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Children's Express/Children's PressLine Collection, 1970-2011

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Series I: Articles (continued)
Subseries II: Articles Written About Children's Express
BOX-FOLDER 19/12 Newspapers A-B News - Just for you!, 2000-03-03
Advance news. Children tough with 'big shots', 1977-03-13
Advisor. A 'Children's Express' to the GOP convention, July 10-16, 1980
Akron beacon journal. Scrappy young cubs nail Democrat scoop, 1976-07-16
Amarillo Texas news. Local PBS station to hit airwaves, 1988-08-28
Amarillo Texas news. Business as usual on PBS, 1988-09-04
American educator. Children launch Cambodia project, Summer 1980
American girl magazine. Start the presses, January 1998
AmericanWay. The new kids in town, December 1980
Anchorage, Alaska times, 1977-08-01
Anderson mail. Children's Express half-right on GOP team, 1976-08-20
Ann Arbor news. Scoop for kiddie express?, 1976-08-19
Akron beacon journal. A case of unmovable tongue, 1976-08-17
Arkansas democrat gazette. Teen writers to interview LR youth, 1994-07-02
Arlington herald. Not just kids' stuff: Magazine faces adult realities, 1977-06-06
Asahi evening news. Read all about it: The world seen through young eyes, 1999-12-05
The Asbury Park press.Cub reporters grill Bradley on geography awareness plan, 1987-08-11
Ashland times gazette. Children's Express is fighting to keep unique magazine alive, 1977-05-26
Ashland times gazette. Gossip on TV road, 1977-06-04
The Atlanta constitution. Guess who got scoop on the VP, 1976-07-16
The Atlanta constitution. Junior journalists go after issues of day, want children's concerns taken seriously, 1985-11-27
The Atlanta constitution. A lesson in spending for schools, 1990-06-12
Atlanta journal. You just don't expect daffiness in Kansas City, 1976-08-16
Atlanta journal. Young pros(e): A couple of neophyte scribes invade Plains, GA, come away with their own Carter scoop, 1976-11-21
Atlanta journal constitution. Children's news calls for children's views, adult journalists told, 1990-06-13
The Augusta chronicle. Kid reporters beat big guys to the punch, 1989-11-01
Beverly times. A child's view of the convention, 1988-07-21
Binghamton sun-bulletin. Howard Baker, 1976-08-19
Blade. PBS to open with 10 new series, 1988-09-11
Boston globe, 1976-08-19
Boston globe. Sevareid: 'I'm not an actor', 1976-08-31
Boston globe. Expressly for children, 1977-02-10
Boston globe. The con job, 1992-07-16
Boston Sunday globe. He took the Children's Express to Japan, 1984-01-29
Boston Sunday globe. Addressing youth violence: Students write about peers' pain, 1993-10-03
Bridgeton news. Kids fighting to keep unique magazine alive, 1977-05-26
Britain herald. Kids struggling to maintain magazine's life, 1977-05-31
Broadcasting. PBS packs summer and fall with new programs, 1988-06-20
Buffalo evening news, 1976-08-19
Buffalo herald. Not just kids' stuff: Magazine faces adult realities, 1977-06-06
Burlington County times. Kids want magazine to survive, 1977-05-22
BOX-FOLDER 19/13 Newspapers C
CBS evening news, 1976-08-19
CBS evening news, 1988-10-25
CNN. A kid's eye view of inaugural day, 1997-01-20
CYD, Spring 2001
Caldwell news tribune. Magazine produced by kids becomes newsstand success, 1977-06-13
Cairo citizen. Elementary reporters quiz Gov. Thompson, 1977-03-16
The New York Carib news. Children's Express comes to Harlem, 1987-08-18
Champaign news gazette. Sevareid: Mass adulation stilts job of reporting, 1976-10-24
Changing times. Kids as reporters, August 1981
Charlottesville progress. A feast of fiction, 1977-06-05
Chicago daily news. Always another hurrah for Daley, 1976-07-23
Chicago daily news. What kids found out about Carter, 1976-11-20
Chicago sun-times. Watch for Joan and Rosalynn show, 1976-07-16
Chicago sun-times. Amy Carter: Scoop for kids' paper, 1976-11-27
Chicago sun-times. Children's Express finds financial success slow, 1977-03-09
Chicago sun-times. Ready to give up the ghosts, 1977-03-10
Chicago tribune, 1976-11-19
Chicago tribune, 1977-03-09
Chicago tribune, 1977-06-02
Chicago tribune. Violence: A view from the kids, 1993-11-01
Chicago tribune. A fighting chance: Kids wrestle with world of violence
Child magazine. Meet the kids' press
Children today. The Children's Express, September-October 1979
Children's voice, November 1994
Children's voice. Voices from the future: Children's Express
Chinese language articles
The Christian science monitor. New York smiles -- it's on TV, 1976-07-15
The Christian science monitor. Children's Express predicts Baker as VP, 1976-08-19
The Christian science monitor. A taste of real-world journalism for 9 to 13-year-olds, 1982-12-28
The Christian science monitor. Adrift in society - how one young life was salvaged, 1988-10-31
The Christian science monitor. R-r-roll 'em! Kids hit TV screen with breakthrough programs, 1988-10-31
The Christian science monitor. Kids report on the real world, 1991-10-22
The Christian science monitor. Young (very young) reporters hot on the trail of TV news
The chronicle of philanthropy. Out of the mouths - and minds - of babes: Children produce a foundation report, 1992-04-21
The chronicle of philanthropy. A big voice for little people, 1993-10-19
The chronicle of philanthropy. A charity stops the presses, 2001-08-09
Cincinnati post. Children's Express by kids, for kids, 1977-02-19
Citizen-journal. Kids fight to keep magazine, 1977-05-26
Clarion-ledger. Children's Express' picks Baker, 1976-08-19
Clearwater sun. Children seek full recognition from president, 1977-01-21
Cobblestone. Children's Express, October 1989
Colorado Springs sun. Children battle to keep magazine, 1977-05-31
Columbia Missourian. Magazine gives kids more voice, 1980-08-16
Columbus citizen journal. GOP contenders for '80 speculated, 1976-08-20
Commercial news. Governor grants an 'on-the-floor' interview, 1977-03-13
Concord monitor. First lady, first interview, 1985-09-22
Connecticut daily campus. Kids scoop into reporting, 1977-02-16
Cool kids magazine. Kids making news!, undated
Corning ledger. Children's magazine reported alive, well, 1977-05-17
Corridor news. Seven locals are junior scribes at GOP convention
Courier express. Young cast of Bugsy Malone fields questions like pros, 1976-12-27
Courier express. Out of the mouth of babes, 1977-03-08
Courier times. Children's paper has Indiana office, 1977-03-20
Courier times. Kids' magazine keeps the presses rolling, 1977-05-25
Creative classroom. Taking a stand: Help your students to make a difference, January/February 1998
Creative living. Empowerment to the children, Winter 1990
Crown publishers. Voices from the future: Our children tell us about violence in America, 1993-09-15
Crown news. Listen to what our kids are telling us…
Current, 1988-07-13
BOX-FOLDER 19/14 Newspapers D-F
Daily break. Gun debate sizzles at convention, 2000-08-04
Daily commercial news. Kids fighting to keep unique magazine alive, 1977-05-26
Daily evening item. Youthful convention press performs a creditable job, 1988-07-21
The daily gazette. Teen editors document area abuse, 1994-07-15
Daily news. A news contingent whose call letters are kids, 1976-07-16
Daily news. GOP is news to kiddies, too: Scoop team eyes K.C. from toy shop, 1977-08-17
Daily news. Fund-raising for kid's express, 1987-04-13
Daily news. Public TV puts the focus on children, 1987-10-28
Daily news. CE Express isn't kids' stuff, 1988-10-17
Daily news. PBS schedule bears no strike scars, 1988-10-31
Daily news. Think I can, I think I can, 1988-11-01
Daily record. Local girl on capital beat, 1977-01-23
The daily yomiuri. Issues that concern children tackled by junior reporters, 1984-01-01
The daily yomiuri. Children's Express gives kids' bark some bite, 2001-01-02
Dallas morning news. Sevareid avoids limelight, denounces star reporters, 1976-10-25
The daltonian. Interning at Court TV and Children's Express, 1996-1997
Dayton Springfield Ohio news. Business as usual on public TV, 1988-10-02
Dayton Springfield Ohio news. Children's Express rolls along with new PBS, 1988-10-14
Denver CO post. Teen reporters get tough in news magazine, 1988-10-13
Des Moines Sunday register. Magazine's reporters are kids, 8 to 13, 1977-04-03
Des Plaines herald. Magazine faces adult realities, 1977-06-06
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