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Series I: Articles
Subseries I: Articles Written By Children's Express
RPA 3801
2004 DNCC coverage, 2004
BOX-FOLDER 1/2 2004 RNCC coverage, 2004
BOX-FOLDER 1/3 The Afro-American, 1988-03-22--1988-04-12
Child abuse -- a closer look, 1988-03-22
Cornrows: Renewing African tradition, 1988-04-12
BOX-FOLDER 1/4 The Alabama journal. Radiation creates hidden danger, 1983-04-18
BOX-FOLDER 1/5 Altoona mirror. Violence bad substitute for real entertainment, 1985-02-02
BOX-FOLDER 1/6 Anchorage daily news, 1989-02-23--1990-08-23
Anchorage students have their say on rap, 1989-02-23
Coliseum's ban on rap isn't right, 1989-02-23
Child abuse demands team intervention, 1989-03-02
TV's mothers: One extreme or the other, 1989-03-09
Schools fail to communicate 'culture', 1989-03-16
Cambodian refugee describes a childhood of horrors, 1989-03-23
A desire to bring shelter to America's homeless, 1989-03-30
A grandparent's death stirs emotion, 1989-04-06
Black teens gain sense of identity from rites of passage, 1989-04-23
Here's the scoop on Peace Pops, 1989-04-27
Victim's mother battles age-old misconceptions, 1989-05-04
Can the welfare cycle be beaten?, 1989-05-11
Welfare debate goes on, 1989-05-18
TV or not TV: For man, that is the question, 1989-05-29
Schools can do without hard-sell video news, 1989-06-08
What can be expected from adult role models?, 1989-06-15
Snuff user issues deathbed warning to fellow teens, 1989-06-22
What's in a name for black Americans?, 1989-06-29
Youth service: Democracy in action?, 1989-07-06
What leads kids to random violence?, 1989-07-13
Sight-impaired ballerinas thrive on stage, 1989-07-20
TV, toy makers glorify war, critic charges, 1989-07-27
$470 million Bhopal poisoning settlement isn't enough, 1989-08-03
Middle school ignored too long; council recommends changes, 1989-08-10
Activists relive Freedom Summer, 1989-08-17
Fathers missed in broken families, 1989-08-24
Cuisinart to video games: Kids talk about technology, 1989-09-14
23-year-old walks to North Pole and into record book, 1989-10-05
America's poor children need apprenticeships in living, 1989-10-12
When a parent gets cancer, what happens to their children?, 1989-10-19
United Nations debates children's bill of rights, 1989-10-26
Leadership difficult to define; you know it when you see it, 1989-11-02
Book looks at what it's like to be schoolchild with AIDS, 1989-11-09
Loneliness is universal, but everyone reacts in a different way, 1989-11-16
Influential black journalist works for newsroom desegregation, 1989-11-23
America owes its homeless citizens more than just pity, 1989-12-14
Homeless children object of pity, wonder during holidays, 1989-12-21
Fetal alcohol syndrome robs its victims of their dreams, 1990-01-04
Boston neighborhood of Roxbury is ripe for a renaissance, 1990-05-17
It's a free country: Youngsters talk about democracy, 1990-05-24
Life is really big for 14-year-old toy company executive, 1990-05-31
Chronically ill kids describe their victories and setbacks, 1990-06-14
Indian scholar battles stereotyping, 1990-06-21
Young activists say treat every day like it's Earth Day, 1990-07-12
Summer vacations sometimes don't meet expectations, 1990-08-02
Kids, mathematics and technology: It all adds up, 1990-08-16
Nelson Mandela's U.S. visit an inspiration to young blacks, 1990-08-23
BOX-FOLDER 1/7 Argus, 1980-11-05--1982-10-05
American youngsters offer insights on habit called 'boob tube fever', 1980-11-05
The sun really was his favorite thing, 1980-11-11
Respect among all people their goal, 1980-11-17
Running away -- why kids do it, 1982-05-25
Speaking of fathers, 1982-07-07-12
Life as a twin is special, 1982-08-29
Kids and computers to remake the world, 1982-10-05
BOX-FOLDER 1/8 The Arizona daily star. Convention sources often elusive, but children's news team presses on, circa 1988
BOX-FOLDER 1/9 The Atlanta journal and the Atlanta constitution, 1988-05-08--1988-07-21
300 little cub reporters interview Harris, 1988-05-08
Reporters too young to vote cut newsmakers down to size, 1988-07-21
Will kids win in '88?, 1988-07-17
Same as it always was?, 1988-07-20
BOX-FOLDER 1/10 The Augusta chronicle, 1989-11-01--1991-12-25
Children with AIDS: Learning it by heart, 1989-11-01
Loneliness is a world-wide emotion, 1989-11-08
Journalist remembers days of hardship, discrimination, 1989-11-15
Parents and kids: The eternal conflict, 1989-11-29
Homelessness: Children face special challenge to succeed, 1989-12-06
Bulk and beauty, 1990-01-09
Kids encounter racism on television and in real life, 1990-01-31
Book covers a year in a grade school classroom, 1990-02-21
Can kids handle testifying in court?, 1990-03-14
Author of Sweet valley series high school, 1990-03-28
Kids offer views of children's television, 1990-08-01
Young people's roundtable discusses Nelson Mandela, 1990-08-22
Mental, emotional disorders among kids a growing concern, 1990-08-29
U.S. Soviet children mix at cancer camp, 1990-09-05
Youth force: Kids join the fight against drugs, 1990-09-12
Old maids, closed doors and other teen-age fears, 1990-09-19
When kids become violent in classroom, 1990-09-26
Killing for colors: A look at youth gangs, 1990-10-03
Communication helps young people cope with sick parent, 1990-10-10
Gay teens discuss difficulties they face, 1990-10-17
The Supreme Court and children's rights, 1990-10-31
Kids examine issue of censorship in the schools, 1990-11-07
Ecuador conducts world's first children's election, 1990-11-14
Advocates helping neglected kids get their day in court, 1990-11-28
Teen playwrights' works reflect real life, 1990-12-05
Children in India teach parents survival skills, 1990-12-12
Earth's protectors gain recognition, 1990-12-19
Girl brings hope to Romanian orphans, 1991-01-09
Teacher of the year makes students meet life head on, 1991-01-16
Iraqi and Kuwaiti youths discuss turmoil in homelands, 1991-01-23
Young immigrants discuss life on U.S. soil, 1991-01-30
Who will care for the crack babies?, 1991-02-06
Afro-Americans tell what they want to be called, 1991-02-13
A parent talks about schooling kids at home, 1991-02-20
Young people look at new NC-17 film rating, 1991-03-06
Young deaths highest among poor, expert says, 1991-03-13
Young people ponder feminism in the 90s, 1991-03-20
Young people reflect on the Gulf War, 1991-03-27
Kids learn to live with diabetes through special diets, insulin, 1991-04-03
Palestinian students caught in cross-fire, 1991-04-10
Consumers see green, 1991-04-17
Mediators control students' disputes in peaceful manner, 1991-04-24
Teens talk about life behind bars, 1991-05-01
Computer sneaks: Harmful or helpful?, 1991-05-08
Bart bad influence, creator says, 1991-05-15
Toy tests on animals opposed, 1991-05-22
Children may exhibit criminal tendencies, 1991-05-29
Survivors draw strength from their cancer battles, 1991-06-05
Teen-age mothers face fear and abandonment, 1991-06-12
Teen moms find support, 1991-06-19
Learning disabilities painful, 1991-06-26
Second-graders meet pen pal from Gulf War, 1991-07-03
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