report.
BOX-FOLDER 139/7 United Neighborhood Houses of New York, Inc. correspondence and research materials, 1991-05-06-1991-05-30
BOX 139-140 University of Illinois at Chicago scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1979-02-08-1987-05
BOX 139 (1 folder)
BOX 140 (1 folder)
Upjohn Rogaine, 1987-1990
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
BOX-FOLDER 140/2 Scripts and correspondence, 1987-12-1990-01-25
BOX-FOLDER 140/3 Research materials and company reports, 1989-04
BOX-FOLDER 140/4 Scripts, 1988-11-15-1989-12-20
BOX-FOLDER 140/5 Us magazine material, 1979-10-11-1979-11-14
BOX-FOLDER 140/6 Video Base International material, 1983-08-1983-1984-03-15
BOX-FOLDER 140/7 Village Copier, Inc. scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1988-02-25-1988-03-29
BOX-FOLDER 140/8 Water Gap Realty script, 1992-02-26
BOX-FOLDER 140/9 WCBS Newsradio 88 scripts and notes, 1987-05-20-1987-07-02
BOX-FOLDER 140/10 Whirl vegetable shortening scripts and correspondence, 1959-04-29-1959-12-02
Benton & Bowles, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 140/11 The World Challenge scripts, 1981-06-15-1981-06-25
For the book The World Challenge by Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1981).
WQXR, 1974-1991
Intended for voice actor: Bob Landers.
See also Landco Labs, Inc. receipts , New Sounds, Inc. , and Mobil WQXR scripts .
BOX-FOLDER 140/12 Scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1981-08-05-1991-01-04
BOX-FOLDER 141/1 Daily news logs, 1974-10-1975-03-28
BOX-FOLDER 141/2 Zabar's scripts and catalog, 1987-1988-07-18
Zenith, 1971-1995
BOX-FOLDER 141/3-4 Bose, 1994-03-25-1995-03-24
Scripts and correspondence. Includes an American Federation of TV and Radio Artists HR report.
BOX-FOLDER 141/5 Scripts, correspondence, and research materials, 1971-09-15-1989-04-03
A letter in the file mentions Schwartz's book The Responsive Chord.
BOX-FOLDER 141/6 Teletext, 1983-1983-07-13
Intended for voice actor: Alan Bleviss.
BOX-FOLDER 141/7 Advanced Video Imaging scripts and research materials, 1993-1994-02-04
Art and design work, 1999, undated
Contains visual art comprised of graphics, dust jacket, brochure, and animations. Art work includes: Christmas Carol by Robert Gwathmey, unidentified pencil and paint sketch, a drawing by John Kaizer, and materials related to Karate Kids, an AIDS comic book for street children. Arranged in chronological order, then alphabetical by title.
BOX-FOLDER 142/1 Miscellaneous drawings and cartoon illustrations, undated, 1999-08-10
John Kaizer, Robert Gwathmey, Karate Kids.
BOX-FOLDER 142/2 The Almost Making of the President 1968: A Narrative History of the Campaign That Almost Won book jacket, circa 1968
BOX-FOLDER 142/3 Children and God graphics, undated
See also Children and God in Series 3, Audiovisual publications.
BOX-FOLDER 142/4 Guerrilla Media graphics, circa 1967
BOX-FOLDER 220/9 Guerrilla Media graphic, "The Evening News," circa 1967
BOX-FOLDER 142/5 Pinocchio animation, undated
BOX-FOLDER 142/6 Wexton Company brochure, undated
Broadcast and recorded work, 1959-1999
Contains files relating to theatrical sound design, film, sound recordings, and radio projects produced by Schwartz. Items include correspondence, playbills, reviews, liner notes, and promotional materials. Arranged in chronological order, then alphabetical by program/production title.
BOX-FOLDER 142/7 Miracle Worker playbill, 1959-10-19, undated
Photocopy of Playbill.
BOX-FOLDER 142/8 Playbill issue for Cool World and reviews, 1960-02-22-1960-02-23
BOX-FOLDER 142/9 One More River review, 1960-03-18
Photocopied 1997-07-09.
BOX-FOLDER 142/10 You're Stepping on My Shadow reviews and Critics' Choice listing, circa 1962-1962-07-15
New York Times and New York Herald-Tribune reviews appear to have been photocopied from microfilm negative.
BOX-FOLDER 142/11 Liner notes for Standing Here at the Present Time... A Sound Portrait of New York City, circa 1965-1965-10
For a limited edition recording created for the Gallery of Modern Art photo exhibit marking the fiftieth anniversary of the Women's City Club of New York.
BOX-FOLDER 142/12 Sound of the Family of Man transcript and correspondence, 1967-07-18-1968-03-04
In English and French.
BOX-FOLDER 142/13 WNYC press release, program guide, and other material, 1968-07-05-1995-01
"WNYC Programs" bibliography, Adventures in Sound transcript submission (in English and French) for Prix Italia, Communication Journal public announcement transcript, letters from Seymour Siegel and Oscar Brand.
See also recordings of Schwartz's WNYC radio programs in the Schwartz Collection ; WNYC business correspondence ; radio scripts and research items in Schwartz's public service clients material ; and the WNYC subject file .
BOX-FOLDER 142/14 Frank Film film notes and article, circa 1973-1999-09-24
New York State Writers Institute Classic Film Series (University at Albany, State University of New York).
BOX-FOLDER 142/15 All Things Considered letter of agreement, correspondence, and other material, 1975-09-22-1999-02-26
Transcript, guest commentators schedule, promotional material for Lost and Found Sound — "Tony Schwartz: 30,000 Recordings Later," letters from Jim Russell.
BOX-FOLDER 142/16 Brochure for My Own Yard to Play In film screening, 1994-05-07
Eighth Annual City Lore Festival of Film and Video.
BOX-FOLDER 142/17 New York Percussion Trio notes, undated
Transcripts, 1956-1992
Primarily transcripts of interviews and speaking engagements conducted by Schwartz. Materials include outline and notes of presentations, television transcripts, and correspondence. Arranged in chronological order, then alphabetical by title or radio station.
Please note some transcripts might also be found in other series.
BOX-FOLDER 142/18 Art Directors Club presentation outline, 1956-03-06-1969-03
BOX-FOLDER 142/19 "General Presentation" outline, 1966
BOX-FOLDER 142/20 Advertising presentation outline, 1973-09
BOX-FOLDER 142/21 Environmental Media presentation outline, 1974-01
BOX-FOLDER 142/22 Anthony Bouza, Lawrence Lief interview and article, 1977-05-04-1983-11-13
New York Times news clipping.
BOX-FOLDER 142/23 Federal-State Reports Conference materials, 1979-01-0 4
Letter from Jacqueline Bailey, "Narrowcasting" notes.
BOX-FOLDER 142/24 Morning Edition correspondence and transcripts, 1982-04-13-1982-04-19
Includes a letter from Debra Kirsch.
BOX-FOLDER 142/25 "Narrowcasting and Shame" presentation outline, 1987-03-10
BOX-FOLDER 142/26 Miscellaneous transcripts, circa 1989-1992-05-28
Bill Moyers: The Public Mind, Face the Nation, Adam Smith's Money World, CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, Sound of Sight, "Type & Lettering," "What is a Trillion?," Bob Landers 1992-05-21, Marty Edleston 1992-05-28.
BOX-FOLDER 142/27 Media Minutes program scripts, 1990
WQXR radio program.
BOX-FOLDER 142/28 Interview with Tony Schwartz script, 1991-04-19
Deborah Feyerick.
BOX-FOLDER 142/29 Terry Shintani phone transcripts, 1992-04-30
Conversations with Ray Brousseau, Dr. Terry Shintani.
BOX-FOLDER 142/30 CBS research director speech, undated
Handwritten at top of p. 1 of transcript: "Goldmark, CBS research director."
BOX-FOLDER 143/1 Currents: Media Salesmanship program transcript, undated
WNET television program.
BOX-FOLDER 143/2 "Generation Gap" transcribed notes, undated
BOX-FOLDER 143/3 "Graphic Design" transcribed notes, undated
BOX-FOLDER 143/4 New Dimensions in Sound reel contents, undated
BOX-FOLDER 143/5 Recall and transcribed notes, undated
BOX-FOLDER 143/6 Interview with Sandy Tredinnick, undated
Massachusetts universities presentation for Michael Rowan, "Mike Rowan and Kayla Schwartz re. Education."
BOX-FOLDER 143/7 "Tony and Jack" transcribed notes, undated
BOX-FOLDER 143/8 "Six ad interview" notes, undated
Interview with Tony Schwartz.
"Production 7501."
BOX-FOLDER 143/9 "Woodstock Interviews" transcribed notes, undated
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