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Children's Express/Children's PressLine Collection, 1970-2011

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Series I: Articles (continued)
Subseries II: Articles Written About Children's Express (continued)
Review atlas. Kid reporters talk to Thompson, 1977-03-10
Rolling stone, 1974-11-04
Rolling stone. Two young reporters in Cambodia, 1980
BOX-FOLDER 20/4 Newspaper S
The Salem evening news. Editor's notebook, 1982-05-29
The Salem evening news. Children's Express in Salem, 1982-08-02
The Salem evening news. Elder statesmen returns to N.S., 1982-11-05
The Salem evening news. Sun shelter saga, 1983-08-03
The Salem evening news. Marbleheader takes 'the express' to Japan, 1983-11-25
The Salem evening news. Marblehead youth reports the latest news from Japan, 1983-12-22
The Salem evening news. Marblehead youth discovers he's now a Japanese celebrity, 1983-12-27
The Salem evening news. Marblehead: Local youth impressed with Japanese students, 1983-12-27
San Francisco examiner chronicle. Cambodia's refugees and the Children's Express, 1980-02-10
San Francisco examiner chronicle. Children aren't kidding when they hold hearings on their rights, 1984-07-11
San Francisco examiner. Giving kids a voice in the world, 1994-09-26
San Francisco examiner. Young journalists report from Beijing, 1995-09-08
San Francisco chronicle. Convention isn't child's play to kids' news, 1988-07-04
San Francisco chronicle. Kids show how to get a scoop, 1988-10-31
San Gabriel tribune. Kids tab Baker as VP pick, 1976-08-19
San Juan star, 1977-05-17
Sayville news. Bayport's budding Barbara Walters, 1977-01-13
Sayville news. New lights, new roof at Academy St. School, 1977-02-03
Scholastic news. Kids get the scoop, 1988-10-14
School board news. Children's Express puts a youthful spin on news worldwide, 1989-06-07
Schools journal. News agency for the youngsters, 1997-01-14
Shenandoah herald. Kids fighting to keep unique magazine alive, 1977-05-23
Sidney news. Kids fight to keep magazine alive, 1977-06-02
SoHo news. The are all write, December 2-8, 1981
South Bay breeze. Junior journalists get scoops, success, 1977-01-05
Springfield news. Kids' newspaper grows to full-color magazine, 1977-06-14
The spectator. Stuy sophomore at top of Children's Express, 1986-05-15
St. Louis globe-democrat. Little reporters, big scoops, 1980-08-13
The star. Teen reporters sneak into Cambodia for world scoop on refugees, 1980-03-11
The star.Tiny trio's king-sized questions, 1987-05-29
The star-ledger. Personally speaking, 1977-01-23
The star-ledger. Students produce video speakout against garbage incineration plant, 1985-07-01
The star-ledger. Newark teen's reporting earns trip to Hiroshima, 1985-07-28
The star-ledger. Juvenile journalist: Newark lad sits in on exclusive interview with First Lady, 1985-10-15
The star-ledger. Kids journalism program opens, 1986-07-28
The star-ledger. Full speed ahead: Children's Express on right track with kid reporters, 1988-09-12
The star-ledger. Children's Express reporters interview doctor on the AIDS epidemic
State/metro. Children's Express visits Jackson to listen to what teens have to say, 1994-06-23
The statesman journal. Small 'n' savvy: Young journalists make their stand, 1984-07-17
Stickers & stuff. All aboard Children's Express
Stipkrant. Children's Express: Nieuwsagentschap van kinderen, 1995-07-18
Street news. Children's Express: Where small kids get the scoop on big issues, August 1990
Sumter item. The Carter sweepstakes wasn't hype for media, 1976-07-20
Sun herald. Wiggins youth churns out news, 1989-06-05
Sun-telegram. Being famous never has excited Eric Sevareid, 1976-10-29
Sunday bulletin. These junior journalists head for the big stories, 1977-03-20
Sunday times union. Kids tackle the news on CE news magazine, October 16-22, 1988
Syracuse herald. The junior set, 1977-01-27
BOX-FOLDER 20/5 Newspaper T-Y
Tampa tribune times. Kids fight to save magazine, 1977-06-26
Teacher. Youngsters turn reporters, 1976-09-07
Teacher, October 1976
Teacher, January 1977
Teen. Kids being seen and heard, February 1984
textbook, unknown. Children's Express, 1987-06-05
Time. The sidebar convention, August 1976
Time. Gilda Rosanna-Dana Radner meets the press, circa 1980
Time. Out of the mouth of babes, 1988-11-07
Time out. Read all about it: The young reporters at Children's Pressline have a nose for news, Summer 2004
The times Beverly-Peabody. Children's Express arrives in Salem, 1983-01-06
Times herald. The news through a child's eye, 1987-05-07
The times-Picayune. Southern reporters learn not to be shrinking violets, 1988-08-17
Times union. New K.C. hotels reflect Ford and Reagan philosophies, 1976-08-16
Trentonian. A status symbol, 1977-05-23
The tribune. Youth group develops an agenda, 1984-07-15
Tulsa world. Children fighting to keep magazine alive, 1977-05-26
Torrington register. A newspaper for children, 1977-03-11
Toys trade news. Ultimate consumers scrutinize toy fair, 1977-02-22
TV dawn to dusk. And now a word from our readers, February 1977
USA today. PBS ready to sweep up with specials, 1987-04-23
USA today. News for kids, 1987-11-18
Unknown paper. Children's Express cultivates new breed of young journalists, 1983-03-09
Unknown paper. Children's Express, 1993
Unknown paper. Jessica Savitch: Pursuit of excellence, 1983-06-29
Unknown paper. 16 youngsters cover convention for Children's Express
Unknown paper. All in a day's work for two cub reporters
Unknown paper. Childish journalism: Reporting is kid's stuff for Jersey fifth-grader
Unknown paper. Children's achievements
Unknown paper. Children's news calls for children's views, adult journalists told
Unknown paper. Expressly for children
Unknown paper. Kids' paper blends moxie with savvy
Unknown paper. Subteen convention newspaper printed at Townsend plant
Unknown paper. Young news team fuels Children's Express
View magazine. A new angle on prime-time news, 1988-07-18
WCFE, 1988-11
Washington post. A family extended: The coming of age, 1976-11-28
Washington post. Out of the mouth of babes, 1976-08-20
Washington post. New acquaintances, 1977-01-21
Washington post. Children's Express magazine: The news kids on the block, 1977-01-21
Washington post. A trip on the Children's Express, 1979-03-04
Washington post, 1987-10-27
Washington post. Children's Express: Not just kid stuff, 1993-10-05
Washington post. First the brain, now the mind, 1993-10
Washington post. Voices from the future: Our children tell us about violence in America, 1993-11-14
Washington post. Front page kids: They may be young but they get the story, 1994-02-22
Washington post. Cub reporters, bearing down: Children's Express tracks the convention stories, 1996-08-13
Washington star. A lot can be learned from children's questions, 1977-03-05
Washington star. Child journalists stimulate thought, 1977-03-07
Waterbury republican. One for youth, 1977-03-18
Waterbury republican. Writer, 14, covering GHO, 1977-08-06
Weltwoche. Die grosse Zeitung der Kleinen, 1981-11-25
West central tribune. Some comments on the Children's Express, 1977-03-10
Wheeling news register. Kids fighting to keep unique magazine alive, 1977-05-26
Wheeling news register. Magazine faces adult realities, 1977-06-06
Whittier news. Child request, 1977-01-21
Willimantic chronicle. Slick mag work of junior journalists, 1977-02-24
Willoughby news herald. From the mouths of babes, 1977-03-05
Writer. Juvenile magazines, April 1977
Writers newsletter, 1977-02-01
Wyoming tribune. Carter gets shopping list from children, 1977-01-21
Wyoming tribune-eagle. Teens gather statistics for book, 1994-07-31
Xenia gazette. A look at child welfare, 1977-03-09
Xenia gazette. Ralph Nader: Probing juveniles, 1977-03-10
Yomiuri shimbun
Young American. Kids make it click, September 1986
Your world. Children's Express
RPA 3821
Scrapbook of miscellaneous articles about Children's Express (1 of 3), July-August 1976
BOX-FOLDER 21/2 Scrapbook of miscellaneous articles about Children's Express (2 of 3), July-August 1976
BOX-FOLDER 21/3 Scrapbook of miscellaneous articles about Children's Express (3 of 3), July-August 1976
BOX-FOLDER 21/4 Scrapbook of miscellaneous articles about Children's Express, July 1976--May 1977
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