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Series III. Peter Bergman, 1918-2005 (continued)
Subseries II. Files, Brochures, Handbills, Programs, Pamphlets, Ephemera (continued)
ChicagoFest, 1978-08-04--1978-08-13
I think we're all bozos on this bus, Caminito Cabaret, Los Angeles City College
77: Ten painters, Walker Art Center, 1977-04-10--1977-06-05
Program, invitation
A week to remember, Play:back, Ahmanson Theatre, 1973-04-29--1973-05-05
Sebring products 1977 national sales awards banquet, Las Vegas Hilton, 1977-11-06
BOX-FOLDER 75/10 Programs, 1980s-1990s
Comic relief, Universal Ampitheater, Los Angeles, 1986-03-29
The energy experience, California Museum of Science & Industry, Los Angeles
Proctor & Bergman as 'The Methanians'
The joint appeal in religion and science, New York City, 1991-06-02--1991-06-03
BOX-FOLDER 75/11 Pamphlets
Presenting U.S. army training center infantry, Fort Dix, New Jersey
BOX-FOLDER 75/12 Jean Cocteau, The cape of good hope, Quarter Horse, 1965-01
BOX-FOLDER 75/13 Harold Dicker, The bell of John Donne, Quarter Horse, 1965
Published by John Harriman
BOX-FOLDER 75/14 Yale calendar, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 75/15 Philately
Alexander Hamilton bicentennial, 1957
Plate block of 4 stamps
Dem deutschen widerstand zum jahrestag, 1944-07-20, 1964-07-20
Plate block of 4 stamps
Preprinted prestamped 5-cents envelope, to Haskins & Sells CPA, New Haven, crossed out, no letter
BOX-FOLDER 75/16 Family history
Bergman Bros. Clothiers & Furnishers (Chillicothe, Ohio), 1916, 1917
Tracing your Jewish roots, American Jewish archives, 1977
BOX-FOLDER 75/17 Shaker Heights class of '57
Peter Bergman diploma, Shaker Heights High School, 1957-06-07
Shaker Heights High School class of 1957 25th reunion alumni list, 1982-06-26
BOX-FOLDER 75/18 Yale class of '61 reunion, 1991
Yale classbook thirtieth reunion, 1991
Cover art by Bob Grossman
Yale 1961 thirtieth reunion schedule, 1991-05-30--1991-06-02
Yale '61 directory, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 75/19 Has Peter Bergman picked up wail. Please write
Urgent cable from Oscar Bergman
BOX-FOLDER 75/20 Foreward into the past: A ballet for radio/television
Published by Lizard Graphics
BOX-FOLDER 75/21 The first Thanksgiving
Oscar Bergman grammar school art project
BOX-FOLDER 75/22 Who are Proctor & Bergman: An interview ; The Channel 85 story, 1973-08-18
Press notes
BOX-FOLDER 75/23 Campoon kit
Bumper sticker
Includes Papoon blue bumper sticker, 1 Organism 1 Vote bumper sticker, Papoon black/yellow/red bumper sticker, 2 Not Insane buttons.
BOX-FOLDER 75/24 Stay 85 alive
TV screen with blue background
BOX-FOLDER 75/25 Peter Bergman: Caught on the web, a review of and The big internet broadcast of 1996, 1996-07-24
Fred Wiebel
BOX-FOLDER 75/26 Peter Bergman!
Spelled out in ASCII
BOX-FOLDER 75/27 The friendly train, State of Ohio Department of Education Columbus anthology of Ohio verse, 1950
Peter Bergman poem
BOX-FOLDER 75/28 Two figures embracing
BOX-FOLDER 73/27 Visit Idaho, the tick-fever state bumper sticker
BOX-FOLDER 73/28 Too Funny For Words, UCLA Summer Extension course, 1990
3 copies
Program proposal
Course promotion memo from Patricia Hunt, 1990
BOX-FOLDER 73/29 U.S. Army documents, 1963
Envelope from Dept. of Army, Headquarters, 340th General Hospital, New Haven, to Pvt. Peter Bergman, Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Organizational clothing and equipment record (AR 735-35), U.S. Army, 1963-12-10
BOX-FOLDER 73/30 Pete 'n Pat comic strip original art
By Bergman, Cowan, and Litz.
BOX-FOLDER 73/31 Fictitious business name statement
BOX-FOLDER 73/32 Proctor & Bergman at the Stables, July 23
BOX-FOLDER 73/33 Proctor & Bergman Summerfest, Milwaukee, 1977-06-30--1977-07-10
BOX-FOLDER 73/34 Miscellany
Lobe Key stilled lionman laced winged April Raphael dance wiry (AKA Mandala deck), 1966
Bruce Connor, Michael McClure
Cleveland automobile club, Peter Bergman of Lomond School, 1951-06-08
Certificate of merit
Report home V3n15, 1961-07-31
From Senator Harrison A. Williams Jr. mailer
We enjoyed reading about you ; Cleveland Plain Dealer. Shaker man gets fellowship at Yal, 1961-03-06
Brochure ; clipping
Oversized ephemera
BOX-FOLDER 116/1 A child's Chanukah Festival
Activity board
BOX-FOLDER 116/2 Robert and Donna Grossman announce the birth of a son Alexander Emanuel, New York, 1966-04-23
card stock
BOX-FOLDER 116/3 Peter Bergman and friend artwork
Signed Daniel
BOX-FOLDER 116/4 Anton Greene artwork, 1966
BOX-FOLDER 116/5 Man with bowling ball hand with music staff artwork, 1971
Timothey Guyer artwork, ink on card stock
BOX-FOLDER 116/6 Peter Bergman Yale diploma, 1961
BOX-FOLDER 116/7 Sheet music for Booth is back in town ; Everybody loves Us ; I Won't Perform Tonight! ; Dancin' Fellow ; If You And Me Would Change to Me and You ; A Toast ; The Man ; The Old Wooden Rocker ; Where Is Dan, 1963-05-13
BOX-FOLDER 116/8 Proctor & Bergman monographed folder
Orange folder
BOX-FOLDER 116/9 Booth is back in town handbill, University Theatre, [1961], May-June
Handbill, card stock
BOX-FOLDER 116/10 Proctor & Bergman, Performing Arts Coliseum Mini-Theatre, 1973-12-08
Handbill, card stock
Lobby cards
BOX-FOLDER 116/11 Atom Man vs. Superman, serial
Atom Man Vs. Superman chapter 3. Ablaze in the Sky (50/7803), 1950
Atom Man Vs. Superman chapter 10. Atom Man's heat ray (50/7803) (style 1), 1950
Atom Man Vs. Superman chapter 10. Atom Man's heat ray (50/7803) (style 2), 1950
BOX-FOLDER 116/12 Batman, serial
Batman chapter 4. Slaves of the Rising Sun (R54/2834), 1954
Batman chapter 6. Poison peril (R54/2834), 1954
Batman chapter 7. The phoney doctor (R54/2834), 1954
Batman chapter 8. Lured by radium (R54/2834), 1954
Batman chapter 9. The sign of the Sphinx (R54/2834), 1954
BOX-FOLDER 116/13 Dick Tracy returns, Republic serial (48-5810), re-release
BOX-FOLDER 116/14 Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc., serial
Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. chapter 6. Besieged
Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. chapter 7. Sea racketeers
Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. chapter 11. Seconds to Live
Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. chapter 15. Retribution (style 1)
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