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Series 2. Bob Hope Personal Files, 1930s-2000s (continued)
Script development file, 1950s-1990s (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 1296/9 State of the Union
Script for a proposed television adaptation by Hal Kanter of the play by Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse.
BOX-FOLDER 1297/1 Stock Poor, January 5, 1987
Treatment by Martha Bolton.
BOX-FOLDER 1297/2 The String Savers
Script by Billy Grady.
BOX-FOLDER 1297/3 Suddenly a Stranger, April 28, 1984
Script by Michael Cole and Jean Ford.
BOX-FOLDER 1297/4 Sun Valley Follies
Treatment by Max R. Loud.
BOX-FOLDER 1297/5 Surrounded on Three Sides, 1970
BOX-FOLDER 1297/6 Swing Fever, 1988
Script for a proposed musical comedy about golf, written by Larry Nestor.
BOX-FOLDER 1297/7 Talk About It: the Boys and Girls Show About Divorce
Script for a proposed television show.
BOX-FOLDER 1297/8 Teens of the Sixties
Treatment for a proposed book by Robert S. Corum.
BOX-FOLDER 1297/9-10 10% (Ten Percent), 1987-1989
Treatments and scripts for a proposed television series.
BOX-FOLDER 1298/1 Thanks for the Memory, 1988
Treatment for a proposed home videocassette series.
BOX-FOLDER 1298/2 That's the Way It Was
Treatment by Frank O'Donnell.
BOX-FOLDER 1298/3 They Won't Forget!
Treatment by George Hope and Lawrence Marcus.
BOX-FOLDER 1298/4 Thanks for the Memory and Where There's Hope
Treatments for proposed television situation comedy shows by Ralph Goodman.
BOX-FOLDER 1298/5 Three to Go
Treatments for a proposed television series written by Richard Baer.
BOX-FOLDER 1298/6 The Tiger and the Pussycat
Treatment for a proposed television comedy series by Ben Starr.
BOX-FOLDER 1298/7-8 Title IX (Title Nine) (Woody's Women), 1976-1979
Treatments and scripts for a proposed television series by Jim McGinn and Jay Fiondella.
BOX-FOLDER 1298/9-10 Triple Smart, 1979
Script by James Granby Hunter, based on a story by Hunter and Kurt Feshbach.
BOX-FOLDER 1298/11 True Confessions
Treatment by Lucille Frisoli, based on a story by Roz Manganelli Clancy.
BOX-FOLDER 1298/12 T'was the Night
Script by Katherine Green.
BOX-FOLDER 1299/1-2 Verna, U.S.O. Girl (Verna, the U.S.O. Girl)
Script by David Shaber, from a story by Paul Gallico.
BOX-FOLDER 1299/3 A Very Genuine Love
Treatment by Hal Kanter, based on an idea by Kanter and Everett Greenbaum.
BOX-FOLDER 1299/4 The Videonauts!, 1982
Treatment for a proposed television series by Mark Rodden.
BOX-FOLDER 1299/5 Good Evening Mr. and Mrs. America: a screen treatment of Winchell
Treatment by Bob Thomas.
BOX-FOLDER 1299/6 The Walter Winchell Story (Pygmy on Stilts)
BOX-FOLDER 1299/7-8 The Walter Winchell Story
Scripts by Sidney Boehm.
BOX 1300-1302 "W.W."--The Legend of Walter Winchell
BOX 1300 (6 folders)
BOX 1301 (6 folders)
BOX 1302 (6 folders)
Scripts and treatments by Art Arthur.
BOX-FOLDER 1302/7 The War That Is
Treatment for a proposed television series written and created by Ronna Talmer.
BOX-FOLDER 1302/8-9 The War With No Name, 1988
Script by Larry Gwin and Marc Doyle, based on the true story by Marine Lieutenant Alex Wells.
BOX-FOLDER 1303/1 The Wasted, February 1973
Treatment for a proposed film by Peter Jones.
BOX-FOLDER 1303/2 The Way Out Inn
Treatment by Bob O'Brien.
BOX-FOLDER 1303/3 The Welsh Retrace
Treatment by Barney McNulty.
BOX-FOLDER 1303/4 Westward Hoke!
Treatment by Robert E. Kent.
BOX-FOLDER 1303/5 What's a Nice Country Like You Doing In a Crisis Like This?, 1968
Script by Charles Dennis.
BOX-FOLDER 1303/6 When An Angel Calls (An Academy Short Subject)
Script by Peter R.J. Deyell.
BOX-FOLDER 1303/7 Where's the Action?
Treatment for a gangster comedy by Chris and David Long.
BOX-FOLDER 1303/8 Where the Tall Corn Grows
Script by Carl Krueger.
BOX-FOLDER 1303/9 Wings of the Tiger
Script by Carl Krueger.
BOX 1303-1304 The Yanks Are a-Comin'!, 1983
BOX 1303 (1 folder)
BOX 1304 (1 folder)
Script and treatment for a proposed feature film by Richard Glassman.
BOX-FOLDER 1304/2-3 You Belong To Me, March 28, 1950
Scripts by Liam O'Brien.
BOX-FOLDER 1304/4 You'll Die Laughing
Treatment for a comedy by W.G. Campbell Bosco.
BOX-FOLDER 1304/5 Young Man With a Blonde
BOX-FOLDER 1304/6 Youth Is Where You Find It
Treatment by Royal Foster.
BOX-FOLDER 1304/7 A Heavenly Girl
Script by Albert S. Taylor.
BOX-FOLDER 1304/8 Pink Clouds
Script by Albert S. Taylor.
BOX-FOLDER 1304/9 The Times We Lived
Script by Albert S. Taylor.
BOX-FOLDER 1305/1 Gag material by Monty Aidem
BOX-FOLDER 1305/2 The Charley Boswell Story, March 1, 1991
Screenplay by Jacques Deerson based on Charley Boswell's book.
BOX-FOLDER 1305/3 Crash Course, July 1, 1973
Short screenplay by S. Lee Pogostin.
BOX-FOLDER 1305/4 Cutting Classes, 1982
Series and pilot episode treatments for half-hour comedy series created by Bob Hope and Bob Mills.
BOX-FOLDER 1305/5 A Hundred Dollars Worth of Life, July 1, 1973
Screenplay for short film by S. Lee Pogostin.
BOX-FOLDER 1305/6 Joe and Valerie, March 21-April 13, 1978
Tape draft scripts for four episodes by various writers.
BOX-FOLDER 1305/7 No Laughing Matters
Treatment by Henry Garson.
BOX-FOLDER 1305/8 Nuts To You, 1968
Script for a musical by Bob Hope.
BOX-FOLDER 1305/9 The Man Who Invented Love
Treatment for a musical by Lisa Antonia Romano and Tony Romano.
BOX-FOLDER 1306/1 Bob Hope's "On the Road to Great Golf
Treatment for a video series by K. Peel Connolly.
BOX-FOLDER 1306/2 Sher-Locke of Beverly Hills, January 18, 1991
Synopsis by Martha Bolton.
BOX-FOLDER 1306/3 Sisters: "Clean House, Clean Heart", January 20, 1988
Script for a television episode by Mimi Kennedy.
BOX-FOLDER 1306/4 Sisters: "Her Will Be Done"
Script for a television pilot episode by Mimi Kennedy.
BOX-FOLDER 1306/5 The Skin of Our Teeth, October 20, 1970
Screenplay draft by Mary Ellen Bute and T. J. Nemeth, Jr., based on a comedy by Thornton Wilder.
BOX-FOLDER 1306/6 Swingers
BOX-FOLDER 1306/7 Nightwork
Manuscript by Irwin Shaw.
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