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Series III. Peter Bergman, 1918-2005 (continued)
Subseries II. Files, Brochures, Handbills, Programs, Pamphlets, Ephemera (continued)
The Morse-Stiles dramat presents Waiting for lefty by Clifford Odets, 1962-11-15--1962-11-16
Underground cinema 12, Continental Theatre, Cleveland
Showing Peter Bergman's flowers
BOX-FOLDER 75/9 Programs, 1970s
A seminar in satire, Sherwood Oaks Experimental College, Hollywood, for 8 Saturdays, 1974-03-02
ChicagoFest, 1978-08-04--1978-08-13
I think we're all bozos on this bus, Caminito Cabaret, Los Angeles City College
77: Ten painters, Walker Art Center, 1977-04-10--1977-06-05
Program, invitation
A week to remember, Play:back, Ahmanson Theatre, 1973-04-29--1973-05-05
Sebring products 1977 national sales awards banquet, Las Vegas Hilton, 1977-11-06
BOX-FOLDER 75/10 Programs, 1980s-1990s
Comic relief, Universal Ampitheater, Los Angeles, 1986-03-29
The energy experience, California Museum of Science & Industry, Los Angeles
Proctor & Bergman as 'The Methanians'
The joint appeal in religion and science, New York City, 1991-06-02--1991-06-03
BOX-FOLDER 75/11 Pamphlets
Presenting U.S. army training center infantry, Fort Dix, New Jersey
BOX-FOLDER 75/12 Jean Cocteau, The cape of good hope, Quarter Horse, 1965-01
BOX-FOLDER 75/13 Harold Dicker, The bell of John Donne, Quarter Horse, 1965
Published by John Harriman
BOX-FOLDER 75/14 Yale calendar, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 75/15 Philately
Alexander Hamilton bicentennial, 1957
Plate block of 4 stamps
Dem deutschen widerstand zum jahrestag, 1944-07-20, 1964-07-20
Plate block of 4 stamps
Preprinted prestamped 5-cents envelope, to Haskins & Sells CPA, New Haven, crossed out, no letter
BOX-FOLDER 75/16 Family history
Bergman Bros. Clothiers & Furnishers (Chillicothe, Ohio), 1916, 1917
Tracing your Jewish roots, American Jewish archives, 1977
BOX-FOLDER 75/17 Shaker Heights class of '57
Peter Bergman diploma, Shaker Heights High School, 1957-06-07
Shaker Heights High School class of 1957 25th reunion alumni list, 1982-06-26
BOX-FOLDER 75/18 Yale class of '61 reunion, 1991
Yale classbook thirtieth reunion, 1991
Cover art by Bob Grossman
Yale 1961 thirtieth reunion schedule, 1991-05-30--1991-06-02
Yale '61 directory, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 75/19 Has Peter Bergman picked up wail. Please write
Urgent cable from Oscar Bergman
BOX-FOLDER 75/20 Foreward into the past: A ballet for radio/television
Published by Lizard Graphics
BOX-FOLDER 75/21 The first Thanksgiving
Oscar Bergman grammar school art project
BOX-FOLDER 75/22 Who are Proctor & Bergman: An interview ; The Channel 85 story, 1973-08-18
Press notes
BOX-FOLDER 75/23 Campoon kit
Bumper sticker
Includes Papoon blue bumper sticker, 1 Organism 1 Vote bumper sticker, Papoon black/yellow/red bumper sticker, 2 Not Insane buttons.
BOX-FOLDER 75/24 Stay 85 alive
TV screen with blue background
BOX-FOLDER 75/25 Peter Bergman: Caught on the web, a review of and The big internet broadcast of 1996, 1996-07-24
Fred Wiebel
BOX-FOLDER 75/26 Peter Bergman!
Spelled out in ASCII
BOX-FOLDER 75/27 The friendly train, State of Ohio Department of Education Columbus anthology of Ohio verse, 1950
Peter Bergman poem
BOX-FOLDER 75/28 Two figures embracing
BOX-FOLDER 73/27 Visit Idaho, the tick-fever state bumper sticker
BOX-FOLDER 73/28 Too Funny For Words, UCLA Summer Extension course, 1990
3 copies
Program proposal
Course promotion memo from Patricia Hunt, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 73/29 U.S. Army documents, 1963
Envelope from Dept. of Army, Headquarters, 340th General Hospital, New Haven, to Pvt. Peter Bergman, Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Organizational clothing and equipment record (AR 735-35), U.S. Army, 1963-12-10
BOX-FOLDER 73/30 Pete 'n Pat comic strip original art
By Bergman, Cowan, and Litz.
BOX-FOLDER 73/31 Fictitious business name statement
BOX-FOLDER 73/32 Proctor & Bergman at the Stables, July 23
BOX-FOLDER 73/33 Proctor & Bergman Summerfest, Milwaukee, 1977-06-30--1977-07-10
BOX-FOLDER 73/34 Miscellany
Lobe Key stilled lionman laced winged April Raphael dance wiry (AKA Mandala deck), 1966
Bruce Connor, Michael McClure
Cleveland automobile club, Peter Bergman of Lomond School, 1951-06-08
Certificate of merit
Report home V3n15, 1961-07-31
From Senator Harrison A. Williams Jr. mailer
We enjoyed reading about you ; Cleveland Plain Dealer. Shaker man gets fellowship at Yal, 1961-03-06
Brochure ; clipping
Oversized ephemera
BOX-FOLDER 116/1 A child's Chanukah Festival
Activity board
BOX-FOLDER 116/2 Robert and Donna Grossman announce the birth of a son Alexander Emanuel, New York, 1966-04-23
card stock
BOX-FOLDER 116/3 Peter Bergman and friend artwork
Signed Daniel
BOX-FOLDER 116/4 Anton Greene artwork, 1966
BOX-FOLDER 116/5 Man with bowling ball hand with music staff artwork, 1971
Timothey Guyer artwork, ink on card stock
BOX-FOLDER 116/6 Peter Bergman Yale diploma, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 116/7 Sheet music for Booth is back in town ; Everybody loves Us ; I Won't Perform Tonight! ; Dancin' Fellow ; If You And Me Would Change to Me and You ; A Toast ; The Man ; The Old Wooden Rocker ; Where Is Dan, 1963-05-13
BOX-FOLDER 116/8 Proctor & Bergman monographed folder
Orange folder
BOX-FOLDER 116/9 Booth is back in town handbill, University Theatre, [1961], May-June
Handbill, card stock
BOX-FOLDER 116/10 Proctor & Bergman, Performing Arts Coliseum Mini-Theatre, 1973-12-08
Handbill, card stock
Lobby cards
BOX-FOLDER 116/11 Atom Man vs. Superman, serial
Atom Man Vs. Superman chapter 3. Ablaze in the Sky (50/7803), 1950
Atom Man Vs. Superman chapter 10. Atom Man's heat ray (50/7803) (style 1), 1950
Atom Man Vs. Superman chapter 10. Atom Man's heat ray (50/7803) (style 2), 1950
BOX-FOLDER 116/12 Batman, serial
Batman chapter 4. Slaves of the Rising Sun (R54/2834), 1954
Batman chapter 6. Poison peril (R54/2834), 1954
Batman chapter 7. The phoney doctor (R54/2834), 1954
Batman chapter 8. Lured by radium (R54/2834), 1954
Batman chapter 9. The sign of the Sphinx (R54/2834), 1954
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