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Series 3. Hope Enterprises Public Relations Files, 1900s-2000s (continued)
Public relations files, 1908-2007 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 1557/12-13 Lists of Bob Hope's motion pictures
BOX-FOLDER RPA 1573/10 Lists of motion pictures
BOX-FOLDER 1557/14 Lists of Bob Hope quips
BOX-FOLDER 1557/15 Lists of Pepsodent programs and radio sponsors
BOX-FOLDER 1557/16 Radio and television ratings
BOX-FOLDER 1557/17 Television ratings
BOX-FOLDER 1557/18 Lists of Bob Hope's duets
BOX-FOLDER 1557/19 Bob Hope and Rosemary Clooney's "Old Friends" duet
BOX-FOLDER 1557/20 Lists of Bob Hope's radio scripts with storage box numbers
BOX-FOLDER 1558/1 Lists of Bob Hope's radio shows
BOX-FOLDER 1558/2-3 Television and radio show guest lists
BOX-FOLDER 1558/4 Lists of performers first appearances on Bob Hope's shows
BOX-FOLDER 1558/5 List of television guest spots in 1973
BOX-FOLDER 1558/6 Lists of monologue subjects on memorable events in world history
BOX-FOLDER 1558/7 Lists of organizations with Bob Hope's name on their letterhead
BOX-FOLDER 1558/8 Old Bob Hope schedules added to the database
BOX-FOLDER 1558/9 Separate detail lists
BOX-FOLDER 1559/1 Lists of dates to be added to the database
BOX-FOLDER 1559/2 Bob Hope cartoons and caricatures
BOX-FOLDER 1559/3 Polls on Bob Hope
BOX-FOLDER 1559/4 Lists of USO tour participants
BOX-FOLDER 1559/5 Lists of US military hospitals
BOX-FOLDER 1559/6 Lists of USO tour schedules
BOX-FOLDER 1559/7 Lists of military medals, awards, and citations
BOX-FOLDER 1559/8 Lists of military bases and service appearances
BOX-FOLDER 1559/9 Items and information to link or find
BOX-FOLDER 1733/12 Index of Bob Hope Specials, 1950-1989 : star line-ups and air dates
BOX-FOLDER 1733/13 Sketches breakdown, 1950-1980 , compiled for Linda Hope
BOX 1856 Show logs, 1950-1975
BOX 1839-1840 Various indexes of television and radio programs
Small bound volumes on onion-skin paper.
Program index three: Lever Brothers/Swan Soap, 1948-1950 , and Bob Hope (Chesterfield) Show, 1950-1952
Television shows, April 19, 1950 to December 12, 1960
Television shows, January 11, 1961 to December 19, 1968
Television shows, January 16, 1969 to July 1, 1973
TV shows, October 14, 1958 to December 19, 1968
Television shows, January 16, 1969 to December 22, 1978
Miscellaneous shows, 1947-1952
BOX 1841 Index of people, songs, and sketches from television programs
BOX 1842 Fan books: lists of fans, September 1941 to June 1942
BOX 1857 Music inventories
Jim Hardy Audiovisual Files
BOX-FOLDER 1549/1 National Telefilm Associates
BOX-FOLDER 1549/2 The Great Lover
BOX-FOLDER 1549/3 Lemon Drop Kid script
BOX-FOLDER 1549/4-5 My Favorite Brunette
BOX-FOLDER 1549/6-7 Road to Bali
BOX-FOLDER 1549/8 The Road to Rio
BOX-FOLDER 1550/1 Seven Little Foys
BOX-FOLDER 1550/2-3 Son of Paleface
BOX-FOLDER 1550/4-6 Chrysler Theatre scripts
BOX-FOLDER 1550/7 Around the World With the Troops
BOX-FOLDER 1551/1 Western Reserve Historical Society research on Bob Hope's life
BOX-FOLDER 1551/2-4 Audiovisual files
BOX-FOLDER 1551/5 AFI's 100 Years 100 Thrills official ballot
BOX 1552 Searchworks
BOX-FOLDER 1553/1 Bob Hope film clip information
BOX-FOLDER 1553/2 Celebrity golf
BOX-FOLDER 1553/3 Bob Hope Laughing with the Presidents home video
BOX-FOLDER 1553/4 Hope films
BOX-FOLDER 1553/5 Audiovisual files
BOX-FOLDER 1553/7 George H. W. Bush Presidential Library
BOX-FOLDER 1553/8 Bill Clinton
BOX-FOLDER 1553/9 Jimmy Carter Library
BOX-FOLDER 1553/10 Corporation for Public Broadcasting
BOX-FOLDER 1553/11 CBS News Archives
BOX-FOLDER 1553/13 Dinah!
BOX-FOLDER 1553/14 Dean Martin Roast
BOX-FOLDER 1553/15 John Davidson Show
BOX-FOLDER 1553/16 Ellis Island Foundation
BOX-FOLDER 1553/17 Eisenhower College
BOX-FOLDER 1553/18 Eisenhower Library
BOX 1554 Television show copyright registration applications, 2007
Applications, invoices, and check duplicates for copyright registrations of television shows produced by Hope Enterprises, 1950-1990s.
BOX-FOLDER 1555/2 Film and audio services
BOX-FOLDER 1555/3 Grinberg
BOX-FOLDER 1555/4 Haldeman
BOX-FOLDER 1555/5 Kennedy Library
BOX-FOLDER 1555/6 James Lipton Productions
BOX-FOLDER 1555/7 Museum of Television and Radio
BOX-FOLDER 1555/8 Nixon Library
BOX-FOLDER 1555/9 NBC on-air promotion
BOX-FOLDER 1555/10 NBC 2000
BOX-FOLDER 1555/11 NBC News Archives
BOX-FOLDER 1555/12 Presidential Monologues
BOX-FOLDER 1555/13 Personal appearance notes
BOX-FOLDER 1555/14 Playpen
BOX-FOLDER 1555/15 Political humor
BOX-FOLDER 1555/16 Reagan Library
BOX-FOLDER 1555/17 Ratings
BOX-FOLDER 1555/18 "Sing Out Sweet Land"
BOX-FOLDER 1555/19 Schedule
BOX-FOLDER 1555/20 Voiceover script
BOX-FOLDER 1555/21 George Schlatter Productions
BOX-FOLDER 1555/22 Staff list
BOX-FOLDER 1555/23 Tomorrow Show, NBC
BOX-FOLDER 1555/24 Tributes
BOX-FOLDER 1555/25 Truman Library
BOX-FOLDER 1555/26 Transcripts
BOX-FOLDER 1555/27 Video Tape Library
BOX-FOLDER 1555/28 UCLA Archives
BOX-FOLDER 1555/30 Barbara Walters
BOX-FOLDER 1555/31 WGBH "Hail to the Chief"
BOX-FOLDER 1555/32 Willenborg Productions
BOX-FOLDER 1556/1 Production and technical requirements facts for personal appearances
BOX-FOLDER 1556/2 World War II video fact sheets and news clips
BOX-FOLDER 1556/3 Correspondence and fact sheets regarding Christmas albums
BOX-FOLDER 1556/4 Dear Prez fact sheets, correspondence, and news clippings
BOX-FOLDER 1556/5 Entertaining the Troops fact sheets, correspondence, and news clippings
BOX 1560-1567 Miscellaneous files
BOX-FOLDER 1560/1 Transcript of Bob Hope show at Southern Methodist University, January 29, 1971
BOX-FOLDER 1560/2 Index of bog type routines
BOX-FOLDER 1560/3 Eight on the Lam script
BOX-FOLDER 1560/4 The Road From Eltham, a biography of Bob Hope by Charles Thompson
BOX-FOLDER 1560/5 "Sand Trap Rap" lyrics
BOX-FOLDER 1560/6 Bob Hope's speeches, 1973
BOX-FOLDER 1560/7 Celebrity eulogies
BOX-FOLDER 1561/5 "The Memory Lingrs On" by "Tony" Zoppi
BOX-FOLDER 1561/6 Script for Royal London Gala for Bob Hope's Happy Birthday Homecoming, May 28, 1985
BOX-FOLDER 1561/7 Bob Hope and Friends--Making New Memories script
BOX-FOLDER 1561/8 50 Something magazine, June/July 1992
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