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Series 3. Hope Enterprises Public Relations Files, 1900s-2000s (continued)
Public relations files, 1908-2007 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 1562/1 Index of personal appearances by state, and list of foreign countries visited by Bob Hope
BOX-FOLDER 1562/2 List of personal appearances, June 1994-June 1997
BOX-FOLDER 1562/3 Miscellaneous fact sheets
BOX-FOLDER 1562/4 Old Moorpark inventories
BOX-FOLDER 1562/5 House inventory by Cigna Insurance Company
BOX-FOLDER 1563/1 United States Naval Acdemy Honors Bob Hope event packet
BOX-FOLDER 1563/2 "Playing Through" original screenplay by Mickey McTeague
BOX-FOLDER 1563/3-4 Bob Hope geneologies
BOX-FOLDER 1563/5 "Buddy, Beware" screenplay
BOX-FOLDER 1563/6 Contracts, bookings, and box office statements, 1930-1940s
Includes That's Showbiz exhibit object 039.00.00: Letter from Boasberg to Bob Hope, May 13, 1930.
BOX-FOLDER 1563/7 Expense ledger for Say When, Boston and New York openings, 1934
BOX-FOLDER 1564/1 Pictures submitted by agents
BOX-FOLDER 1564/2 Transcript of Sugar Ray Robinson fights, April 21, 1972
BOX-FOLDER 1564/4 Saturday Evening Post (old friends)
BOX-FOLDER 1564/5-6 Bob Hope TV specials press releases and photographs
BOX-FOLDER 1565/1 Photographs of Bob Hope entertaining the troops from grateful veterans and their families in Wisconsin
BOX-FOLDER 1565/2 Miscellaneous photographs
BOX-FOLDER 1565/3 Photographs and clippings regarding Tony Hope's death
BOX-FOLDER 1565/4 54th Emmy Awards, September 22, 2002
BOX-FOLDER 1565/5 The Armand Hammer Collection: "Five Centuries of Materpieces" gala opening
BOX-FOLDER 1565/6 Recovery Institute luncheon honoring Dolores and Bob Hope
BOX-FOLDER 1566/1 Dedication of USNS Bob Hope, March 15, 1997
BOX-FOLDER 1566/2 Slides used in 100 Years of Hope and Humor television show
BOX-FOLDER 1566/3 Bob Hope Square dedication, May 2003
BOX-FOLDER 1566/4 Letters and photographs for the Department of Defense exhibit
BOX-FOLDER 1566/5 Scrapbook of visit to Fort Hood, Texas, circa 1995
BOX-FOLDER 1567/1-4 Bob Hope Memorial Mass and Tribute, August 27, 2003
BOX-FOLDER 1567/5 Bob Hope Veterans Chapel dedication, May 29, 2002
BOX-FOLDER 1567/6 Miscellaneous business papers
BOX 1905 Bob Hope Christmas Cards, 1990s
BOX RPM 00027 Maps used in World War II research
BOX 1906 Miscellaneous business and commemorative items
BOX 1568-1574 Desert Classic programs, 1966-2002 , Palm Springs Life magazine, 1993-2000 , and assorted golf programs
7 boxes
BOX 1837 Crimefile number 1: File on Bolitho Blane, by Dennis Wheatley
BOX 1575 DOCFL 541-0 Miscellany from 2002 acquisition
BOX 1576 DOCFL 542-0 Miscellany from 2002 acquisition
BOX 1577 DOCFL 543-0 Miscellany from 2002 acquisition
BOX 1578 Miscellany from 2013 acquisition
BOX 1907 Miscellany from 2013 acquisition
BOX 1579-1580 Miscellany from 2018 acquisition
BOX 1908 Miscellany from 2018 acquisition
BOX 1581 DOCFL 466-0 Old public relations files
BOX 1582 DOCFL 468-0 Old public relations files
BOX-FOLDER 1585/10 Christmas tours publicity
BOX 1587-1645 Ward Grant personal appearance files, alphabetical by city, 1970-1991
BOX 1587 Abilene, Texas--Auckland, New Zealand
BOX 1588 Austin, Texas--Beverly Hills, California
BOX 1589 Beverly Hills, California
BOX 1590 Beverly Hills, California
BOX 1591 Beverly Hills, California--Birmingham, Alabama
BOX 1592 Birmingham, Alabama--Buffalo, New York
BOX 1593 Burbank, California--Century City, California
BOX 1594 Century City, California--Chicago, Illinois
BOX 1595 Chicago, Illinois--Cincinnati, Ohio
BOX 1596 Cincinnati, Ohio--Cohasset, Massachusetts
BOX 1597 Cohasset, Massachusetts--Columbus, Ohio
BOX 1598 Columbus, Ohio--Dallas, Texas
BOX 1599 Dallas, Texas--Denver, Colorado
Includes Hope for America exhibit objects 104.06.00/104.06.01/104.06.02/104.00.03: Transcript of question and answer session at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, January 29, 1971 (pp. 13-14. 47-48).
BOX 1600 Denver, Colorado--Detroit, Michigan
BOX 1601 Devon, Pennsylvania--Eugene, Oregon
BOX 1602 Farmville, Virginia--Fort Walton Beach, Florida
BOX 1603 Fort Walton Beach, Florida--Great Gorge, New Jersey
BOX 1604 Great Lakes, Illinois--Hays, Kansas
BOX 1605 Hershey, Pennsylvania--Hollywood, California
BOX 1606 Hollywood, California--Huron, South Dakota
BOX 1607 Indianapolis, Indiana--Kalamazoo, Michigan
BOX 1608 Kansas City, Missouri--Las Vegas, Nevada
BOX 1609 Las Vegas, Nevada--Little Rock, Arkansas
BOX 1610 Loch Sheldrake, New York--London, England
BOX 1611 London, England--Los Angeles, California
BOX 1612 Los Angeles, California
BOX 1613 Los Angeles, California
BOX 1614 Los Angeles, California
BOX 1615 Los Angeles, California
BOX 1616 Los Angeles, California--Lynchburg, Virginia
BOX 1617 Mansfield, Ohio--Marysville, California
BOX 1618 Maui, Hawaii--Milwaukee, Wisconsin
BOX 1619 Milwaukee, Wisconsin--Nashville, Tennessee
BOX 1620 Nashville, Tennessee--New York, New York
BOX 1621 New York, New York
BOX 1622 New York, New York
BOX 1623 New York, New York--Olympia, Washington
BOX 1624 Omaha, Nebraska--Owings Mill, Maryland
BOX 1625 Palm Desert, California--Palm Springs, California
BOX 1626 Palm Springs, California--Peoria, Illinois
BOX 1627 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania--Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
BOX 1628 Pinehurst, North Carolina--Raleigh, North Carolina
BOX 1629 Rancho Mirage, California--Salt Lake City, Utah
BOX 1630 Salt Lake City, Utah--San Diego, California
BOX 1631 San Diego, California--San Francisco, California
BOX 1632 San Francisco, California--Sarasota, Florida
BOX 1633 Saratoga Springs, New York--Springfield, Massachusetts
BOX 1634 Springfield, Missouri--St. Paul, Minnesota
BOX 1635 St. Paul, Minnesota--State College, Pennsylvania
BOX 1636 Statesboro, Georgia--Tempe, Arizona
BOX 1637 Terre Haute, Indiana--Toronto, Ontario
BOX 1638 Toronto, Ontario--Universal City, California
BOX 1639 Universal City, California--Vienna, Virginia
BOX 1640 Vail, Colorado--Washington, D.C.
BOX 1641 Washington, D.C.
BOX 1642 Washington, D.C.--Wheeling, West Virginia
BOX 1643 Westchester, New York--Xenia, Ohio
BOX 1644 Ward Grant personal appearance files, miscellaneous
BOX 1645 Ward Grant personal appearance files, 1992-2003
BOX 1646-1648 Ward Grant personal appearance files, 2003-2007
BOX 1649-1659 Ward Grant public relations files, alphabetical by subject
BOX 1649 Ward Grant public relations files, A--B
BOX 1650 Ward Grant public relations files, B--C
BOX 1651 Ward Grant public relations files, C--D
BOX 1652 Ward Grant public relations files, E--G
BOX 1653 Ward Grant public relations files, G--H
BOX 1654 Ward Grant public relations files, H--K
BOX 1655 Ward Grant public relations files, L--M
BOX 1656 Ward Grant public relations files, M--O
BOX 1657 Ward Grant public relations files, P--R
BOX 1658 Ward Grant public relations files, R--T
BOX 1659 Ward Grant public relations files, T--Z
BOX 1660-1661 Ward Grant public relations files: Christmas cards
BOX 1662-1731 Ward Grant public relations files, miscellaneous
The material in this file comes from the office of Ward Grant, director of public relations for the Hope organization from the 1970s until his death in 2007. The material presented no readily discernible order during the processing effort of 2016-2018, and appeared to be largely duplicative of material found elsewhere in the collection, and so was left unarranged. A partial description of the material indicates the presence of the following files:
Telvision show files post-1969, including fact sheets, stories, bios, photos generic, photos specific for each special, and clippings.
Newskits, annual product, post-1970.
Publicity information, including photos, releases, fact sheets, and bios for Bob and Dolores Hope.
Correspondence files, post-1972.
Clipping/interview files, post-1946.
Magazine cover stories.
Newspaper cover stories.
Books and book forwards by Bob Hope
Public service announcement files.
Public service announcement and news coverage of events.
Bob Hope by-lines.
Reference files, including subject matters such as eye operation, Oscars, Hope family data, and Ahmanson Ranch.
Various newskits on group organizations with which Bob Hope has been involved.
Recordng projects, post-1993, including newskits, correspondence, and photos.
This file of material unprocessed as of 2018.
BOX 1909 Ward Grant public relations files, 2003-2007
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