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Series 3. Works and Publications, 1950-2004 (continued)
Writings, 1953-2004, undated (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 158/7 Columns, 1976-06-14-1983-08-10
Photocopies of columns. Original folder titles were "Radio has yet to be discovered" and "On target."
Pages numbered chronologically by date.
BOX-FOLDER 158/8 "Uses and Misuses of Advertising" columns, 1975-12-19-1982-03-17
Pages numbered chronologically by date.
BOX-FOLDER 158/9 Column compilation booklet, 1977
Fifty-four page booklet, with an index of Schwartz's MIN columns from before 1977.
BOX-FOLDER 158/10 "Social Effects of Media" columns, 1979-03-19-1983-08-24
Pages numbered chronologically by date.
BOX-FOLDER 158/11 "Political Airwaves" columns, 1976-07-19-1983-05-18
Pages numbered chronologically by date.
BOX-FOLDER 158/12 "And Now the News!" columns, 1967-04-1982-10-20
Pages numbered chronologically by date.
BOX-FOLDER 159/1 "Researching the Consumer" columns, 1975-11-14-1982-03-03
Pages numbered chronologically by date.
BOX-FOLDER 159/2 "Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax" columns, 1968-01-1983-11-16
Pages numbered chronologically by date.
BOX-FOLDER 159/3 "Recording" columns, 1963-10-1980-07-23
Also includes "Sound for Photographers" and "Tony Schwartz on Sound" columns.
Pages numbered chronologically by date.
BOX-FOLDER 159/4 "Media and Education" columns, 1967-07-1982-05-05, undated
Pages numbered chronologically by date: added newsletter, 1977-02-21.
BOX-FOLDER 159/5 Columns, 1967-03-1993-04-26, undated
Mnemonic Speech cover and a compilation booklet of Tony Schwartz's MIN columns with index and introduction. Most drafts are undated.
BOX-FOLDER 159/6 Columns, undated
BOX-FOLDER 159/7 "The FTC's Print and Buggy Romance with Truth," circa 1967
BOX-FOLDER 159/8 "Television and Violence" research and articles, 1969-11-15-1982-05-06
BOX-FOLDER 159/9 "Hear and There," 1992-10-26-1992-11-23
Two columns.
BOX-FOLDER 159/10 Letter concerning a Tony Schwartz MIN column, 1977-08-30
Letter from David Marsh at CBS regarding an interview Tony Schwartz wrote about in MIN; interview transcript included.
BOX-FOLDER 159/11 Media Lobbying flier, undated
Media, the Second God, circa 1970s-circa 1990s
BOX-FOLDER 159/12 Post publication materials, 1982-07-16-1987
Includes correspondence regarding the Japanese translation of the book.
BOX-FOLDER 159/13 Book notes, undated
BOX-FOLDER 159/14 Artwork, circa 1980
Artwork by Nurit Karlin.
BOX-FOLDER 230/9-10 Nurit Karlin Statue of Liberty artwork, circa 1980 circa 1980
Folder 9 contains a negative print of Karlin's drawing that has been pasted to a backing board, 12x22 inches. Folder 10 contains two paste-up copies of the drawing, one positive and one negative, each with a tissue overlay and each measuring 12x22 inches.
Karlin's Statue of Liberty drawing faces p. [3] in the first edition of the book (1981).
BOX-FOLDER 160/1 Fan letters and reviews, 1981-1982
BOX-FOLDER 160/2 Publicity, 1981-1982
Magazines, articles, correspondence, PR drafts, scripts, and invoices.
BOX-FOLDER 160/3 Cover art, first edition, 1981
Correspondence, articles, and cover drafts.
BOX-FOLDER 226/6 Cover lettering and design, 1983 paperback edition, circa 1983
Paste-up of the word "Media," 10 1/2x8 1/2 inches; negative image of the full cover, opened, printed on three-hole-punched plastic, 11x14 inches; and a positive paper print of the full cover, opened, 8x12 1/2 inches.
BOX-FOLDER 230/8 Cover lettering and design, 1983 paperback edition, circa 1983
Four orange sheets of paper, each 12 1/2x16 inches and three-hole-punched, containing paste-up negatives of front and back cover lettering and a Tony Schwartz photograph, for the 1983 paperback edition.
BOX-FOLDER 160/4 Post publication, circa 1980s
Invoices, articles, correspondence, and PR.
BOX-FOLDER 160/5 John Jay campaign case study, 1981
A photocopy of the chapter from the book.
BOX-FOLDER 160/6 Review correspondence, 1981-1983
BOX-FOLDER 160/7 Petrov interview, circa 1990s
BOX-FOLDER 160/8-9 Book draft, circa 1980s
BOX-FOLDER 160/10 Correspondence, circa 1980
Correspondence and drafts. There is one 8x10-inch contact sheet of various photos of Tony Schwartz in his office.
BOX-FOLDER 161/1-2 Research, circa 1970s-circa 1980s
Magazines, articles, correspondence, drafts.
BOX-FOLDER 161/3 Correspondence, circa 1980
Rights, colleague feedback.
BOX-FOLDER 161/4 Correspondence, 1985-05-01
BOX-FOLDER 161/5 Book, first edition, 1981
Hardback with note cards inside.
BOX-FOLDER 161/6 Book draft and research, 1977-05-23-1980-02-20
Correspondence and notes on the book draft and research materials. Includes copies of Media Industry Newsletter (MIN) column articles.
See also Media Industry Newsletter.
BOX-FOLDER 161/7 The Second God: Media in the Post-Literate Society, undated
A draft of the book with one page of notes to accompany the tabs marked throughout the draft.
BOX-FOLDER 161/8 "The Microphone as a Lens," undated
Article from the magazine Popular Photography.
BOX-FOLDER 161/9 Letter regarding The Naked Computer, 1983-01-05
Letter regarding an article Schwartz was writing for the book.
BOX-FOLDER 161/10 "Narrowcasting: Tune In Your Listeners with Radio," 1980-02-09
Letter of agreement.
BOX-FOLDER 161/11 "New Voices" column, 1969-01-1969-11
Educational Television magazines and correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 161/12 "Nynex Impact" biography draft and article, undated
Draft of a biography and article on the impact of the telephone in Schwartz's life.
BOX-FOLDER 161/13 On Political Advertising brochure, undated
American Advertising Museum brochure.
BOX-FOLDER 161/14 "Perception or Dropouts?" 1968-04
Music Notes magazine.
BOX-FOLDER 161/15 Popular Photography correspondence and articles, 1962-12-17-1965-05
BOX-FOLDER 161/16 "Puncturing Advertising Myths," 1977-06-30
Article from Boardroom Reports.
See also Boardroom Reports in commercial client files .
BOX-FOLDER 162/1 Correspondence concerning "Radio: The Forgotten Medium," 1979-11-28-1979-12-17
Correspondence for the magazine Campaigns and Elections.
BOX-FOLDER 162/2 "Radio: Two Creative Methods," 1978-05-29
Advertising Age article.
BOX-FOLDER 162/3 "The RCA Tape Cartridge," 1959-04
Modern Hi-Fi article, number 2.
The Responsive Chord, 1960s-1992
BOX-FOLDER 162/4 Chapter drafts, 1960s-1973
Drafts of The Responsive Chord book chapters: "Introduction," "Sound in the Environment," "Education in the Global Village," "Political Communication, or, How to Package Voters," "Women's Discussion," and La Monte Young page "Dream Music."
BOX-FOLDER 162/5 Book draft, 1973
Final print draft.
BOX-FOLDER 162/6 Correspondence, 1977-08-16-1992-02-11
Reprint requests, Doubleday correspondence.
BOX-FOLDER 162/7 Master book draft, circa 1973
Master print draft with corrections.
BOX-FOLDER 162/8 Publicity, circa 1973-circa 1975
BOX-FOLDER 162/9 Fan letters and other materials, 1973-11-08-1975-01-14
Correspondence, reviews, PR drafts, radio publicity spot sales reports.
BOX-FOLDER 162/10 Publicity materials, 1957, circa 1971-circa 1980s, 2001
Book cover designs, correspondence, reviews, publicity, radio spot invoices. Included are five photographs of Anton Schwartz for the book.
BOX-FOLDER 162/11 First edition office copy, 1973
Personal office copy of the book with handwritten notes and tabs. The date “1978-09-24” is written on the dust jacket.
BOX-FOLDER 163/1 Paperback copy, 1974
BOX-FOLDER 163/2 "Hard Sell, Soft Sell, Deep Sell" and other materials, 1992
Section of the book used in a communications reader for Simon Fraser University. Also contains a section of Marshal McLuhan's Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man and "Ads: Keeping Upset with the Joneses."
See also the McLuhan correspondence file , McLuhan symposium content , and the extensive McLuhan subject files .
BOX-FOLDER 163/3 "Schwartz on Media," 1972-07
Politea article, volume 1, number 4.
BOX-FOLDER 163/4 "60 Minutes" op-ed drafts, 1968-undated
"Sound Directions," 1960s
Art Direction magazine.
BOX-FOLDER 163/5-7 Column, circa 1960s
See also "Guide for Tape Recording."
BOX-FOLDER 163/8 Correspondence relating to "Speed Hearing: Variable Velocity Comprehension," 1971-04-20-1971-05-15
Letters in response to article in BM/E magazine.
BOX-FOLDER 163/9 "Stimuli and Responses" handout, undated
A handout made by Schwartz referencing Erich Fromm's The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness.
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