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Series 2. Bob Hope Personal Files, 1930s-2000s (continued)
Script development file, 1950s-1990s (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 1288/7 Out Of This World
BOX-FOLDER 1288/8 Outstanding Athlete of the Year, September 7, 1988
Treatment for annual sports award program.
BOX 1288-1289 Panic on the Potomac, 1982-1985
BOX 1288 (2 folders)
BOX 1289 (1 folder)
Treatment and scripts by William C. Anderson, Guy Gilbert, and Jack Fitzgerald, based on the novel Pandemonium on the Potomac by William C. Anderson.
BOX-FOLDER 1289/2 Par for the Course: Bob Hope's History of Golf, circa 1980
Treatment for television documentary series.
BOX-FOLDER 1289/3 Pardon My Bigfoot, March 30, 1984
Screenplay by Eric Peterson.
BOX-FOLDER 1289/4 Partners
Treatments by Ed Naha.
BOX-FOLDER 1289/5 Penny Bag: an urban fantasy
Screenplay by C.K. Graupner and Russ Weatherford.
BOX-FOLDER 1289/6 Picasso (Santa Claus)
Treatment by Jim Moloney, on the proposed David Niven Jr. production of Santa Claus.
BOX-FOLDER 1289/7 A Play in Three Acts, 1990
Script by Tom Sarnoff.
BOX-FOLDER 1290/1-3 Playing Through
Treatments and scripts by Mickey McTague.
BOX-FOLDER 1290/4 Podunk, U.S.S.R., February 1983
Treatment for a comedy film by Bill Jacobson.
BOX-FOLDER 1290/5 The Police Hall of Fame: "The Gallagher Story", March 28, 1957
Script for a proposed television pilot episode.
BOX-FOLDER 1290/6 P.O.W., Inc.
Treatment for a proposed television series by Nathaniel Lande.
BOX-FOLDER 1290/7 Prince Dracula (Pink Butterfly)
Scripts by Nick Felix and Ann Allen, from an idea by William F. Pecchi, Sr.
BOX 1290-1291 The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell, December 27, 1966, and March 27, 1967
BOX 1290 (1 folder)
BOX 1291 (1 folder)
Scripts by Frank Tashlin.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/2 Promise of America
Treatment for a proposed television special by Nathaniel Lande.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/3 Rah, Rah, Rah
Treatment for a proposed television special by Ben Starr.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/4 The Rape of the S.I.F.
Script by Shaun Considine.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/5 The Reluctant Stallion
Treatment by Lester White.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/6 Requiescat synopsis
Treatment by Chas. Shekwood.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/7 Return Engagement
Treatment for a proposed television series.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/8 The Return of Lefty Gibraltar, January 27, 1987
Treatment for a proposed film by Martha Bolton.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/9 Reverend Mom
Treatment for a proposed television situation comedy series by Mary Kaiser Donev and Stef Donev.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/10 Ribbons!
BOX-FOLDER 1291/11 Ring Horse
Treatment for a proposed comedy film by Richard Quine and William Asher.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/12 The Road from St. Andrews
Script by Stanley Anderson and Joe Novak.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/13 The Road to Christmas
Treatment for a proposed adaptation of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" by Eugene Burr and Vernon Scott.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/14 The Road to Everywhere, February 14, 1985
Treatment for a proposed television pilot episode by Ed Simmons and Gene Perret.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/15 Road to India, April 18, 1961
Treatment by Bob Hope.
BOX-FOLDER 1291/16 Road to India
Treatment by D. Donaldson Smith.
BOX-FOLDER 1292/1 The Road to Killiecrankie
Treatment for a proposed comedy film by T.E.B. Clarke. Adaptation of I Saw Him Die.
BOX-FOLDER 1292/2 The Road to Rome, or When in Rome
BOX-FOLDER 1292/3 The Road to the Fountain of Youth, 1977-1979
Treatments for a proposed comedy film by Melville Shavelson and Jack Rose. Includes separate versions featuring Bing Crosby or George Burns.
BOX-FOLDER 1292/4-5 Roberta
Compendium of various stage and television productions of Roberta.
BOX-FOLDER 1293/1 Rocky Marciano [Story]
Treatment for a proposed biopic of Rocky Marciano, written by Jim Cione.
BOX 1293-1294 Brockton Blockbuster, or Pardon My Glove
BOX 1293 (5 folders)
BOX 1294 (1 folder)
Manuscript for a Rocky Marciano memoir, written by Ray Van Dusen.
BOX-FOLDER 1294/2 The Room Without Walls
Script by Sam Perrin.
BOX-FOLDER 1294/3 The Rose Parade Heist
Treatment for a proposed film by Henry Garson.
BOX-FOLDER 1294/4 Ruby in Retrospect
Collection of stories about Jack Ruby, written by "Tony" Zoppi.
BOX-FOLDER 1294/5 The Salad Years, 1972
Script for a proposed television series by Oliver Hailey.
BOX-FOLDER 1294/6-7 Sam: The Life Story of Samuel Jackson Snead, circa 1990
Treatment for a proposed biopic by Robert L. Lusby.
BOX-FOLDER 1294/8 Sarang, January 15, 1974
Script by Roger Caras, James Hill, and Howard Rayfiel, based on the novel by Roger Caras.
BOX-FOLDER 1294/9 Say When
Treatment by Sam Perrin and Ralph Goodman. See also Breese and Blake.
BOX-FOLDER 1294/10 Scam
Treatment by Danny Dare.
BOX-FOLDER 1295/1 The Sentry Collection of Five Television Entertainment presents Bob Hope's "Performance"
BOX-FOLDER 1295/2 September of My Years
Treatment by Jeffrey Auerbach.
BOX-FOLDER 1295/3 Shaugnessy, March 26, 1976
Script by Robert J. Hilliard and Patrick B. McCormick.
BOX-FOLDER 1295/4 A Shipment of Tarts, October 8, 1968
Script by Melville Shavelson and Mort Lachman.
BOX-FOLDER 1295/5 Shoestring Willie
Treatments for a proposed feature film by Al Lewis and Henry Garson.
BOX-FOLDER 1295/6 The Shrinking of Charlie Shane
BOX-FOLDER 1295/7 Sidney and the Werewolf's Widow
Script for a play by Bill Manhoff.
BOX-FOLDER 1295/8 Siliclone, April 15, 1983
Script by Nancy Benson.
BOX-FOLDER 1295/9 Sing Along with Millard Fillmore: A History of Presidential Campaign Songs 1800 to the Present
Treatment for a proposed television musical special.
BOX-FOLDER 1295/10 Situation Comedy
Script by Bruce Kane.
BOX-FOLDER 1296/1 Sleeper of the Year, December 14, 1970
Script by David Swift.
BOX-FOLDER 1296/2 Snap Judgment, January 5, 1987
Treatment by Martha Bolton.
BOX-FOLDER 1296/3 Sniffer: the story of a detective who is a part-time dog, september 1966
Treatments by Sam Perrin and Anrold Belgard.
BOX-FOLDER 1296/4 The Snitch
Script by Charles Isaacs.
BOX-FOLDER 1296/5 So You Want to Get to the Airport, Huh?
Illustrated treatment by Paul Markland and John Switzer.
BOX-FOLDER 1296/6 So's Your Old Man, 1974
Treatments by Warren S. Murray.
BOX-FOLDER 1296/7 The Solid Gold Cadillac
Script by Howard Teichmann and George S. Kaufman.
BOX-FOLDER 1296/8 Something About Walter Strong, 1984
Treatment by Judie Berke.
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