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Series 2. Bob Hope Personal Files, 1930s-2000s (continued)
Script development file, 1950s-1990s
Scripts and treatments for a variety of proposed television series, made-for-TV movies, and theatrical feature films.
Arranged alphabetically by title, according to original order.
BOX-FOLDER 1267/1-3 Indices
BOX 1842 Index of scripts
BOX-FOLDER 1585/9 Television screenplay ideas
BOX-FOLDER 1267/4-5 The Adventures of Tillie Miller: "She's No Gunga-Din", June 5, 1970
Pilot episode script for a proposed television series. Written by Gene Perret and Ed Hercer.
BOX-FOLDER 1267/6-7 Affirmative Action, March 18, 1982, and August 11, 1983
Treatment and script for a proposed theatrical feature film. Written by Joseph Sinay, Clifford Alsberg, and Carol Mendelsohn.
BOX-FOLDER 1267/8 Aim for the Heart, 1989
Written by Tom Bartos. Based upon a story by James R. Ramey.
BOX-FOLDER 1267/9-10 Alimony is for the Birds
Written by Paul McNamara.
BOX-FOLDER 1268/1 All-American College Girl, or Ms. College U.S.A., June 15, 1991
Treatment for a proposed television series. Created by Linda Hope, based on an idea by Bob Hope.
BOX-FOLDER 1268/2 All in Good Faith, May 6, 1974
Treatment. Screenplay by R. L. Grove, story by Fred Beir and R. L. Grove.
BOX-FOLDER 1268/3 Amateurs
Written by Michael Cole and Jean Ford.
BOX-FOLDER 1268/4 America's Darlings
Treatment by Joseph Adelman
BOX-FOLDER 1268/5 Apple Pie
Treatment for proposed television series. Created and written by Michael Hastings, Stuart Adelson, and Lee Livingston.
BOX-FOLDER 1268/6 Angie: "The Homecoming"
Written by Tony Garofalo.
BOX-FOLDER 1268/7 Army Brats
Treatment for proposed situation comedy television series. Created by Ralph Goodman and Jay Burton.
BOX-FOLDER 1268/8 The Assassin Conspiracy, 1977
Script, correspondence, and production budget for proposed film. Written by Jean-Marie Pelissie.
BOX-FOLDER 1268/9 At Your Service, September 26, 1980
Script for proposed television series. Written by Sybil Adelman and Martin Sage.
BOX-FOLDER 1268/10 Away From It All
Treatment. Created and written by Bernard M. Kahn and Ronald Rubin.
BOX 1268-1269 The Awful Truth: a comedy in three acts
BOX 1268 (1 folder)
BOX 1269 (1 folder)
Script for the 1922 play by Arthur Richman.
BOX-FOLDER 1269/2 Baby Peaches and the Sunshine Love Concert
Treatment written by Judie Berke.
BOX-FOLDER 1269/3 Bachelor at Law, September 15, 1971
Script written and created by Ed Weinberger.
BOX-FOLDER 1269/4 Bailey Miller
BOX-FOLDER 1269/5-8 Baxter the Great
Working titles include The Greatest, Baxter, The Great Baxter, and Baxter the Greatest. Written by Michael Kanin and Ben Starr.
BOX-FOLDER 1270/1 Benjie Scott, Attorney-at-Law, 1972
Treatment for proposed situation comedy television series.
BOX-FOLDER 1270/2 The Best Yet!
Treatment written by G. William Jones.
BOX-FOLDER SCRx/3 Biffy Spangle and the Comeback Kid
Treatment for proposed television movie by Bob Mills.
BOX-FOLDER 1270/4 The Big Guns or: Whose Little Lily Is She?
BOX-FOLDER 1270/5 Big Mo
Script by Douglas Morrow.
BOX-FOLDER 1270/6 The Big Sweat Over Swizel Mahoney
Treatment by Albert E. Lewin.
BOX-FOLDER 1270/7 Billyboy
Script by William Wood
BOX-FOLDER 1270/8 Blood Ties, 1984
Treatment written by John J. Darago and Saria Kraft.
BOX-FOLDER 1270/9 Body Language
Pilot treatment for a proposed television series by Bob Hope's niece Avis Hope and Gene Scandur.
BOX-FOLDER 1270/10 Boy in a Box, November 16, 1965
Script by Charles G. Taylor, from an idea by Richard Jury.
BOX-FOLDER 1270/11 Brain Child, April 27, 1987
Treatment by Jim Fisher and Jim Staahl.
BOX-FOLDER 1270/12 Breese and Blake
Treatments for a proposed situation comedy television series. Series format by Ralph Goodman. See also Say When.
BOX-FOLDER 1271/1-5 The Bride Wore Blinkers, 1971, 1979
Scripts written by Bob O'Brien.
BOX-FOLDER 1271/6 Broadslide
BOX-FOLDER 1272/1 The Broken Gun
Script by Tom McIntyre. Based on a book by Louis L'Amour. The same source material was later used for the feature film Cancel My Reservation.
BOX-FOLDER 1272/2 Brumby
Treatment for television series. Created by Kevin Robb and Dick Numier.
BOX-FOLDER 1272/3 Buck and Wing: The Last of the Orpheum Hot-Shots
Script by Trustin Howard.
BOX-FOLDER 1272/4 Bumper Stickers
Treatment for a proposed television variety special.
BOX-FOLDER 1272/5 Bum's Rush
Script by Webb Richard Marris.
BOX-FOLDER 1272/6 The Butler Did It, October 1, 1984
Treatment by Stef Donev and Mary Kaiser Donev.
BOX-FOLDER 1272/7 Catch a Falling Star, November 25, 1962
Treatment by Nathaniel Benchley.
BOX-FOLDER 1272/8 Charley Ripple
Script by Jonathan Daly.
BOX 1272-1273 The Chic Life, 1966, and August 20, 1970
BOX 1272 (1 folder)
BOX 1273 (2 folders)
Scripts by Arthur Marx and Robert Fisher.
BOX-FOLDER 1273/3 Clinic
Treatment for a situation comedy television series by Stef Donev and Mary Kaiser Donev.
BOX-FOLDER 1273/4 Clive of India
Script by Carl Krueger.
BOX-FOLDER 1273/5 The Collectors
Treatment for a television series by Jack Margolis and Nathaniel Lande.
BOX-FOLDER 1273/6 Comics, September 3, 1980
Script by Ron Clark.
BOX-FOLDER 1273/7 Comrades in Arms
Treatment by Arthur Marx and Robert Fisher.
BOX-FOLDER 1273/8 Counter Intelligence Corps: "The Mueller Case", 1960
Treatment for a proposed television series produced in cooperation with the Department of Defense and the Department of the Army. Created by Franklin Adreon and Rudy Ralston.
BOX-FOLDER 1273/9 Crocodile Fundee, May 12, 1987
Treatment for a proposed television special by Ben Starr.
BOX-FOLDER 1273/10 The Crooked Road to Heaven
Treatment by Sam Perrin and Danny Desmond.
BOX-FOLDER 1274/1 The Danny Scholl Story, 1982
Script for a proposed television movie by Richard Lewellen. Based on the life of actor Danny Scholl.
BOX-FOLDER 1274/2 The Devil and Mr. Snead
Script by Maurice Richlin.
BOX-FOLDER 1274/3 Did You Ever Sea a Dream Walking
Treatment by Walt deFaria.
BOX-FOLDER 1274/4 Disco Daddy
Formerly titled Daddy Rock. Treatment by Lonnie Burr, from an idea by Eddie Rio, Sr.
BOX-FOLDER 1274/5 Dividends of Democracy
Treatment for a proposed dramatic television series by Vincent X. Flaherty.
BOX-FOLDER 1274/6 Donovan's Restaurant
BOX-FOLDER 1274/7 The Doorman
Treatment by Bob Hope and Henry Garson.
BOX-FOLDER 1274/8 Double-Double Trouble-Trouble, January 5, 1987
Treatment for a proposed film by Martha Bolton.
BOX-FOLDER 1274/9 Double Eagle
Treatment for a proposed television series by John Christopher Strong and Michael R. Stein.
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