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Series 2. Bob Hope Personal Files, 1930s-2000s (continued)
Script development file, 1950s-1990s (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 1274/10 The Duffers, 1986
Treatment for a proposed film by Angela Green and Avrum Fine.
BOX 1274-1275 The Eagle and the Shield, November 28, 1983
BOX 1274 (1 folder)
BOX 1275 (1 folder)
Correspondence, treatments, and script. Created by Tom Donald and Jesse Veliz, screenplay written by Tom Donald and Kevin S. Tenney.
BOX-FOLDER 1275/2 Elroy
Script by Slappy White.
BOX-FOLDER 1275/3-5 The Family That Stays Together...
Scripts by Sam Perrin.
BOX-FOLDER 1275/6 Fast Pace
Treatment by Nicholas Athan, from a screenplay by Walter Dean and Nicholas Athan.
BOX-FOLDER 1275/7 Father Bob, March 4, 1977
Script by Gene Perret.
BOX-FOLDER 1275/8 Father Broadway, January 28, 1988
Treatment by Gene Perret and Bill Richmond.
BOX-FOLDER 1276/1 Fatty
Script by Webb Eliscu and Gerald Fine, from an original story by George Hope. Based on the life of actor Fatty Arbuckle.
BOX-FOLDER 1276/2 Feudin'
Script by Roger Kumble and I. Marlene King.
BOX-FOLDER 1276/3 The Fighting 29th
Treatment by Jane Upton Bell.
BOX-FOLDER 1276/4 Find Freddie!, 1972
Treatment by Ken Englund.
BOX-FOLDER 1276/5-6 First Train to Nowhere, January 17 and December 7, 1969, and January 20, 1978
Treatment and script by Ben Starr, and suggested revisions by Lachman, Turner, and Mitchell.
BOX-FOLDER 1276/7 The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, May 19, 1978
Script by Jaison Starkes and Matt Neuman.
BOX-FOLDER 1276/8 The Floorwalker
Outline for a farce with music, written by Bob Hunter and Warren Leslie, from an original story by Bob Bixler.
BOX-FOLDER 1277/1 Follow the Red-Striped Line
Treatment for a proposed television series by Jeff Rooks, with the cooperation of the U.S. Veterans Administration.
BOX-FOLDER 1277/2-3 Footsteps, 1980
Also titled Stage Father. Treatments and script by Lester White, Johnny Rapp, and Mark Anthony.
BOX-FOLDER 1277/4 For Better Or Worse, 1986
Treatment for a proposed motion picture by Peter Nelson.
BOX-FOLDER 1277/5 For the Love of Pete, November 24, 1980
Treatment for a proposed television series and pilot episode by Mary-David Sheiner and Sheila Judis Weisberg.
BOX-FOLDER 1277/6 445 North Rossmore, 1990
Treatment by Anne L. Marshall.
BOX-FOLDER 1277/7 The Genius, 1976
Script by Andrew L. Stone.
BOX-FOLDER 1277/8 A Ghost of a Chance
Treatment by Tom McIntyre.
BOX-FOLDER 1277/9 Ghost Town Dude
Treatment for a proposed television series by Stef Donev and Mary Kaiser Donev.
BOX-FOLDER 1277/10 G.I. Insignia: The G.I. Doc sequence
Script for a proposed television series by Bob Hope, Ted Sally, George Hope, and Mark Anthony.
BOX-FOLDER 1277/11 The Gloria Santiago Show
Treatment for a proposed comedy television series by Lisa Loomer.
BOX-FOLDER 1277/12 Golf scene ; Headlines ; Pool room scene
Three risque sketches by Eddie Ware.
BOX-FOLDER 1277/13 Good Morning Evie, Good Morning John
Treatment for a proposed television series by Pauline Piersol and Rex Thompson.
BOX-FOLDER 1278/1-3 The Gooney Bird, 1974
Treatment and script for a proposed motion picture by Carl Krueger, based on a novel by William c. Anderson.
BOX-FOLDER 1278/4 The Gospel Singer
Script by Harry Crews, from his novel.
BOX-FOLDER 1278/5 A Great Day for Camping Out
Treatment by Harry Essex.
BOX-FOLDER 1278/6 Great Lovers, 1983
Treatment for a proposed television series by Frank II.
BOX-FOLDER 1278/7 The Great Moscow Tee Party
Treatment by William L. Ryan and Sam Summerlin.
BOX-FOLDER 1278/8 The Gypsy King
BOX-FOLDER 1278/9 Hallelujah I'm a Bum Blues
Treatment for a proposed tlevision special or series by Don Sherman.
BOX-FOLDER 1278/10 Hallowed Halls: "The Dunston Affair", July 25, 1987, and June 24, 1989
Treatment and script for television series and pilot episode by Robert L. Mills and Martha Bolton.
BOX-FOLDER 1279/1 Hang 'em High
Script by Leonard Freeman and Mel Goldberg.
BOX-FOLDER 1279/2 Harold Between Yawns
Treatment by Robert Brakeman.
BOX-FOLDER 1279/3 Have Nothing, Must Travel
Treatment by Bob O'Brien.
BOX-FOLDER 1279/4 Headmaster, 1989
BOX-FOLDER 1279/5 Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
Script by Bob O'Brien.
BOX-FOLDER 1279/6 The Heart of Hollywood
BOX-FOLDER 1279/7 To Heir Is Human
Script by Sheila Allan and Earl Hansen.
BOX-FOLDER 1279/8 Hickam the Judge
Treatment for a proposed comedy television series by Sam Perrin.
BOX-FOLDER 1279/9 High Button Shoes
Script for proposed adaptation of the Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn, and Stephen Longstreet musical, adapted by Michael Stewart.
BOX-FOLDER 1279/10 Hollywood Agent
Treatment for a proposed television series.
BOX-FOLDER 1279/11 Hollywood Agent: "Ten Percent of a Mother", 1967
Treatment for a pilot episode by Sam Perrin and Arnold Belgard.
BOX-FOLDER 1280/1-2 Hollywood Agent: "Catch a Falling Star"
Treatment for a pilot episode by Sam Perrin and Danny Desmond. Created by Bob Hope.
BOX-FOLDER 1280/3 Hollywood Deb Star Ball
BOX-FOLDER 1280/4 The Hollywood Hall of Fame
Treatment for a proposed television event by Gloria Rhoads Berlin.
BOX-FOLDER 1280/5 Hollywood Hills
BOX-FOLDER 1280/6 The Hope Heart Institute: "Hope for the Heart", September 2, 1986
Script for a proposed television special.
BOX 1280-1281 The Bob Hope Story, 1973, 1984, and 1985
BOX 1280 (1 folder)
BOX 1281 (2 folders)
Scripts by Melville Shavelson and Arthur Heinemann. Biopic on the early life of Bob Hope through the beginning of World War II and the adoption of Linda Hope.
BOX-FOLDER 1281/3 Bob Hope's Comedy Round-Up of Country Stars
BOX-FOLDER 1281/4 Bob Hope's Duffers Guide to Golf
Treatment for a proposed home video cassette recording, written by Linda Hope.
BOX-FOLDER 1281/5 Bob Hope's Golf Classic
Treatment for a proposed syndicated television show by Alan Mink, Dick Whittington, and Bob Sarenpa.
BOX-FOLDER 1281/6 Bob Hope's Super Bowl Follies, or The NFL in Revue
Treatment for a proposed television variety special.
BOX-FOLDER 1281/7 Hopetown
Treatments for a proposed television series by Bob and George Hope.
BOX-FOLDER 1281/8 Horseplay
BOX-FOLDER 1281/9 How to Commit Marriage
Treatment by Ben Starr and Michael Kanin.
BOX-FOLDER 1281/10 How to Get a Wife
Treatment by George Hope.
BOX-FOLDER 1281/11 I Saw Him Die
Treatment by T.E.B. Clarke.
BOX-FOLDER 1281/12 I Smell the Blood of an Englishman, 1972
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