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Series V. Phil Proctor, 1967-2002 (continued)
Subseries II: Voice-Over Career
BOX-FOLDER 95/15 Beyond 2000. In a thousand years
By Hans Christian Anderson.
BOX-FOLDER 95/16 Beyond 2000. In the year 2889, 1999-10-12
By David Ossman and Yuri Rasovsky, based on a story by Jules Verne.
BOX-FOLDER 95/17 Beyond 2000. A little bank deposit, 2000-09-04
By Gerald Kersh. Dramatized by Yuri Rasovsky.
BOX-FOLDER 95/18 Beyond 2000. The marching morons, 2000-06-19
By C. M. Kornbluth. Dramatized for audio by J. Michael Straczynski.
BOX-FOLDER 96/1 Beyond 2000. Ole Doc Methuselah
By Michael Cassutt and Beat Ross, from the story by L. Ron Hubbard.
BOX-FOLDER 96/2 Beyond 2000. Pillar of fire
By Dennis Etchison and Yuri Rasovsky, based on a story by Ray Bradbury.
BOX-FOLDER 96/3 Beyond 2000. The proud robot
By Brad Schreiber and Yuri Rasovsky, based on a story by Lewis Padgett.
BOX-FOLDER 96/4 Collaborators
A play by Jonathan Lynn.
BOX-FOLDER 96/5 A dialogue for the year 2130, extracted from the album of a modern sibyl
By the author of Granby.
BOX-FOLDER 96/6 Galileo
By Bertolt Brecht.
By JD Cullum.
BOX-FOLDER 96/8 Gray matters: Men and women and the brain
BOX-FOLDER 96/9 It's all relative
BOX-FOLDER 96/10 Jay Leno skit. Cashie the bag
BOX-FOLDER 96/11 Jay Leno skit. Real sight & sound home theatre
BOX-FOLDER 96/12 The liar; or, The truth can't be trusted
Acting edition. By Juan Ruiz de Alarcon'
BOX-FOLDER 96/13 Life lines
BOX-FOLDER 96/14 The machine stops
Based on the short story by E. M. Forster. Adapted for radio by Erik Bauersfeld.
BOX-FOLDER 97/1 Memos to a new millennium
From Norman Corwin's NPR program, More by Corwin.
BOX-FOLDER 97/2 My own Macbeth
By Larry Braman.
BOX-FOLDER 97/3 National lampoon record album
By Jeff Mandel and Phil Proctor.
BOX-FOLDER 97/4 Our lady of the freedoms and some her friends
From Norman Corwin's NPR program, More by Corwin.
BOX-FOLDER 97/5 Puntilla and his man Matti
A reading of the play by Bertolt Brecht for the West Coast Brecht Centennial Festival.
BOX-FOLDER 97/6 Reefer madness!
Musical. Includes handwritten correspondence to Phil Proctor from Stephanie Steele.
BOX-FOLDER 97/7 Sound of music
By Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse.
BOX-FOLDER 97/8 State of the union
A comedy in three acts by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. Adapted for today by Sidney Blumenthal.
BOX-FOLDER 97/9 Taper at 20
BOX-FOLDER 97/10 War of the Worlds 50th Anniversary production
David Ossman, adaptor-director
BOX-FOLDER 97/11 Washington slept here
Screenplay by Claudia Salter and Susan Black.
Subseries III: Awards and Memorabilia
BOX 98 Pollstar Concert Industry Award to Firesign Theatre for Award Host of the Year, 1998
Metal plaque; purple; approximately 8 x 10 x .25 inches; rounded edges and irregularly hollowed out midsection; with detached metal plate in incomplete star shape.
BOX 98 The Norman Corwin Award for Excellence in Audio Theatre, [2012]
Irregularly shaped octagonal glass object; 7 inch diameter; mounted on approximately 5.5 x 2 x 1 trapezoidal glass base.
BOX 99 Untitled award to Philip Proctor of the Firesign Theatre, 2012
Cement brick; 4 x 4 x 8 inches; with attached 2 x 6 inch engraved metal plate.
BOX 100 Assorted pins
BOX 100 Assorted event tickets
BOX 100 Assorted event lanyards
BOX 100 Small photo album
Includes: 34 photographs; 4 x 6 inches; color

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