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Series 1. Bob Hope Joke Files, 1930s-2000s (continued)
Thematic Joke Files, 1930s-1990s
Contains boxes 143-0, 154-0, 657-659, 661-664, 667-670, 743-744, 746-747, 3286-3320.
BOX-FOLDER 802-803 Academy Awards
BOX 802 (7 folders)
BOX 803 (4 folders)
Topics: show; Mr. Hope; nominations/foreign; miscellaneous, intros, "Oscar."
BOX-FOLDER 803-804 Airplanes
BOX 803 (3 folders)
BOX 804 (7 folders)
Topics: flying, airports, the Concord, Mr. Hope flying, sale of U.S. jets to foreign powers, hi-jackings, cheap flights, entertainment on planes, helicoptors, military, 737-300 plane, price wars, air force, strike-Pan Am.
BOX-FOLDER 805/1 Alcatraz
Topics: brother.
BOX-FOLDER 805/2-5 America
Topics: bi-centennial, constitution, historical American figures, progress over 100 years, small towns, review of the 1970s, "only in America," begging.
BOX-FOLDER 805/6 Animals
Topics: fish, whales, sharks, chickens, zoos, doggie litter laws, pigeons in Venice Italy.
BOX 805 (1 folder)
BOX 806 (4 folders)
Topics: singers, rock groups, punk rock, music in general, orchestras, Les Brown, rock concert benefit.
BOX-FOLDER 806/5 As Out of Place
BOX-FOLDER 806/6 Astrology
BOX-FOLDER 806-807 Automobiles
BOX 806 (2 folders)
BOX 807 (3 folders)
Topics: races, auto rebates, cabs, trailers, sales, shock absorbers, freewars, hitchhikers, bumper stickers, personalised plates, gas stations, speed limit, Chrysler slump, buses, factory recall, freeway shootings.
BOX-FOLDER 807/4-6 Awards
Topics: various, Tony's.
BOX-FOLDER 807-808 Baseball
BOX 807 (2 folders)
BOX 808 (6 folders)
Topics: general, USA sends players to Russia; played by Mr. Hope.
BOX-FOLDER 808/7 Beach
Topics: bathing suits, nude beaches, beaches in general.
BOX-FOLDER 808/8 Beauty Contests
Topics: Miss America, Miss Universe, beauties in general, "Operation Glamour."
BOX-FOLDER 808/9 Beauty Shops
Topics: barbers, long hair, short hair, men/description.
BOX-FOLDER 809/1-6 Benefits
Topics: big show, general benefits, fund-raising, repaying celebrities, tributes, Bob Hope cultural center.
BOX-FOLDER 809/7 Black Face Routine (Blackface)
BOX-FOLDER 809/8 Boats
Topic: ships.
BOX-FOLDER 810/1-2 Books
Topics: in general, Mr. Hope's, political, memoirs, famous people, Watergate books, Satanic Verses.
BOX-FOLDER 810/3-4 Boxing
Topics: general; Mr. Hope.
BOX-FOLDER 810/5 Celebrities
Topics: in the business world, in the White House.
BOX-FOLDER 810-811 Christmas
BOX 810 (2 folders)
BOX 811 (6 folders)
Topics: Florida (beaches)/Washington; celebrities (at NBC); gifts/toys/mailing; parties (in the White House); Santa Claus, Christmas tree (in New York); shopping.
BOX-FOLDER 811/7 Cigarettes
BOX-FOLDER 811/8 Cities
BOX-FOLDER 811-812 Clothes
BOX 811 (2 folders)
BOX 812 (1 folder)
Topics: men's (styles, in Hollywood, Mr. Hope's); women's (styles, t-shirts).
BOX-FOLDER 812-813 Colleges
BOX 812 (7 folders)
BOX 813 (4 folders)
Topics: by name; students (fads, chewing tobacco, toilet paper, demonstrations, friendships, "party" schools, homecomings); Mr. Hope (advice to grads, honorary degrees, friendships made, changes over the years, famous quotes).
BOX-FOLDER 813/5 Comedians
Topics: laughter, audience reactions, jokes, "gift of laughter" poem.
BOX-FOLDER 813/6 Communications
Topics: general, public relations.
BOX-FOLDER 813/7 Contests
BOX-FOLDER 813/8-10 Crime
Topics: investigations, gang wars, "Mob," raids, trials, guns, violence, payoffs, riots, pick-pockets, massage parlors, FBI sex files, CIA, submarine thefts, bank robberies, airport robberies, prisons.
BOX-FOLDER 813/11 Crowds
BOX-FOLDER 813/12 Customs
Topics: border crossings, passports.
BOX-FOLDER 814/1 Dancing
Topics: twist, disco, disco on roller-skates, Tahitian dances.
BOX-FOLDER 814/2 Demonstrations
Topics: riots, streaking, in Washington, in Los Angeles, students revolt.
BOX-FOLDER 814/3-7 Doctors
Topics: nurses, hospitals, food in hospitals, Eisenhower Medical Center, dentists, transplants, flu, malpractice suits, eye problems, Ear Research Institute.
BOX-FOLDER 814/8 Drive-Ins
BOX-FOLDER 815/1-2 Drugs
Topics: dope, marijuana, rock groups smoking grass, pills, cyclamates, saccharin, in the White House, legalizing pot, hexachlorophene danger, General Noriega/Panama - selling coke to America.
BOX-FOLDER 815/3 Earthquakes
BOX-FOLDER 815/4 Easter and Easter Parade
BOX-FOLDER 815/5-6 Eating
Topics: fast foods, Chinese fast food, Russian fast food, additives, health foods, coffee, coke, restaurants, around the world, Food Market Institute.
BOX-FOLDER 815-816 Energy Crisis
BOX 815 (1 folder)
BOX 816 (1 folder)
Topics: speed limit reduction, new fuels, oil embargo, electricity in foreign countries, recycling, ban on Sunday driving, heat conservation, solar energy, OPEC raises oil prices, truck blockades, oil slicks, nuclear power.
BOX-FOLDER 816/2-8 England
Topics: general (Hope's visits, royalty in general, Hope born in England, British Oscars); personalities.
BOX-FOLDER 817/1 Ethnic Groups (Ethnic Humor)
Topics: various.
BOX-FOLDER 817/2 Eulogies
BOX-FOLDER 817/3 Fairs
Topics: state fairs, circus, human cannonball.
BOX-FOLDER 817/4 Fans
Topics: magazines.
BOX-FOLDER 817/5 Farm
Topics: agriculture, farmers unrest, farmers in general.
BOX-FOLDER 817-818 Finances
BOX 817 (4 folders)
BOX 818 (3 folders)
Topics: banks, stock market, inflation, drop in the value of the dollar and the pound, begging or pan handling, recession, unemployment, consumer prices, food stamps, coffee prices, investments, gold prices, price freeze, Cal-Fed commercials, Hope and bad investments, E.F. Hutton, Wall Street, Bakersfield business and finance conference, U.S.A. worlds largest debtor.
BOX-FOLDER 818-820 Football
BOX 818 (5 folders)
BOX 819 (8 folders)
BOX 820 (4 folders)
Topics: college/miscellaneous (on TV, coaching, bowl games, Heisman award, steroids); Rams only (looking for new L.A. team, in Superbowl, play during earthquake, ticket scalping); played by Hope; Rose Bowl; Superbowl; pro/other than Rams (cheerleaders, violence, big necks, size of players, instant replay); personalities and commentators.
BOX-FOLDER 820-821 Foreign Countries
BOX 820 (5 folders)
BOX 821 (15 folders)
Topics: Canada, foreign leaders, Arabs buying everything, Hope visits China, Iran arms deal, Kadafi.
BOX-FOLDER 822/1 Gambling
Topics: general, USA sends players to Russia; played by Mr. Hope.
BOX-FOLDER 822/2 Gardening
BOX-FOLDER 822/3 Gay Liberation
Topics: gay rights, "Gay Bob" doll.
BOX-FOLDER 822/4-7 Girls
Topics: love, kissing, miscellaneous, dating, boy/girl dialogue, copies of songs Hope has done with various girls.
BOX-FOLDER 822-824 Golf
BOX 822 (1 folder)
BOX 823 (9 folders)
BOX 824 (7 folders)
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