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Series I: Articles (continued)
Subseries I: Articles Written By Children's Express (continued)
Chinese students fear, yearn for native land, 1991-07-24
Ex-marines tell why they didn't go to war, 1991-07-31
Curfew law designed to reduce gang crime, 1991-08-07
Ozone depletion may mean sacrifices, 1991-08-14
Tough love helps parents of teens cope, 1991-08-21
Students, teachers size up uniform dress code, 1991-08-28
Squatters create a new home, 1991-09-09
Kuwait still suffering from war losses, 1991-09-11
Alateen helps alcoholic's child, 1991-09-18
Dad's death spurs anti-smoking crusade, 1991-09-25
Passive smoke sparks anger in children, 1991-10-02
Teen reflects on life before jail, 1991-10-09
Student surprised by teachers' sensitivity, 1991-10-23
Lies add fuel to the fire with lost trust, 1991-10-31
Third-graders pledge to protect earth, 1991-11-06
Group hopes to mobilize voters, 1991-11-11
Disabled children get second chance on aid, 1991-11-20
Struggle to win absolute equality continues today, 1991-11-27
Teens educate teens on AIDS, 1991-12-04
City, suburban schools differ, 1991-12-25
BOX-FOLDER 1/11 The Baltimore sun. Youths' stories in print, 1998-11-15
BOX-FOLDER 1/12 Bangor daily news, 1983-06-25--1986-06-01
Listening to the signals before suicide important, 1983-06-25
Samantha Smith's friends prepare for trip to Russia, 1986-05-24
Children air grief at SAME retreat, 1986-06-01
BOX-FOLDER 1/13 Beverly times, 1988-07-21
A child's view of the convention, 1988-07-21
BOX-FOLDER 1/14 Birmingham post-herald, 1984-04-23
Senator wants corporations to aid schools, 1984-04-23
BOX-FOLDER 1/15 Brattleboro reformer, 1983-05-09--1983-06-22
Children about treatment from parents, 1983-05-09
Too young to die: Suicide is not painless, 1983-06-22
BOX-FOLDER 1/16 Burrelle's, 1994-04-20--1994-05-10
Numbers prove that kids count in Grundy County, 1994-04-20
14-year-old describes feelings about pregnancy, 1994-04-25
Indiana's children fare poorly, study says, 1994-04-25
Is Iowa slipping in concern for kids?, 1994-04-25
LV teen's interview used in kids count survey, 1994-04-25
Missouri below average meeting children's needs, 1994-04-25
Organization gives youth a voice, 1994-04-25
Report bodes ill for well-being of state's children, 1994-04-25
State: Drops in seven of 10 categories, 1994-04-25
Study ranks Missouri 34th in children's health, 1994-04-25
Chris' story: I really don't want my child to grow up the way I did, 1994-04-26
State ranks 34th in children's survey, 1994-04-26
Distressed communities jeopardize children's well-being, report warns, 1994-04-27
Ugly California stories, 1994-05-02
California's street children tell ugly stories, 1994-05-03
Wanting childhood to be more than a survival test, 1994-05-06
National school matters: Students perk up by helping young, old, 1994-05-08
Teens say glue that holds families together same for decades, 1994-05-09
Youth voices collected in book, 1994-05-10
BOX-FOLDER 1/17 CE news stories
Teens learn about selves during Germany tour, circa 1997
Young people define home, 1997-05-29
A dad can make a difference, 1997-05-29
Defining a community, and a teenager's place in it, circa 1997
Fact/voice: Hunts Point, Bronx, circa 1997
Let's wake up and help ourselves!, circa 1997
Ask us, use us, include us!, circa 1997
Flatbush is not a bad community say local teens, circa 1997
Fact/voice: South Jamaica, Queens, circa 1997
Cancer-stricken girls look ahead with hope, 2000-02-06
Helping kids become good kids, 2000-03-03
What to teach - creationism or evolution?, 2000-04-01
Are schools really preparing students for graduation?, 2000-05-16
Kids learn and earn from computer skills, 2000-01-03
Young leaders speak out, 1999-12-02
Family harmony more important that family structure, say kids, 2000-02-18
Finding happiness in her faith, 1999-07-21
Finding hope for the homeless, 1999-08-31
Young drivers need parents, practice, 1999-10-04
Students divided on homosexual teachers, 1999-09-02
Theater group helps D.C. teens find selves, 1999-11-05
School for the expelled, 1999-12-09
RPA 3802
The Camarsic courier, 1999-04-29--2000-08-31
Doomed Bronx High School has been rejuvenated, 1999-04-29
D.C. shelter gives homeless and discarded kids, 1999-09-02
2 teachers offer different views on homework, 1999-09-16
Program allows students to earn delayed HS diploma, 1999-09-23
Young athletes hope to go for gold in next two Olympics, 1999-09-30
Circus kids enjoy life under the big top, 1999-10-07
Girl Scouts open membership stalls for one 8-year-old, 1999-10-14
Concerned pre-teen cares for and helps the world, 1999-10-28
Students put internet skills to the challenge, 2000-01-06
Teen journalists talk with ex-wrestler, now Governor, Jesse Ventura, 2000-01-13
Teenagers use their beliefs to guide their lives, 2000-01-20
Program offers youth chance to learn computer skills, 2000-01-27
Japanese youth take their education personally, 2000-02-03
One modern American family chooses pioneer life, 2000-02-10
Group offers support to youngsters of parents with cancer, 2000-02-17
Kids say family harmony means more than family structure, 2000-02-24
Kids have positive addiction to popular book series, 2000-03-02
New legislation aimed at helping foster care alumni, 2000-03-16
New herbal cigarettes could prod kids into smoking, 2000-03-23
Fund helps homeless kids stay healthy, 2000-03-30
Doc's office-on-wheels helps homeless youth, 2000-04-27
Baseball helps NY kids get involved in community, 2000-05-04
Computer biz offers educators teaching tools, 2000-05-11
Composer gives homeless youth a voice, 2000-05-18
Are schools preparing students for college?, 2000-05-25
Youngsters can gain confidence through modeling, 2000-06-01
A conversation with U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, 2000-06-08
Group makes sure girls are gonna have rights, 2000-06-15
Young diabetic teaches others to cope with the illness, 2000-06-22
Teen dad urges others to take on parental responsibility, 2000-06-29
Obesity in youth linked to too much television, 2000-07-20
Modeling can help youth gain self-confidence, 2000-07-27
Convention notes: Happily amplifying another voice, 2000-08-05
Campaign finance reform could preserve 2-party system, 2000-08-10
Tomorrow's voters get taste of today's political process, 2000-08-17
Concerned youth looking for politicians who'll listen, 2000-08-31
BOX-FOLDER 2/2 Caribbeat. Youth in the news: Interview with Haiti's first lady, Geri Benoit-Preval, February/March 2000
BOX-FOLDER 2/3 Charleston gazette, 1983-05-13--1983-12-09
Children give views on working mothers, 1983-05-13
Children express their anger as a feeling of non-physical pain, 1983-05-25
Grandparents: What if you couldn't go visit them?, 1983-06-05
Solar institute builds independence, 1983-07-04
Knowing about drugs destroys glamour, 1983-07-13
Group pushes child molestation education, 1983-07-23
Children in search of the ideal father, 1983-08-05
Gifted children should be assisted, 1983-08-15
Feelings about grandparents reveal special relationship, 1983-08-19
Child abuse takes subtle forms, like rejection, withholding love, 1983-08-24
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