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Series III. Peter Bergman, 1918-2005 (continued)
Subseries I. Writings (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 72/2-9 Wally and the wizard, 1981-08-06
Treatment for a television series by Peter Bergman and Philip Proctor.
BOX-FOLDER 72/2-10 Win it now! - the game show of tomorrow
Created by Melvyn Frohman and Peter Bergman.
BOX-FOLDER 72/11 Battle for Avalon ; Pete & Pat
BOX-FOLDER 72/12 Bergman Yale Drama School notes, 1963
BOX-FOLDER 72/13 Law record indexed filler, Yale, 1961
Notebook, Peter Bergman notes.
BOX-FOLDER 72/14 Untitled writings, 1961
Yale Notebook, Peter Bergman notes
Radio Free Oz scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/1 Dr. Shrinkwrap scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/2 Date Quiz scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/3 Hal Stark scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/4 Pete's Digital Diner scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/5 Baldy & Scout scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/6 Power scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/7 Upon the Rack scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/8 Lana
BOX-FOLDER 73/9 Milkum Bosky scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/10 The Max Midas Touch scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/11 Rip 'n' Reed scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/12 Gigglebyte scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/13 Coach Pec Buffer scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/14 Stock Boys scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/15 Holeflaffer scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/16 Variety scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/17 Jack Hatchet scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/18 Mrs. Marv Mendenhall scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/19 Radio Free Oz production, 1996
PS-A various script pages
BOX-FOLDER 73/20 Hello my name is Clark Wintergreen (incomplete)
BOX-FOLDER 73/21 Help me out of this head
Teacher development
Proctor & Bergman scripts
BOX-FOLDER 73/22 TV or not TV stage version, 1975-06
BOX-FOLDER 73/23 What this country needs! stage version
BOX-FOLDER 73/24 Red pills
BOX-FOLDER 73/25 What this country needs! studio version
BOX-FOLDER 73/26 Proctor & Bergman Comedy Service, 1993
Subseries II. Files, Brochures, Handbills, Programs, Pamphlets, Ephemera
BOX-FOLDER 74/1 Agreements
Traveling song agreement, 1963-07
Agreement for signature from Peter Bergman, Austin Pendleton, Arthur Rubenstein re: compensation for play
Agreement between Yale Dramatic Association, Inc. and makers of Tom Jones, 1960
BOX-FOLDER 74/2 Anna Hollander
BOX-FOLDER 74/3 Birth certificate
BOX-FOLDER 74/4 Chris Carnes
BOX-FOLDER 74/5 Coins
BOX-FOLDER 74/6 Flowers
BOX-FOLDER 74/7 Four candidates 'Attention convention'
BOX-FOLDER 74/8 Genealogy
BOX-FOLDER 74/9 Greeting cards
BOX-FOLDER 74/10 Group
BOX-FOLDER 74/11 Hewlett-Packard ads
BOX-FOLDER 74/12 Insurance, 1977-1978
BOX-FOLDER 74/13 Ludlow Community Association
BOX-FOLDER 74/14 Media America
BOX-FOLDER 74/15 Peter Bergman interview, 1997-04-24
BOX-FOLDER 74/16 Proctor & Bergman biography
BOX-FOLDER 74/17 Quit claim of 3138
BOX-FOLDER 74/18 Rita Bergman living will
BOX-FOLDER 74/19 Rita Bergman last will and testament
BOX-FOLDER 74/20 Royal Dutch Petroleum
BOX-FOLDER 74/21 Showchron acquisition package
BOX-FOLDER 74/22 Spanish
BOX-FOLDER 74/23 Stationery
BOX-FOLDER 74/24 Technical drawings, Spring 1953
BOX-FOLDER 74/25 UCLA extension
BOX-FOLDER 75/1 Brochures
Ballads for ballots sung by Joe Glazer. Available from Ballads for ballots, labor's committee for Kennedy and Johnson
Honeywell showchron P-16-2S film editor
Showchron Announcing the…America expandable editing system Showcron
Showchron expandable editing system
Brochure, 10 pages
Victoria Weber, Stewart models
Yale alumni fund, 1956-1957
HBO Network affiliate sales, 1978-10
BOX-FOLDER 75/2 Handbills
Something funny happens when you have a Firesign fizzle. See what it is. Served in 12 oz. frosted tumblers $1.75
Escapist fare, WCBN-FM 89.5
Albums list, Proctor & Bergman TV or not TV, Seattle's KOL 94.1
Waggs and Schmitty present The professionals, Frazer Smith, Dick 'Daddy Waggs' Wagenvoord with crippling comedy
BOX-FOLDER 75/3 Shaker Heights High School programs, 1953-1957
Shaker Heights High School Commencement class of June 1957, 1957-06-07
Shaker Heights High School Dept. of Drama.Mrs. McThing, 1956-05-25--1956-05-26
Shaker Heights High School Dept. of Drama. My 3 angels, 1955-11-18--1955-11-19
Shaker Heights High School Dept. of Drama. Joan of Lorraine, 1956-11-16--1956-11-17
Shaker Heights Junior High 9th grade class. Room for one more, 1953-11-20
Shaker Heights Junior High Dramateers. An evening of comedy, 1954-03-26
The Shaker Players present Theseus
BOX-FOLDER 75/4 The Temple religious school programs
The Temple Religious School, rally Sunday, 1956-06-03
Program with ribbons, high jump and relay
The Temple Religious School, rally Sunday, 1946-06-09
The Temple, Congregation Tifereth Israel, confirmation service, 1954-06-07
Peter Bergman confirmation
The Temple, Congregation Tifereth Israel, confirmation service, 1954-06-07
String-bound program
BOX-FOLDER 75/5 Trumbull New Theatre programs and handbills, 1963-05-16--1963-06-01
Trumbull New Theatre Inc. presents Tom Jones program
Tom Jones handbill, 1963-05-16--1963-06-01
BOX-FOLDER 75/6 Yale University programs
Yale Record playbill, Tom Jones, Yale University Theatre, 1960-04-28--1960-04-30, 1960-06-10--1960-06-11
Yale University class of 1961, Class day exercises, 1961-06-11
Yale University Theatre. House afire by Joseph Haydn, 1963-05-15--1963-05-19
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